What's New with LBC - Summer 2016

  • Posted on: 14 July 2016
  • By: lbc

From Little Black Cart

It is summertime at LBC which means parties, temperate weather (thanks to the Bay), and some new projects. We returned (about three weeks ago) from our grueling but amazing 12,000 mile (19300 KM) casual LBC tour around the US and Canada which included a visit to Montreal for their annual bookfair, Tulsa OK for their bookfair, British Columbia for the strange Nihilism.Hope event, Ontario for the book launch event for Blessed is the Flame, and all over the midwest for speaking and social events.

Thank you so much to all of the people who hosted, fed, and housed us throughout the trip. You are amazing!

We have a new PDF catalog available. We are looking for an Intern for this winter (January 2017). We still welcome new Accomplices!

New Titles

Ardent Press Coloring Book

Ardent Press

Up till now we have had limited options for children and children at heart. That starts to change with the new Ardent Press coloring book that relies heavily on the artwork of Flavio Costantini and his themes of anarchist attack and historical moments.

...He overcame the contraposition good/evil, here we find something that really moves Costantini: the fight of the individual against the society.

For more information - Ardent Press Coloring Book

A Crime Called Freedom - Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. 1

LBC Books

OS CANGACEIROS was a group of delinquents with nothing but contempt for the self-sacrificial ideology practiced by “specialists in armed struggle". This uncontrollable band of social rebels wreaked havoc on the French state by attacking the infrastructures of oppression, supporting popular revolts, stealing and releasing secret blueprints for high-tech prisons, raiding the offices of corporate collaborators, and creating their lives in complete opposition to the world based on work. This volume, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher, is the first collection of the writings of Os Cangaceiros in English. It was originally published by the great Eberhardt Press and has been out of print for years.

Wolfi Landstreicher is the editor of the insurrectionary anarchist journal Willful Disobedience and publisher of Venomous Butterfly Publications. He has translated works by Renzo Novatore, Alfredo Bonanno and many other Italian-language anarchist publications. We would be a shadow of what we are if it were not for his work.

For more information - A Crime Called Freedom - Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. 1

Millenarian Rebels - Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. II

LBC Books

Outlaws of the Sertão - Translated by Wolfi Landstreicher

Members of the French revolutionary group Os Cangaceiros write about their fierce Brazilian namesakes, as well as the millenarian groups of the dispossessed and the urban poor who joined together in movements of social reform at the dawn of the 20th century, only to find themselves in an apocalyptic struggle with the Brazilian state.

I find the sympathy of the cangaceiros for the millenarian movements of their time interesting because their way of life in their world seems to parallel that of the Free Spirit movement of the middle ages. The Free Spirits are often described as millenarians, but their millenarianism was distinctly different from that of Conselheiro, Thomas Münzer, the Münster millenarians and most other millenarian movements. The distinction lies in the fact that the Free Spirits did not see the millennium as something that was going to come soon, but as something that already existed within them. Their perspective was not apocalyptic — aiming toward a future end of the world — but rather based in the immediate present. This is why the Free Spirits, while still using religious language, actually attacked the foundations of religion: dependence on an external supernatural power, hope in a heavenly future, faith in an external source of salvation.

For more information - Millenarian Rebels - Writings of Os Cangaceiros Vol. II

Civil or Subversive

Ardent Press

A bad dream haunts Capital's social peace, the underclass excluded from production, disrespectful of the law, and hungry for the impossible dream of the modern consumer lifestyle. The ghettoised excluded are a large minority of the population largely without a stake in institutional mediation or a voice in the democratic arena and are the enemy within that the state fears while using as a scapegoat (immigrants, unemployed, lawbreakers, drug users, etc.). As Alfredo Bonanno predicted, the excluded have in general lost the common language with the included that formed the basis of the old reformism and social contract. The lack of major political violence and revolutionary struggle, and insurrections that have been sporadic and disorganised (in time and in consciousness), means that while the UK has a very strong democraticsocial (cross-class) tradition, it lacks the sort of conflictual tradition of other European countries. This is the political landscape of the UK within which the anarchist/far Left is firmly situated.

