What's New with LBC - Winter 2015

  • Posted on: 13 July 2015
  • By: worker

Now that the dogs have recovered from the pyrotechnic celebration of Colonization, Neoliberalism, and Nationalism we are ready to announce our Summer titles for 2015. This summer features one homage, some mischievousness, and some new titles on old themes.

Spring was eventful this year. Alongside the solid Bay Area bookfair and our sister project the BASTARD conference, were Montreal, NYC, and the brand new (and energetic and affirming) Orange County bookfair. We can't wait to see what they do next year.

The big internal news for us was the purchase of a Challenge Titan 200 paper cutter. Sexy pictorial to come (follow @lbcbooks for more).

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New Titles

The Manual for Revolutionary Leaders

Ardent Press

Ardent Press is delighted to re-print an offering from Red and Black (1972) that substantively addresses the lack of a revolutionary/insurrectionary movement and places the blame squarely at the feet of the (community) leaders where it belongs.

This is a text that is more than forty years old yet is still relevant, presented here are a series of quotations, expository writings, and vignettes that will clarify many of the issues plaguing today's committed radicals.

If we were going to change one thing about this Manual for Revolutionary Leaders today it would be the title. If there is one lesson to draw from the political work our comrades have done over the past four decades it is the lesson of Seattle, of Occupy, and of the anti-racist work done today in the streets all over the US: the lesson is that leadership isn't about one person. Leadership is about your neighborhood, it's about your elders, and it's about Community. A better title for this book, that we beg you to consider as you read the colloquial terms used in the original text, would be A Manual for Revolutionary Community Leaders. It is in the spirit of contributing to that community that we share this new edition.

-from the new introduction, by A. Blankee

Check out The Manual for Revolutionary Leaders - by M. Velli

Instead of Work

LBC Books

Finally the essay the Abolition of Work is back in print!

With a fine, nostalgic, introduction by famed SF author Bruce Sterling this a new collection of Bob Black's essays on work, intractable foe of human capacity and imagination. It is an attack on the false compromises of better work condition, reduced work hours, or work privileges (a contradiction in terms if there ever was). It is a clear-eyed critical demand for a world without mediocrity, and therefore without work!

Check out Instead of Work by Bob Black

The BASTARD Chronicles 2015

The second set of the Chronicles, being write-ups and thoughts about the presentations at the BASTARD Conference. The Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory And Research & Development (BASTARD) Conference has been held the day after the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair for 15 years.

This year's theme was "Utopia and other Science Fictions", and the Chronicles includes some of the best workshops of the day: The Other Black Hoodies: Monasticism and Anarchist Utopias; LIBER NIHIL: the Book of Nothing/Magickal Nihilism; Attached to Happiness with a Chain: on slavery and BDSM in the work of Samuel Delany, as well as write ups about subversive films, the point and process of imagining our own utopias, critical thinking as a practice, Philip K. Dick the genius/the wingnut, the issues with commodification, and to start the whole day out, an awesome talk by Nick Mamatas on Hard Science and Soft Utopias.

Check out BASTARD Chronicles 2015

Recent LBC Titles

  1. LBC Review 2014
  2. The Impossible, Patience - Alejandro de Acosta's gift to us regarding language and nihilism.
  3. Hostis - Cruelty
  4. Insurgencies #1

New Publishers

Enemy Combatant Publications

Enemy Combatants is a new publishing entity from a rotating list of ghost towns around North America. Their beautiful risograph pamphlets (three so far) are sure to entice your next date if placed on your coffee table. Delicious!



When you troll, even when you don't sign your posts, it is obvious it is you. That's how much of a cliche you are.

I like it though. If he is bringing in Bob's other enemies then I look forward to reading the tag lines.

Bekken, Stang, Cornford, ect let's see it counter troll.

Hogshire, Bekken, Stang, Cornford, Churchill, Dooley, etc -- yessir, the true enemies of anarchyism! never mind about all those right-wing CEOs, landlords, banksters, politicians, military officers and them lot! Don't attack your real enemies, attack those "leftist" weaklings would stand next to you, you COINTELPRO piece of shit.

