What Would Fredy Do?

  • Posted on: 12 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From the <a href="https://www.warresisters.org/content/what-would-fredy-do">War Resisters</a> - By Rand W. Gould
<p><em>Letters of Insurgents<br /> </em>By Yarostan Vochek and Sophie Nachalo<em> </em>(Fredy Perlman)<em><br /> </em>Black and Red, 1976, 831 pages, out of print<em></em></p>
<p><em>Politics: That’s the religion of today, that’s the cancer that annihilates every possibility of community and puts an end to every period of ferment.<br /> —Fredy Perlman, </em>Letters of Insurgents</p>
<p>Arab Spring! The occupation of the squares! The I Won’t Pay movement in Greece! The Indignadxs, or the Movement of 15-M in Spain! Occupy Wall Street here in the United States! Our dreams versus their reality!</p>
<p>Sadly, despite the level of success of many historical revolts, it doesn’t take long for politics to subvert them: new elections, new constitutions, “democracy” ad nauseum. People in various squares around the Mediterranean have struggled to sustain the community they created, and those involved in the Occupy Wall Street actions around the country may be facing the same difficulties.</p></td><td><img title="Everything is cancelled due to being triggering" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/blackbox.jpg"></td></tr></t...
<p>For example, Egypt saw possibly the most successful, and certainly the largest, action against any state this year. Yet Tahrir Square was cleared and the army is back in charge.</p>
<p>As Fredy Perlman explores in <em>Letters of Insurgents</em>, his epistolary novel consisting of letters between two fictional 20<sup>th</sup>-century radicals (and published under their fictional names), our various movements and revolutions for a better, more fully realized life for all seem to inevitably fall victim to politics and “the ideological birds of prey who feed on our possibilities, fill themselves with concepts of our desires and re-enslave us with beautiful combinations of words which seem to depict the world we failed to realize.” Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Russia’s October Revolution come immediately to mind.</p>
<p>As in Russia in 1917, politicians are sprouting up in North Africa like toxic mushrooms after an (Arab) spring rain, as the masters hold onto and consolidate power by reselling the people their own dreams packaged as democracy, liberty, justice, and dignity. These, of course, are the masters’ words, not the people’s, and are the ballast that enables power to rise out of the reach of those in the squares, to paraphrase Raoul Vaneigem.</p>
<p>This is why after so many “revolutions,” life became worse for the overwhelming majority of the people—the working class—as the politicians and leaders they chose to free them from exploitation and oppression actually increased it.</p>
<p>Politics is cancer, as Fredy said, and the death knell of any genuine movement for social change. So, what would Fredy do? What is the cure for our collective and individual cancer? As Fredy points out, it lies within us to build and maintain community, via consensus, outside the political system that infects our society. Fredy would never give up his dream of a fully realized life for all of us, least of all to some politician.</p>
<p><em>Rand W. Gould is a sometime poet and writer and a fulltime impossible person, who somehow survived the prisons of school, work, and America only to find himself in the prison of a Michigan “correctional facility.”</em></p>
<img style="float: left; margin: 2px;" title="Letters of Insurgents" src="/sites/default/files/images/letters_of_insurgents.jpg" alt="Letters of Insurgents cover" width="200" height="342" />


The person who moderates this site is fucked up and needs to work on his shit. I made this video about how shitty he is:


Spread the word! Down with manarchism!

What Would Fredy Do?

A: Fuck a pig.

-- -- Derrick Jensen (SALMON FUCKER)

Hi Derrick,
I'm a big fan.

Giving a whole new meaning to getting deep in some pink.

Deep Pink Resistance

Fuck a pig? Been there, done that.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and satisfied customer)

I see this is filed under Opinion. What opinion is expressed here? What is the intent with this writing?

Basically just "stop falling for politicians", I guess. Not sure how that helps though. I'm sort of willing to be lenient about not having learned anything new because "Letters of Insurgents" is awesome and the author's blurb is awesome.

watch out. mention fredy perlman and you are likely to be accused of false flag writing.

what is false flag writing?

i'm thinking of the people who defended maus and referred to fredy in the process and then were accused of being maus because he like f.p. too...

Choice pic... Rape's not funny, fucking manarchist.

