Wild Reaction MORTE

  • Posted on: 26 August 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

translated to English from Contrainfo

Wild Reaction MORTE

August 14 2015

This past Full Moon, somewhere in the Old Northern Mesoamerica, was held the general meeting of Wild Reaction [RS] and it's affinity groups, in which the following points were concluded:

1.- It is necessary to continue separately with the individual and group initiatives of those who came together in RS a Gregorian year ago (1). Wild Reaction more than a formal group was a meeting of thoughts and practices relating to the extreme defense of wild nature and against the artificiality imposed by the modern technological system, which selectively reunited valuable individualists breaking off from groups and cells active in sabotage and terrorism since 2007. Those who got involved in it take with them learnings and wisdom, strategies, operativity, and some other things.

2.- It could be said that some individuals within RS, did not entirely agree with what was stated by the communiques or with what was being done from the beginning. Points of view were always respected, of course, provided when criticism had a valid basis. This is another reason why RS ceases to exist to begin a NEW phase of struggle and extremist resistance against the scientific and technological system, against the artificiality of human progress and against civilization. After fruitful internal discussions, the cycle ends for Wild Reaction, and another begins.

3.- RS was nourished by the propaganda work of its direct dissemination bodies such as "Ediciones Aborigen" from Hidalgo in charge of the "Carbon Ink Groupuscule", the "Regresión" publication of Michoacan in charge of the "Coyote-skin Cloak Groupuscule", and the website "El Tlatol" from Guanajuato by the "Council of Uehuetlatolli Groupuscule". Each of these bodies served at the time with a work of analysis, study, statement, and the spreading of eco-extremism both in the territory called Mexico and outside of it. After separation of RS, "Ediciones Aborigen" and "El Tlatol" have dissolved to start other projects of dissemination or not.
The only project of its kind that remains is the "Regresión" publication, the editors will continue to be on the lookout for what happens during the "Post Mortem" of RS.

4.- Wild Reaction has divided into four groups:

A) Anonymous groups or individuals unwilling to claim their acts of terrorism or sabotage, with no interest in a fixed name or standing by initials.

B) Groups or individuals with no direct claim by Internet of the attacks carried out, but they WILL be leaving small claims of action with the detonating explosives, and graffiti in places where they act, etc.

C) Groups with distinctive names and claims on the internet and/or at the location of the attacks, these may be terrorist or sabotage. We wont mention names now, these groups will be revealed in their own time and guidelines.

D) Individualists Tending to the Wild will continue executing acts of terrorism, as it did before RS.

The cycle ends but the war is ongoing, remaining in the history of RS are the propaganda strategies, the detonation of explosive devices, the rhetoric put into action, the activation of incendiary devices, the mockery of the authorities, the sending of parcel bombs, the damage, the injuries, the psychosis, the bomb threats, the exaltation of paganism, the use of firearms, the participation in riots to create tension and provoke the idiotic masses, the sadistic romanticism, the answered criticism by joint communiques, the propaganda of terror, the armed robberies at convenience stores and banks which were never claimed, the symbolism in images and pictures, the construction of eco-extremist discourse based on the resistance of the native hunter-gatherer and nomadic warriors, the international conspiracies, etc. Although it is certain that all this will continue with the groups that have broken off from RS, each will create their own history.
Without further explanation, long speeches or unnecessary analysis:

Wild Reaction
Kill or Die
Night Hunter
Coyote-skin Cloak
Carbon Ink
Rain of Arrows
Until your death or mine!
Uaxixil Spirit
Mixtón Thunder
Lord of the Green Fire
Of the Occult
Council of Uehuetlatolli
Lurking Wildcats

Death to Wild Reaction!
Life to the new eco-extremist Groups!
In extreme defense of wild nature!
Against the technological system EVERYTHING goes!

1) About the "anniversary" of RS, an American site dedicated to the fight against terrorism published on its Twitter account, the 12th of this month, "Anti-Technology Group Claims Attempts to Fire-Bomb Three Locations in Mexico" the text is the communique of the RS Groupuscules "Mixtón Thunder" and "Lord of the Green Fire", on the packages with incendiary devices left at the Human Rights Commission, the Federal Electricity Commission and the Lucerna University on July 2 of this year.
On the 13th the Mexican media made a whole fuss about this information, one of these tabloid articles by the Milenio Diario where it was declared "Terrorism site alert of possible attacks in Mexico." Its lines full of paranoid lies and bad handling of the English language reveal all the media who followed suit as ignorant, what they come to do to sell. ALL our deepest scorn to them.