Since then other anarcho-insurrectionalists in the UK have further criticised the people we've come to term civil anarchists, who, like good citizens, continue to talk and walk the road of obedience to the State and the reactionary mores of Society. The liberalism and weakness of the extra-parliamentary anti-capitalist/anti-state social movements and political tendencies in the UK, and of the individuals who make up this spectrum, cannot be examined without looking at the social/class context here. While the insurrectionary current has never disappeared in the UK, it's clear that (following the armed and conspiratorial Luddite insurgency in the early 19th century against industrialisation), antagonism from the exploited was subdued by a combination of state terrorism and the recuperative influence of trade unionism and democratic socialism.

This is a reprint of the Dark Matter (UK) text "Anarchism: civil or subversive"

For more information - Civil or Subversive - A Dark Matter publication

The BASTARD Chronicles 2016

Ardent Press

The third edition of presentations from the BASTARD conference, this year unthemed, with pieces on, for example, the drug industrial complex and the history of Leviathan, et al, and a performance piece on fascism, among others. This year the Chronicles also include some of the funnier surveys participants gave us. Multi-media!

For more information - The BASTARD Chronicles 2016

Recent LBC Titles

  1. To the Customers - The first severe critique of the Appelistas
  2. Blessed is the Flame - A great introduction to nihilism set in the context of concentration camp resistance
  3. Anarchist Ephemera - Peter Lamborn Wilson at his best
  4. Hostis 2 - Silver cover, sophomore journal, lots of interesting contributions
  5. Insurgencies 2 - Insurrectionary strategy journal
  6. Everything Must Go - Bruno Astarian & Gilles Duave argue for an anti-work communization and for new thinking about insurrection
  7. Is Space the Place? Yes/No - A book that asks and answers the question of man & space travel

LBC Spring/Summer Tour

There is a set of personal report backs on the trip at Aragorn!'s blog. We continue to be thankful for the parts of the anarchist space that felt like home and we hope we entertained and were respectful to all the strangers, frenemies, and friends who we met and stayed with over this 10 week adventure.

See you next time (probably in 2017)

Become an Intern

We have a living space to offer someone who wants to intern with us and work on exciting anarchist projects for three months starting in January 2017. Contact us at our primary email for more information and logistics.

Our new catalog

This year we decided to eschew a paper catalog (and have since changed our mind). All of our original titles, imprints, cover art, and descriptions are now available in a nice and shiny PDF. Enjoy!

Become an Accomplice

This is the last year of our accomplice program! Don't miss a title. Do you like what we are trying to do with Little Black Cart? If you like a vibrant and engaged anarchist press, please consider helping us by becoming an LBC Accomplice!

For $20 / month (domestic, $40 international) you get every new title we publish (over 50 since 2012), 20% off of every Little Black Cart distribution item, and we start you out with a free book or t-shirt of your choosing.

Here is how to learn more about becoming an LBC Accomplice

The rest

Want to help?

Are you in the Bay Area and would you like to help make LBC projects happen? Drop us a line. We are now hosting a twice a month LBC Salon that you can use to check out LBC if you are interested.

Are you a writer?

Send manuscript proposals to us at info@lbc

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If only we all read enough of the exact right combinations of books!!!!
Then we will figure out the secret to changing this nightmare....... Yeah right.
Keep distracting yourselves!

I wholeheartedly agree with the first part of your comment.

This person types while having a nightmare?


If only we just did stuff and didn't think about it first!!!!
Then we will figure out the secret to changing this nightmare....... Yeah right.
Keep distracting yourselves!

You stole my name!


This is a pretty lackluster quarter for LBC... Three reprints (all of which are available to read/print elsewhere), a coloring book of pictures we've seen elsewhere, and bookfair talks of which only a handful will be interesting.

Tell us how you really feel

I wonder what this place would be like if we all took our mother's advice. " If you don't have something nice to say, and aren't working on something comparable (within the context to struggle...) then shut the fuck up." Or to quote TLC, "opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one."

Pretty lacklustre comment there from anon. I mean I see just 1 paragraph with no original points, only 1 expletive, stitched together with 2 pretty mediocre quotes we're not that thrilled with

The universe is already anarchy. To define all that as merely a human conception of 'struggle' is both reductively narrow, and abstract. Leave the humanism to the anabaptists...