The latter group you mention are made of language and binaries. The former group are simply too worthless to consider enemies or anything thing of even dislikable value.

I highly doubt your non existent 'COINTELPRO' cares about their worthless existence.

New commenter here.

1. Your brainless use of "binaries" as an empty catch-all signifier for whatever fills you with ressentiment has been adequately satirized elsewhere.

2. The fact that you say COINTELPRO doesn't exist gives us proper perspective on you assertion that white supremacy doesn't exist. You might as well say that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms doesn't exist.

But anyway, you are a troll, with whom meaningful dialogue is impossible, as you ceaselessly make clear.

If you want to call all the retarded trolling satire.

COINTELPRO may exist, there's just no concrete evidence of such a program carried forth into the 21st century. It would have to be more then lurking feds who have a lot of low hanging fruit loop leftists to pick from. The spook of white supremacy as conceived by structural marxtard analysis certainly does not exist.

anon ankle biters don't get to throw the troll word around. Why would I want to meaningfully dialogue with a retarded anonymous malcontent like you?

Your slight over-use of the word "retard" &/or "retarded" is getting a bit repetitive. If you want to charm people with your style - and I'm sure you do - may I politely advise you to alternate this insult with equally intelligent put-downs such as "nigger-lover" or "arse-bandit" or "shirt-lifter" or "slut" or anything else from Webster's Concise Dictionary of Sophisticated Words of Disparagement. I would be so bold as to suggest that it could vastly improve your scintillatingly lucid arguments and convince people that, for those who consider themselves Stirnerites, the only way forward is to spice up your vituperation with complex varieties of taunts as you grumpily mouth off in your sleep.

Why would you spend so much time spewing invective at people you regard as "retarded anonymous malcontents"? Have you had ANY meaningful dialogue here? You're just surrounded by people who regard you with disgust, annoying us.

Just not with you idiots. Most times they have names for one thing(see emile, le way, biceps, Gunter ect).That's all I need, I care little for
the 99 percent:)

So if I registered an account that reported my "name" as "Sir Einzige is an AIDS-ridden faggot," then you'd have "meaningful dialogue" with me, you liar?

because you know that "Sir Einzige is an AIDs-ridden faggot" is just as much a "name" as "The biceps critic," right, you fascist piece of shit?

Nothing about our plitgh tipical how you say northernsentric obsestion how yo torlk bout drugs pigs sex when we have thees things evry day 247. Were we liva you dont go round at daytime in the sun you keep to teh shaddows and at nite you be full of wurry bout torch lite atracting bullets yes bewair!

Winter, summer...discontent

The Feds are about as likely to try a COINTELPRO type operation in relation to the anarchist subculture as they are likely to try it against fans of Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons.

The cops do this thing called threat assessment. Any of them who visit the Bay Area anarchist subculture bookfair can see there is no threat here. It is strickly a multiple thousand person role-playing game for terminally disengaged narcissists and fantasists.

I fully agree Kev

Is that the feds will go after certain activist groups and people. Hardly the 'COINTELPRO' that you believe exists. No one doubts that there is not intermittent spying by the state mediated by what they deem threats. Though when it comes to activists, their political nature is part of what makes them a target.

And did I not already tell those idiots to give up activism. To quote Bob Black "Don't just do something, stand there".

Wow, that journalist is such a bitch to random people for no reason … so professional to describe random passersby as "pudgy" and "scrawny" haha. What possible purpose does that serve in your writing? It's like she's openly disgusted by anyone who would consider using a free store and can't prevent her hostility from leaking in to the article.

Here, I'll try it. Sweaty, anti-social, creeper-insomniacs hunch over their keyboards reading their shit-hole of a website.

Yes, but either "pudgy" or "scrawny" are accurate descriptions of anarchist scene habitues.

I could be even more mean and say, "stinky."

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