What's New with LBC - Fall 2016

  • Posted on: 4 October 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Little Black Cart

This summer was interesting. We went to Seattle, Portland, and we are headed to Los Angeles this weekend. Here is a little writeup on the dramedy in Portland.

We have an author on tour on the East Coast. Support Nick as he discusses the new book Abolish Work

We have a new PDF catalog available. We are looking for an Intern for next spring (April 2017). Email us at info@lbc

New Titles

Cracks in a Grey Sky

Ardent Press

Do or Die was ten issues of a very influential paper out of the UK. Subtitled Voices from the Ecological Resistance, it brought together a wide variety of voices and perspectives from around the world, but was especially meaningful for those who were fighting the monolith in urban spaces, sometimes in their own backyards, vs in the US, where much of the inspiration and activity came from places that could still be called wild.

This packed book is a collection of some of the best of the paper, including the one piece that people still know about, the especially-substantive "Down with the Empire, Up with the Spring!"... The folks at Ardent consider this an homage to the journal, as well as a reminder of some of the creative and fiesty actions and connections still possible in our increasingly concretized world.

For more information - Cracks in a Grey Sky

Smert za Smert

Ardent Press

This booklet is a lovingly compiled collection of historic events by anarchists and anons. It has been around in zine form for many years, and we're delighted to now make it accessible to more people.

Inspired by the chronologies in Green Anarchy and the tenacity of revolutionaries in Paul Avrich's The Russian Anarchists I tried to do something impossible: find and document every anarchist attack since Bakunin escaped Siberian exile in 1866 up to the time I was writing in 2005-2006.

For more information - Smert Za Smert

Abolish Work

LBC Books

Edited by Nick Ford

A collection of articles--ranging from the practical to the theoretical to the poetic--on doing without work. These pieces postulate scenarios of this society without work (including the use of robots to do what humans are currently needed for), describe the desirability of no-work for each of us individually, explore how work is a bad thing both personally and culturally, and offer suggestions on how to do less of it while holding down a job, as well as how to keep an appropriate relationship to it when necessary. While the editor is an anarchist, many of these essays have been lifted from the internet (with some very light editing), including authors who are not anarchists (notably multiple entries by John Danaher).

This text is a departure for LBC, as it is staunchly not-green, and tends toward a soft market-anarchist perspective. The editor considers it a challenge to LBC's readership, and it certainly counts as an interesting exercise.

The charming introduction is written by David D'Amato.

For more information - Abolish Work - Edited by Nick Ford

Recent LBC Titles

  1. A Crime Called Freedom - Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. 1
  2. Millenarian Rebels - Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. II
  3. Ardent Press Coloring Book
  4. To the Customers - The first severe critique of the Appelistas
  5. Blessed is the Flame - A great introduction to nihilism set in the context of concentration camp resistance
  6. Anarchist Ephemera - Peter Lamborn Wilson at his best
  7. Is Space the Place? Yes/No - A book that asks and answers the question of man & space travel

Become an Intern

We have a living space (and good company) to offer someone who wants to intern with us and work on exciting anarchist projects for three months starting in April 2017. Contact us at our primary email for more information and logistics.

Our new catalog

This year we decided to eschew a paper catalog (and have since changed our mind). All of our original titles, imprints, cover art, and descriptions are now available in a nice and shiny PDF. Enjoy!

The rest

Want to help?

Are you in the Bay Area and would you like to help make LBC projects happen? Drop us a line. We are now hosting an occasional LBC Salon that you can use to check out LBC if you are interested.

Are you a writer?

Send manuscript proposals to us at info@lbc

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Politics is the enemy of anarchy, and it knows it.



if you guys think overthrowing capitalism is impossible why stay in the anarchy game?

Any more random non sequitur brain farts you'd like to share?

If we are defining capitalism in the traditional sense as private ownership and profit motive.

I could see it happening this century on technological terms or even partial collapse terms. The bigger issue is capital relations/abstractions as such and the integrated power totalities that make up civilization.

Anarchy is a process of temporal individuation and immediation. It is not an eschatological event to struggle towards.

When is Black Seed 5 coming out?

Portland is the worst - the most confused anarchists in the country. You'd think it might be Cointelpro shit, but I doubt the Feds are investing time in sowing discord in PDX, there are enough wing bats and partisans doing that on their own.

So anarcho-nihilists feel like they are jews in a concentration camp in our current reality.
Ok, i finally understand the delusional nature of anarcho-nihilism.

Let me guess... you're the president of Portland Anarchists for Ideological Purity. Anarch heil, mein Führer!

great attention span there, internet.

you missed both the point of the book, and that there indeed were anarchists in those concentration camps.

no, no, no. you don't. it is far worse than you intuit at this moment. far worse!

lol at the attempt to rewrite history, context and the critiques. but then lbc deleted the event page and all the comment threads so I guess you get to paint things however you like.

Well, you now have the floor. Feel free to set the record straight. This oughta be good...

years of publishing awesome books that i can't have interesting conversations with anyone around me about.

on a more serious note, thanks for being affordable.


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