"the participation in riots to create tension and provoke the idiotic masses"––This sounds very Georges Sorelian, at least his ideas of the "social myth."

"provoke the idiotic masses"

Doomed strategy. I can't really say that building a mass movement is reasonable or not, but provoking an abstraction? Not to mention the clear elitist condescension...

They're speaking of last december when they (among with rioters) attacked the national palace in Mexico city at the peak of the Ayotzinapa riots. Some groupuscules of RS stated that they were aiming at helping tension and violence escalate thru this attack and maybe an attempt of entering the national palace which would of brought a heavy response from the government forces and so on. The press said they among with other rioters were provocateurs, RS pretty much answered "well duh"

I'm guessing this is the first RS communique you've read, or else you wouldnt be surprised about them being condescending towards the masses, and honestly i have no problem with being condescending towards the masses, they're one of the main reasons why we're neck deep in plastic/concrete shit.
I dont see why one should respect the masses, unless you're a (radical) democrat.

Bitch please... The establishment (a thin minority of rats that aren't much bigger in numbers than anarchists and nihilists combined) has been doing it for thousands of years and this appears to be working quite well.

Come to your senses, gtfo of academic theoretical abstraction and take the time to look around you, for fuck's sake... Idiocy is all over the place. The masses are indeed idiotic, because they've been grown, fed, and enslaved to a mass culture of dumb meaninglessness. Or go see why the masses bought so easily into Fedbook instead of being masses of hackers and coders and researchers...

It's that intelligence can be attracted to different things besides political economy. We are a tool making story telling species that expresses a variety of intelligence. The ideas related to anarchy/anarchism are essentially people who interrupt the story(ies) to talk of the elephant in the room. Not everyone is interested in that kind of life and the themes of identity that make it up. Sports surrogate activities can attract fairly sharp forms of intelligence, they just happen to not be related to the things anarchists/anarchs are interested in.

The establishment is essentially a language and a belief manifestation. They aren't all that smart either. Neither are anarchists. It all comes down to life themes.

Tell me, with or without all your hermetic 20th century philosophy and po-mo jargon, how can you interrupt the storytelling vomited to the masses through Facebook (or iPhones).

I find it odd that an anarchist group chooses to use the word reaction in it's name. That word is usually used to describe conservatives. Although based on their writings this group does seem to be a bit reactionary with all their re-wilding rhetoric.

This critique has been leveled at them quite a bit. I'm sure they are using certain language on purpose. If I'm not mistaken, they are also the same group that wanted to "wage war on the left." I haven't developed a complete opinion yet, but when I see the word "ancestors" written in communiques, I usually shudder.

Then I guess you'd shudder when listening to any indigenous traditionalist also

Depends on which indigenous community you are referring to. As far I can tell, RS have never stated that members are from indigenous communities, except for vague notions of "warrior ancestors." The creation of Mexican national identity was also based on similar ideas, so yes, I might shudder.

listening anarchists complain about political correctness and correct "wording" makes me shudder

They're not an anarchist group, although anarchists might be participating here and there.

I should have used my words more wisely. I still am confused as to why this loose association of indivduals would call themselves reactionaries? You can't be radical and reactionary simultaneously. And I don't see how being a fanatic extremist is radical in anyway or what it has to do with an anarchist practice and why it is this faction of folks gets so much attention on this site?

I'm with you on your last point. Is RS the "forbidden fruit" of extremism for anarchists? Do they put us off so much, that we secretly love them?

Isn't the term reactionary difficult to pin precisely because it all depends on how one views Progress? I mean, let's suppose that we actually want the crap that the world has to offer, from mono-cultured meals, to the consumption of oil. Here, linear, future oriented progress is determined for us. If I'm opposed to the trends given to me by the state, normalcy, consumption, and productivity, am I reactionary? Better question: suppose we consider the blockade at Unist'ot'en, and the supporters defending traditional ways of life.--Reactionary because not willing to fall in line with economic purpose as laid out by the state? How useless is that term? Or consider any effort to curtail "scientific radicalism" say, rejecting the production of degraded plutonium, or even worse, fucking anti-matter. reactionary? How about we use another word: 'wise', or 'prudent' in its original medieval meaning?

Reactionary really means a posture against social change, or progress, and leaning in support of the status quo and its dominant power structure. But a group or clan maybe reactionary if these politics are found within their internal dynamics (to that regard,I heard that Unistoten aren't really anarchism-friendly).

So if we take de-industrialization as progress, socialists and pro-civ anarchists are reactionary?

I find it amusing to read posts from people who argue about words when they don't understand how language works...

