What's New with LBC - Spring 2015

  • Posted on: 5 May 2015
  • By: aragorn

From Little Black Cart

Now that the NY and Bay Area bookfairs (and BASTARD Conference!!!) are over we have a moment of repose... Until the
Orange County Anarchist Bookfair in two weeks, then we'll be at Montreal a week later!

We are Little Black Cart:
Distribution, Editorial, and print shop.

Catch our Book RSS feed

Here is our dumb Twitter feed

Even worse... our Facebook account

New Website

After a long period of time we have finally updated our website. It's at Little Black Cart

 Make sure to also check out our 2015 poster/catalog created by Hunter.

Live the chaos!

Free Publications

For Spring we have released a few free publications for your entertainment...

  1. Black Seed #3 - The third issue of a Green Anarchist publication
  2. The Anvil #5 - The fifth issue of our popular & anarchist culture magazine
  3. LBC Review 2014 - The downloadable version of our annual LBC review

New Journals

Check out
LBC Review 2014 (print version)

The second
LBC Review, offering a selection of excerpts from titles LBC Books has produced over 2014, including Canenero; Disruptive Elements; The Impossible, Patience; Spiritual Journeys of an Anarchist; Anarcho-Pessimism; The Black Bloc Papers; Here... at the Center of a World in Revolt; Huye, Hombre, Huye; The Dictionary of Unhappiness; I saw fire; How to Live Now or Never; and the journals, BASTARD Chronicles 2014; Dangerous Constellations; Insurgencies; Hostis, and the forward to the new edition of Letters of Insurgents.

Other Journals

New Titles

Become an Accomplice

This quarter our accomplices are helping us finance a new cutter and a long cold winter. If you like a vibrant and engaged anarchist press, please consider helping us by becoming an LBC Accomplice!

For $20 / month (domestic, $40 international) you get every new title we publish (over 50 since 2012), 20% off of every Little Black Cart distribution item, and we start you out with a free book or t-shirt of your choosing.

Here is how to learn more about becoming an LBC Accomplice


Upcoming titles includes
Instead of Work by Bob Black; Art as Resistance on the art of the Autonomen movement; A manual for revolutionary leaders of the community (a very special book); the Black Eye collection; The enquête... by Jean-Pierre Voyer, and someday... a Post-Left Reader.



god damn it, I just tried to 'like' this.

i just tried to "like" your comment...

why is it that the books keep getting uglier and uglier. everything is banged up and torn and mashed and not because of the mail either. also the insides are frequently fucked too. does anyone know how to edit books there? why are the footnotes pretty much fucked up every time? learn how to do what you claim to do already. you suck!

If there is ever a printing or quality problem we are happy to replace your book. Just return it!

This is true. I've returned damaged books to LBC and they were totally cool about it. They sent new ones at no cost, fairly quickly, and they let me donate the damaged ones to a radical lending library rather than return them, actually.

hi lbc,

very nice work, always enjoy your titles and the new website looks pleasing.

just a quick comment: on your selection - as someone not from the bay area but a long time reader of ajoda, why have they went through with all the effort of making their magazine beautiful in all ways the last couple of issues, but have absolutely zero web presence or zero marketing (ewww, but letting other interested anarchists know, "hey we're doing this"). so, my comment is - thanks for helping when other distributors and publishers have refused to include one of the oldest and most interesting anarchist magazines in North America on their shelves. and even the people making the magazine seem to be have no interest in sharing their labour of love imho.

also, real anarchists have day jobs in response to roller. ;)

here are some reasons: none of us knows what the hell we're doing with a website (this may change starting tomorrow actually, with the assistance of a friend of the project with a million times more computer savvy than any of us); we suck at marketing.

we are very interested in sharing the magazine with folks. if you have any clever ideas concerning marketing, widening our distribution, and/or helping with our currently dormant website, please get in touch (editor@anarchymag.org)

This is a comment about a technical website issue. Namely, I tried to register, but nothing happened. Do I have to be "approved" by some administrator in order to be sent a password? Has an administrator disapproved of me, for some unknown reason?


Contact us at info@littleblackcart.com and we'll sort it out

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