What Percentage of the World Do You Think Is Anarchist?

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What Percentage of the World Do You Think Is Anarchist?

At a totally random guess, I would say that around 3% of the world agrees with my own political inclinations, but, that around 5-10% of the world is either Anarchist or Anarchist sypathizers. I could even give it a full 15% if you included some Libertarians. What do you think? Do I under or overball it?

anon (not verified)
i think that self-identified

i think that self-identified anarchists have not been at any given time near even a 1% of the world’s population. i would say that if you count all people that ever existed + the current world population, those that self-identify as such would not amount to near 1% of that new total.

on top of that, out of those who self-identify as such, it means different things for each.

if you made a survey, depending on how you phrased it, you could get people to agree with various ideas you considered central to anarchism, but you could do that with many of the world’s religions and political ideologies, and even philosophical currents or schools if thought.

the implications of those opinions expressed at the point of asking them are ephemeral and probably insignificant, they could be speculated upon.

I guess I was thinking of

I guess I was thinking of this as more of a survey than self-identifying Anarchists which is probably less than 1%. I'm perhaps just trying to be too optimistic.

anon (not verified)
in their daily lives, most of

in their daily lives, most of the people do their own thing, and “resist the state” doing things like tax evasion, not paying tickets, not voting, etc etc. john c scott’s books u can see how people do all kinds of things to live in spite of the state. but all that does not amount to being an anarchist of any sort. you can do what you want “ur not the boss of me, i’m the boss” and still be authoritarian as head of household or as family or clan member, or by being loyal to a different hierarchy first, like that of a church, a company, or a gang.

anon (not verified)

All we need to do is do billions out of plenty of normies, reduce indoctrinated chicks to be sex slaves, then enforce anarchism upon the rest of the world.

mu (not verified)
let's look at this logically:

let's look at this logically:
1. according to [experts] the world is run by a fraction of The 1% (tm).
2. therefore: we tiny anarchist minority have a chance!
3. winning!

anon (not verified)
Logically, we all gonna die

Logically, we all gonna die in totalitarian fascist firing squad and lose so just keep doing your own little creative subversion and enjoy what little time you have on this rapidly dying planet mwuhahahahaaaa

anon (not verified)
no, that’ll be just you. we

no, that’ll be just you. we’ll be alright.

anon (not verified)
sure, let’s take this

sure, let’s take this seriously:

we shouldn’t even start at a macro level in which we don’t directly operate on.

you can have a significant effect on yourself, on your immediate surroundings, the people and other life-forms you interact with, and the whole environment (natural and built). there’s so many great things that you can do that won’t even register as a blip on the state’s or “the 1%’s” radar

That's what I wonder about.

That's what I wonder about. Anarchist ideas, to me, seem to be just simply cogent. Everyone ought to agree that freedom and equality should be somehow maximalized. I liken that there is a minority to popular manipulation concerning Anarchists. In short, I think that the campaign against Anarchism is just simply too effective. There is no reason why most of the global populace shouldn't just agree with some form of Anarchism or another.

anon (not verified)
the problem is not one of

the problem is not one of agreement.

if a person or group decides to accumulate resources and power, and another decides to not do that, guess what will happen throughout time? The powerful will become more powerful, or at least remain relatively more powerful than those who abstain from that.

of course, this is mere ahistorical manichean oversimplification. but it’s also well known how politicians can promise freedom and good things, while working on the opposite.

we offer nothing and work towards nothing, the results are not surprising, and i don’t disdain them.

can you be a pebble on gov’s shoe? a grain of sand on the state’s eye? evasion may provide a longer life than direct confrontation. compliance gets you what everyone else gets. choose according to your preference.

anon (not verified)
Yes, and then there is the

Yes, and then there is the element of intrapersonal karma, ones own measure of value maintaining itself in a wholesome self-reliant bubble. Then we can mock and scorn the political elite and their powèrful friends because we know that their every moment is one of writhing tormenting quest for more power and wealth.
The old saying modernized to ---for the powerful and rich to find inner wealth and contentedness is às difficult as a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. And this can apply to all those who give excessive vaĺue to material goods.
Observe the indigenous values towards life and environment.

squibs (not verified)
Takes alot to be an anarchist

Takes alot to be an anarchist originally I'd say it's in the .somthing percent because it's just not that common and people think there better of with other political views but then again you could go as far as to say anyone who works in care ect or practices conventional faiths Properly even eats ethically could probably be regarded as anarchist but really you may as well be asking how many people would take the easy option if they could or are happy to exploit for personal gain and If that wouldn't sway them alot of people feel pressured into a kill or be killed sort of mindset so you definitely need to be pretty set in your ways to be an anarchist although anyone has the potential to be anarchist it's just a case of providing somthing people can really on so idk consistently 1% generally 23% potentially 88%

Clone Luke From... (not verified)
my top estimates would be

my top estimates would be maybe 0.1% or roughly around 7 million people

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