What's called anarchism in the united States will never be adequate to any task beyond the reproduction of its existence as a trivial fringe phenomena. And this is at a time that is more conducive to mass revolutionary politics than any other time since the 1870's. Subculture fantasists, unite! Forward to tabling at the stink anarchist bookfair!

Bookfairs are just for subculture?

I remember your arguments being prevalent right before and during occupy. They haven't helped.

Can you add more to critique than the ressentiment of conceptual separations?

I ask this as a 30 year old that straddles subcultures of various personal interests, yet really has no friends anymore (since everyone's devoted to screens), and who fits in with no one's ideas of purity or subculture in general (being interested in too many, too many not reliant upon internet communications forms).

30 years old? Can I call you granpa/ma? As for me I'd call myself a walking corpse.

Most people, indeed, are devoted to screens. Including me (which isn't really a devotion but an addiction that is less the cause than a secondary effect of isolation). But that doesn't mean there are no ways to hack through it.

Take dogs, for instance. Unfortunately I ain't much into dogs, but the people that do seem to have it easy meeting up people of similar interests at the dog park. Teenagers used the skate park, which is a very ageist place since you gotta be below 18 to get fuck partners or buddies there. I was personally thinking of meet-ups involving bikes, that go beyond the lame old Critical Mass. There's been some attempts like the naked bike rides, that are interesting though in my town predominantly gay. Bikes also aren't that much a good situation for relax communications.

Board games? Okay tho not enough physical.

Live theater? Dance parties? Quite good prospect.

Socializing games in public places? That'd be awesome. Statists have been at it already, but it ain't too late.

You could pick up some hot old corpses like yourself at any casino playing the pocker machines dude, you might even win some money and afford to stay at a motel with your new ancient conquest for the night

Can't wait!!!


What is the point of reprinting the cool but paltry "volume 1" of os cang and the weird follow up "volume 2" that bears no resemblance to what makes the first one cool when there are something like seven issues of their actual journal easily available in french, mostly full of stuff that no one has ever bothered to translate. Not to mention that Wolfi's translations are suspect, since his are translated from an italian translation of the original french. If you can't do it right, why do it at all?

The titles keep dwindling in quality and quantity because lbc continues to isolate and drive away so many relationships - both labourers and content creators. Every quarter they keep looking for new people to make their books because for years they've been running voluntary manual labor "workers" out with their shitty relationship dynamics and Big Man rule. Everyone knows it, no one will say it.

Too bad. They /had/ great content for awhile..

May a thousand presses bloom!

@frenemies: wow. that is so fucking true, from everything i have ever heard. good onya for saying it. though might be more constructive to address the individuals involved directly, and not in a public, online forum. but i still appreciate the honesty.

If you knew the people, then you would know that that would be anice absolutely pointless endeavor.

Also, my above comment isn't a moral condemnation of thier behavior. More just a fact. Their nihilism lead them to where they are and it is having the effect one might expect it to have.

I would say one of the best things that LBC and AK or Crimethinc does for that mater is mail order. The fact that you can get bulk amounts of materials from them for pretty cheap is great and the fact that you can put in an order and then expect to (mostly, sometimes completely fucked up) get your stuff is a good thing.

Having said that, Aragorn has run the project into the ground and everyone knows it. They aren't publishing stuff that is relevant to things happening in real time, and instead just things that they like or fit into their ideological package. An Ardent Press coloring book? Yeah okay, kind of like that amazing Anarchist News crossword puzzle that hit shelves a couple months ago. I wonder how many dozens got that.

One of the problems with anarchists on the ground is that generally we've been so busy doing other things by and large we don't have time to do a huge mail order operation. Be nice if the people that do LBC could step down and let other people take over their infrastructure, but that isn't going to happen.

May a thousand presses bloom indeed! You can print books, you can cut the books, you can glue the books, you can thus, make books. It's not as hard as you think. A few simple machines and you can do it, even on a small scale. People can also buy/rent large scale printers and print out their own zines and newsletters. Let's stop waiting on these presses that really don't give a fuck about us and use us to resolve their mid-life crises and start doing our own thing.

Bookfair nihilists of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

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