Language usually DOESN'T work, that is, work to convey ideas intended by the "author". The usual reason cited is that the interpreter is authorizing other meanings without asking what is intended. So I ask: what do you mean by the ambiguous term work?


(of a person or a set of views) opposing political or social liberalization or reform.
According to this definition i think RS could be seen as a reactionary network of individuals. They do oppose the current liberal paradigm, and they appear to be against leftists in general. I do actually respect the boldness and tanacity of some of the actions done in thier name, And am also fully sympathetic to the anti- leftism stance they articulate, however, I don't see how using violence and murder will ever destroy the current culture of domination? Maybe RS, ISIS, and the supportes of nation states all just need to duke it out one more time until they all kill each other off, then the rest of us who seek to live in a world free of dogmatic extremism can get on with living in a world that functions without ideological motivated individuals making life shitty forthe rest of us.

typical blatherings of a liberal: "extremism" this, "extremism" that...
from the left of the left -- or better yet, from having traveled through and ended up beyond/outside the left, they "oppose the current liberal paradigm, and they appear to be against leftists in general". guess what? that makes them anarchists or ultra-leftists, who are in no way comparable to the right-wing religious obscurantist reactionaries -- in the true sense of the word -- of ISIS. go back to your political science class

Everything you say is true, except that the points you mention does not make them "anarchists" and certainly not "ultra-leftists." For all we know they could be radical traditionalists who want to create a hierarchal clan based system.

"For all we know..."
you actually mean, for all *you* (your use of "we" here is particularly despicable) *don't* know. this cluster of folks has a history. just because you don't know it and don't care to look into it doesn't mean that some of the rest of us are as willfully ignorant as you clearly are.

"For all we know" most of them used to identify as anarchists/neo-luddites/liberationists. Many used to be ELF/ALF cells. Just read their communiques, they've been pretty straight up on their past.
At least read the first RS communique if you're too lazy:

transl from waronsociety

First communique.

Cuernavaca, Morelos
August 14, 2014

“The people who are pushing all this garbage of development and technological progress should be severely punished.”
– F. [a]

After a little more than three years of criminal-terrorist activity, the group “Individualists Tending toward the Wild” (ITS), begins a new phase in this open war against the Technoindustrial System, which we explain below:


First of all, we want to explain that during all of 2012 and 2013, various groups of a terrorist and sabotage stripe were uniting themselves with the group ITS, so that now, after a long silence and for purely strategic reasons, we publicly claim:

1) The “Informal Anti-civilization Group,” which on June 29, 2011, took responsibility for the explosion that severely damaged a Santander bank in the city of Tultitlan, Mexico.

2) “Uncivilized Autonomous,” who on October 16, 2011 set off a bomb inside the ATMs of a Banamex, located between the cities of Tultitlan and Coacalco in Mexico State.

3) “Informal Circle of Antagonistic Individualists,” who in September 2009 set several wild horses free from a farm in Aguascalientes.

4) “Wild Indomitables,” who on October 16, 2011 left a butane gas bomb that did not detonate in a Santander bank in the Álvaro Obregón district of Mexico City. The act was never claimed until now.

5) “Terrorist Cells for the Direct Attack – Anti-civilization Fraction,” which in 2010 and 2011 left a fake bomb in front of the IFaB (Pharmacological and Biopharmeceutical Research), and detonated an explosive outside the building of the National Ecology Institute (INE), both in the Tlalpan district of Mexico City.

6) “Luddites against the Domestication of Wild Nature,” who during 2009 to 2011 had taken part in various incendiary attacks in some cities in Mexico State and various districts of Mexico City, claimed or unclaimed.

7) “NS – Fera – Kamala y Amala” which on December 9, 2011, left an explosive package addressed to the director of the National Institute of Psychiatry “Ramón de la Fuente” in the Tlalpan district, Mexico City. It was deactivated by the police bomb squad. On the 15th of this month, the same group warned through email of the presence of a car bomb in the institution’s parking lot, which, although it was a false warning, created terror among the officials of that center of mental alienation.

8) “Earth Liberation Front – Bajío”, which on November 16, 2011 set off an explosive charge creating damages within the ATM area of a branch of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the city of Irapuato in Guanajuato.

Likewise, during this year, 2014, two more terroristic groups have united with us who have put the development of the Technoindustrial System in their sights, we refer to:

9) The “Obsidian Point Circle of Attack,” which at the end of March of this year sent a letter-bomb via express mail to the Rector of UNAM in Mexico City.

10) The “Atlatl Group,” which in April of this year claimed responsibility for bomb threats and intimidating messages to academic institutions in Michoacán, Mexico State, Mexico City, Puebla and Zacatecas.

