When night falls, the bats come out to dance

  • Posted on: 21 August 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Submitted anonymously to Mtlcounter-info

Last Tuesday, August 16, a widespread power failure plunged Hochelaga into darkness. No more light in the streets, no more functioning cameras… When we realized what was happening, we quickly exchanged knowing looks and smiled under the glow of candles. We gathered our rain jackets and several tools, then left to play in the night. The torrential rain had disrupted the stifling machine of the city and its system of surveillance. The storm offered us a respite, a moment of chaos to not be missed. Completely drenched, with joyous hearts, we strolled in the streets, improvising our targets with excitement. We took several precautions: planning an exit route for each location, and having lookouts. Darkness was our accomplice. We hurried to play until electricity returned, then headed to our homes without any problems.

We smashed the windows of three gentrifying stores : the restaurant Burrito Revolution and an e-cigarette store on Ontario, as well as the yuppie cafe Le dîner on Ste-Catherine.

We slashed the tires of two luxury cars.

We covered several spots in graffiti. On the Arhoma bakery, which has already been targeted by a similar action in the past, we wrote : On vous lâchera pas / Hochelag ≠ Plateau (We’re not gonna let you get away / Hochelag ≠ Plateau). On the Jean Coutu : Toi aussi tu fais partie du problème / Fuck ton empire (You’re also part of the problem / Fuck your empire). On the Dollorama : Fuck l’exploitation / Solidarité sans frontière (Fuck exploitation / Solidarity without borders). On the real-estate office Royal Lepage : On veut pas de vos condos (We don’t want your condos). We also redecorated all the cars in the car dealership on Ste-Catherine, where they plan to build 120 condos, using classics such as Pas bienvenus (Not welcome) or Mange ton bourg (Eat it, yuppie), but also funky inspirations like Spaghetti.

The next time that such an opportunity presents itself, we hope to run into you in the street!



But beyond that, most anarchos I've seen these days in the hood are a sick joke. Really civilized little softies who put @s all over their jackets yet always go back to their apartments for private parties. Barely even hanging out in the streets. Wtf?

Nothing ever being organized outside, only the usual stupid reformists do. No way to have any meet-up, nothing... just plain old social divisions and individuated privacy in rented enclosures divided from the outside world. Ask yourself why we become so dehumanized...

I hate you all for this. And I hate the fact that my hate is also now turned against those I used to consider as comrades or accomplices. I'd really love to attack gentrification outside, but you don't provide shit outside of your circles. I won't fight alone in the night. I'm done doing this, not 'til you get actual anarchy back on track.

Next time use a bow and arrow with a circle bomb attached to the arrow like in Zelda. Some times you can discover secret entrances on the side of buildings if you tap it with your sword and it makes a hollow "bing" sound instead of the usual "tink" sound. Shoot that spot with an arrow bomb and you're in. You might even find a treasure chest with a boss key or a dungeon map.

So this is how you get this unconditional place in some affinity group.... Along with the butt-fuck initiation rite of course?

Maximalists think up the weirdest ways to do things just to avoid a democratic process.

Its like a freakin' giant emo tantrum projected against their symbolic mom/dad State authority figure.

Keep your hands off private property, or you're infantalized!

Stay within the enclaves of private property, don't "play" with the folks you don't know from college, or else you're adultalized!

Adults are compromising scum!!!!!!

I've locked all the spray paint cans away and left a note for your mom, you're grounded young man!!!

This is you in 4 years from now, baby.

Another entry in the endless debate on whether Batman's more anarcho or a fascist.

Ah, i am almost....67 years old, in my younger days such gloriuos anti Pig Po Lice State behaviours were a breeze.

However the myryad of CAMS everywhere makes Restance difficult.

Dudes you can use improvized Paint Bombs, which can by thrown from a place of concealment. by wearing a Suit & Tie and being Upstanding appearing...

and Innovative in ways of Delaying Paint until you are rather far away.

Great thing.

do what thou will, as above/so below.

Yes yes yes! I ain't no forgiving the systems but it's true that teh anarcho jerk-heds always need power outage to smash some shit at this point!!! CAMS all over the place but whatta we gunna dooo?

Was cool tho might be more FnB these days.

Vote unions!

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