IGTT 10/10

no not 10 out of 10. it's too obvious. that type of boohooer doesn't come here. and does anyone still say manarchist seriously over 10 years after it gained some coin?

Christ's true passion was being nailed on a cross
get it?

igtj: 10/10

anti-semitism and rape jokes on @ news = now I only wanna sleep with liberals

I agree. Liberals sure are sexy!

Overheard in a liberal's bedroom:
"Oh baby! please put yer ballot in the box!"
"I will, just after I finish 'registering' the voter."

What if anarchism wasn't a refuge for whiners and slaves of all types?

If you don't think rape is hilarious then you must

True it's not funny and the person who put it up should really consider the ways in which they contribute to rape culture.

Manarchist news dot org

Really, seriously? everyone's cool with the depiction of Christ getting raped in the middle of the article where rape victims can't avoid it? "getting deep in some pink"? really, anarchistnews? fucking disappointed.

It might be rape but it looks like he is enjoying it so it's ok

fuck you. you're uncritically reinforcing that attitude.

I guess you don't get it: Salmon meat is pink.

wat th fuk is wrong w/ u?

Rape is a misogyny reified ergo men cannot be raped

right 'cause all of our identities are totally stable and violating sexual autonomy is whatever, right? maybe we should think about the language and behavior men use/display when they rape other men before we write off its misogynstic undertones too - a pissed off queer

When I was (not?) raped, they tattooed this on my back:

"When they bring the children to my funeral
to scream faggot at my dust
tell them
I was born in to their casket
but I wouldn’t pull the splinters from my heart
any more than Christ
would’ve pulled the thorns from his crimson head"

- Ashes by Andrea Gibson

The sodomy was painful, as was the tattoo, but the joy on my back I get to carry forever.

Look at all these fucking manarchists trying to defend the idea that men can be anything other than sexual aggressors. WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU GET OFF! So many SO MANY wymyn have been violated by you men and now you think you can just claim the mantle of victimhood. You can take our dignity but you'll never take our victimhood from us.

Expropriation is the first step to communism.

Me and all the other rad wymyn are going to organize a pussy strike and we'll see how much you're laughing then and no entry through the rear either.
What is this

What is this?
"Pussy strike"?
I can't tell if this is serious or not.
Fuckin' anews...

don't you mean sex strike?

Ok "pussy striker" or "flaming liberal feminist" let me put this in words you can understand: Check yr heterosexist privilege.

but... but (some) men are sexy!

-confused heterosexual wyymiyn

oh shit i lost it, lolololol

What? How is that relevant? Why is Andrea Gibson entering this conversation? People on @News are aware of moderately successful slam poets?

I would rape Jesus. WE ARE ALL RAPISTS

that's it. i quit life. - a pissed off queer

Looks like someone just found out that nothing is serious and everything is a joke

It's not rape without a fight and JC is known to turn the other cheek

Ok, now THAT made me laugh. bravo.

I know you MANARCHISTS join anarchism just to get laid so what will you do when you scare all the wymyn away with your rape culture? Last one out of anarchism turn off the lights!

It's 2012 and all the manarchists are gay. We'll fuck each other, of course.

It's especially funny if you consider that Jesus was the product of rape.

scab: plz memory hole the disgusting comments and plz don't blaspheme our Savior like this

Praise Longinus! Blessed by the blood of Christ as he plunged the Spear of Destiny into him. Let us quest for its return and bring darkness to bare.

Having that obvious rape pic there: not cool. Was very triggering and not expected. Think I'll have to avoid this site if this is your form of political humour.

What makes you so sure men can be raped?


How do you know it's not consensual?

cuz he's being held back by his hair, cringing in agony..

I get fucked pretty frequently while getting held back and cringing in agony. Don't telll me what is or isn't consensual.

Seriously? Using kink as a shield to be douchey to others? I don't give a shit if you get off to the notion of say little kids getting raped, but plastering pictures of that shit on a public site is going to really fuck over the day of a certain fraction of folk. If you don't understand what it's like to deal with rape triggers because of some shitty personal/social context than you're really fucking limitedminded prick.

"Naw we should all be super tough and unphaseable and anyone who's not is a slave-minded weakling. Anarcheee means cutting out all form of human empathy and basic decency."