All of these have now fused with the ITS groups in Morelos, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Coahuila and Veracruz.

Due to this union, the extravagant and little-practical pseudonym of “Individualists Tending toward the Wild” (ITS) ceases to exist, and from now on the attacks against technology and civilization will be signed with the new name of “Wild Reaction” (RS).


RS will take the initiative of attacking human targets as it was with ITS, but we will also charge against public and private property. The research centers will be burned along with their scientists, the businesses that promote artificiality along with their employees and executives will suffer attacks; in sum, everything that involves civilization, technology and progress will be fiercely attacked.

And if for that reason, during an attack, some citizen is wounded or killed, we won’t care, we will be indifferent and indiscriminating. The population, the mass, the people, the community, the sheep, the society does not merit our consideration, neither warnings, nor calls to attention, nor anything at all, because they are all part of the system; let it be clear, if they cross our path they are going to regret it… and we already showed this in the past with ITS [b].

“Anything based on the masses, the herd, carries in itself the seeds of slavery. This crowd, which does not self-determine its values, is incapable of defining its own life.”


The groups that form RS will have their own names, this is just for inter-group decision.

These groups will enjoy autonomy, will be able to carry out acts of sabotage as well as terrorist ones, (if they want to), when they want, breaking with the “formalities of attack” and predestined group dates. That is, in any moment and any place, the latent threat of aggression will be present.


We deny being followers of Ted Kaczynski [c]; we have indeed learned many things from reading Industrial Society and Its Future, the texts after this and the letters before this text signed by “Freedom Club” (FC), but that does not mean that we are his followers. In fact our position clashes with Kaczynski’s, FC’s, his disciple Último Reducto and others, since we do not consider ourselves revolutionaries, we do not want to form an “anti-technological movement” that encourages the “total overthrow of the system,” we do not see it as viable, we do no want victory, we do not pretend to win or lose, this is an individual fight against the mega-machine; we don’t care about getting something positive from this, since we are simply guided by our instincts of defense and survival.

We are for the rejection of artificiality and of modern reality. We deny the values of the system such as “equality,” “promiscuous solidarity,” “peace,” “progress,” “plurality,” “humanism,” etc.

We defend our identity as “modern” humans clinging to our primitive past.

We cast our labels like “anti-civilization,” “primitivist,” “anarchist,” “anti-technology,” “luddite,” because RS is a unique tendency that does not need these tired and twisted labels for defining ourselves.

Thus neither Kaczynski, Último Reducto, Zerzan, Derrick Jensen, or any other with the (supposed) “primitivist” stamp represents RS.

Nor do the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF), Feral Faun, or any other with the “eco-anarchist” or “anti-civilization cell of…” stamp.

RS and its groups only represent themselves.

“[This] is a way of expressing our ‘ego.’ An ‘ego’ that wants to differentiate itself from the herd of slaves, an ‘ego’ that does not bow its head, an ‘ego’ that does not wait for the masses to rebel, an ‘ego’ that vindicates its own name, its own ‘acronym’ and does not hide behind anonymity.”


Previously some (but not all) of the groups that have united as RS were exclusively formed by “eco-anarchists” and “radical ecologists,” now RS is formed by nihilist saboteurs, incendiary nomads, individualist delinquents, terrorist anarchists, politically and morally incorrect critics, that is, RS is a group of affinities who are ready for everything that is necessary, for achieving what we want… and what we want is the destabilization of the system, the direct punishment of those immediately responsible for the subjugation of wild nature (including human nature).

We are a considerable group of wild ones who are conscious that our ancestors were warriors and we vindicate ourselves in the same way. We are the minority of the minority, we have decided to undertake a war against everything that is taking away our essence as natural humans, and is fixing us to turn us into humiliated humanoids.

This essence that we cling to has been transmitted to us by our wild ancestors, it pushes us to follow the path of confrontation and resistance, against alienation, against what wants to domesticate us and keep us alienated from our true home: the forests, the deserts, the hills, the mountains, the jungles, the coasts.

The Technoindustrial System and its unimpeded advance snatched from us the way of living free that our great-great-grandfathers enjoyed; civilization with its agriculture and its sedentarism covered the environment in gray and deprived us of memory; modernity stunned our primitive instincts and senses; the animals we hunted died from the plague of technology; the places where wandered and rested were devastated by infrastructure and overpopulation; progress sunk us in ignorance; natural wisdom was lost in the passing of generations.

Day by day we drive ourselves to extinction, we are at the edge of the abyss, since we do not intend to adapt ourselves to the system nor to its submissive society, nor to its moral values.