"Minimal expectations of kindness is for saps! Stomp on those who are hurt by patriarchy! Only though not thinking through shit and pretending that's the same thing as not giving a fuck can you be strong!"

iTs TrIGgErInG MEeEeEe

I nominate worker the scab as troll of the century for this post

so brave

"May"? Sweetie, Occupy has been dead since December.
The commune is dead! Long live democracy!

What is this commune I keep hearing up? Is it like communeism?

What the hell!! gang-rape or some shit on anarchistnews??? Not cool, not radical, not funny. This is by far the most offensive thing I've seen on here ever, and it seriously makes me cry. As an anarchist and as some one who works with survivors, it makes me want to fucking puke to think that this shit is acceptable by those who run this site. Obviously they're not allies of my community, or any community that doesn't fetishize rape.

even if the "person" being raped is totally imaginary? freaky!


community doesnt exist. aint you hear?

No you all just don't get it, see they're nihilist trolls, a philosophy that promotes acting like you're 15 and don't have to consider other peoples' feelings. They can make fun of rape because their form of anarchy is more pure than yours. You're just a PC identity politician cuz you have the audacity to question their freedom to be dicks with your pathetic moralism.

This shit right here. Seriously A-News, like what the fuck. Is that really all yall amount to?

From endearingly annoying trollclub to something that doesn't even remotely resemble having any connection to the anarchist community or basic ethics. In just one post.

Wow look at the fucking attitudes that get up- and down-voted on this site. It's just become 4chan for the occasionally literate. worker is pure trash for putting that picture up, and LEAVING IT UP despite numerous people being triggered. What the fuck are you in this for?

probably like the rest of us... the lulz

because rape is so lulzy, right? get dead.

As a Christian Manarchist, I am offended that you can only bitch about wimmin and rape culture when @ news is DEFAMING OUR LORD AND SAVIOR

Hahah. Pic's gone. Worker got trolled.

all you rapist apologists should go fucking jump off a cliff if you can't understand why being reminded of rape would upset some people

Each and every one of us here is not only reminded, but literally forced to endure again and again every day social traumas of inhuman power dynamics and coercion. This is called modern society. It sucks, but we live with it, we internalize it, we make light of it, we cry and we drink and we fight over it.

We dream of the day when it won't be that way any more, but we're still able to function and maintain our sanity despite the constant images and actual cases of these abusive power dynamics that fill our lives.

So explain to me why sexual coercion is any different than these daily forms of coercion that we all face. Post-Christianity, post-Freud, post-patriarchy, sex is just another social interaction afterall. Stop making it something more. That mistaken attitude is in fact the actual source of the anguish rape victims suffer.


Yeah, if only. There's a lot of social context that makes sex mean something more in our society and impresses it as an extra-meaningful site of oppression. If you've gotten to the point where you can speak so pretty but haven't bothered to actually look around enough to catch even a glimpse of this then your priorities are quite clear.

Derailing this into some kind of argument about whether the precise subject matter of the traumatic picture posted on a site supposedly for anarchists is "special" is obvious trolling. If there was anything else remotely as certain to negatively affect a wide spectrum of comrades, to remind them in so many goddamn ways of the culture of enforced lightness surrounding rape -- the "haw haw that person's gettin' raped, we've got to all see it as a huge and shameful violation but simultaneously expect anyone for whom it's a serious threat/history to shut up and smile" -- then yeah, we'd be calling for Worker's head on a pike just the same.

rape me. rape me, my friend.

Y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause they’re rapin’ everybody out here.

Fredy woulds just slash the fucjkin shit out of everyoner with his knife hands no kiddin,..,8ball

What would Satan do?

Letters of Insurgents is not out of print and is the the greatest (anarchist) novel ever written as far as I'm concerned. If you're attention span can accommodate a 900 page book than anyone who is interested in anarchist ideas should read this book. Check Little Black Cart to pick up a copy its well worth actually reading it in its entirety you won't be disappointed. Fredy Perlman was, is, and will continue being among the most inspiring people ever, I can't recommend this highly enough.

Letters of Insurgents is out of print.

Everyone who was involved in this mockery of rape is the enemy. Let me be clear: that is what I think, and what I have always thought.

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