But we have awoken! That primitive essence continues with us, it is not domesticated, it feels uncomfortable in the cities and it whispers constantly to us: “You do not belong here, destroy your cage.”

This is why during these years we have intensified the conflict against artificiality, this is why we have burned machines, set off explosives, created terror, torn living flesh, punctured heads, just as the ancients did in the wars against civilization, in defense of their way of life; that way of life still exists though it may be very minimal, and we will defend it to the end.

For those who think that the war against civilized ended with the extermination of the ethnic groups, hunter-gatherer nomads, original people of these lands in the war of the wild ones (chichimeca), after more than 400 years, allow us to tell you that you thought wrong.

We are the warrior legacy!

Those who sustain this dirty system will not live peacefully…

Wild Reaction / Reacción Salvaje (RS)
“Kill or Die” Group / Grupúsculo “Matar o Morir”


[a] To avoid our tendency falling into confusion or mutation, falsification or alteration, for the phrases published in our communiques we have decided to put at the end of each one only the first letter of the author’s name. With these, if you recognize their works, know that we include them because we agree only with this phrase, but not with all of their thought or opinion.

[b] On April 19, 2011, the maintenance worker of the Polytechnic University of Mexico Valley (UPVM), Alberto Álvarez, opened a package-bomb that was addressed to the head of the Nanotechnology degree, Camacho Olguín; for his carelessness he ended up with hearing trauma, burns on his hands, and an amputated eye.

Later, in February 21, 2013, the employee in charge of maintaining the mailboxes of the Mexican Postal Service, José Luis García, decided to steal a package that caught his attention, which he did not know was a package containing an explosive with a concrete addressee (who we will not speak of), again, on opening the package, for his carelessness and deliberate behavior, the employee ended up with hearing trauma, first- and second-degree burns on his legs, arms, face and the fracture of one of his hands.

[c] Even though as ITS we have been denying it for more than three years, only recently we continue to be categorized as his “followers,” one can read evidence of this in the articles “NanoBombers: A Look at the Terrorist Group that’s trying to kill scientists”, from April 9, 2014, published on the New York web site “Vocativ”, and “As technology swamps our lives, the next Unabombers are waiting for their moment”, from May 13, 2014, published in the English periodical “The Telegraph”.

* For those who may think that the individuals from the photograph are “our leaders,” let us say this is a lie. RS does NOT have leaders or a fixed and absolute leader, we are NOT an army or Marxist guerrilla group, RS is composed of groups of individuals responsible for our own actions, who act according to their possibilities.

The photograph was a proposal from one of the groups, to show its individual capacity to inflict damage by means of firearms, and to visually express the extreme defense of wild nature. While the image is full of symbolism and meanings, we only explain one: The feather in the hat of one of them represents that they have taken a life, this subject is sitting under the letter “s,” the first letter of the name Salinas, of Ernesto Méndez Salinas, the biotechnologist assassinated in Cuernavaca in 2011, the first mortal victim of ITS.

Enemies, observe well! This is not a game, it is not a joke, it is real!

We have the weapons, the explosives and the warrior legacy in our blood, we are coming for you!

Hierarchal social relations

and I hope those who wish the destruction of the "current culture of domination" so they can live their sanitized "non-extremist" "non-ideological" life as drifting empty vessels, or hippies as some might call em, get caught in the crossfire.

Anarchists who want to murder hippies. Awesome.
It is hilarious to me that this groups answer to capitalism and civilization, the system based on violence, domination, and hyper individualism is to combat it with even more violence and faith in the necessity of extreme individualism. It's pathetic.

RS seem like A bunch of Egocrats. I love the part in their communique when they talk about not caring who gets hurt in the path of their violence, because those people are obviously part of the system, i would love to know how these loosely organized individuals live their daily lives without contributing to the megamachine?

Violence in defense of the earth seems way more like something a hippy would believe in. If's funny that on this site if a person argues against extremism they are called a hippie liberal.

What I learned in political science is that if you follow the political spectrum to the far left you end up full circle back on the right. RS and other primitivists seek to get back to some pre-civ wild state of nature right? They have an idealized vision of the past that really never existed, sounds like conservatism to me. And I wonder how is killing people in defense of wild nature Any different than killing in the name of God? Both RS and ISIS have faith in an abstraction, one so strong it makes them believe their vision of the world is the absolute truth. Both groups seem like a bunch of assholes. The reason I am attracted to anarchism is because it tends to shy away from a belief in absolutes.

yeah, i thought so. your political science profs were not anarchists, so this "if you follow the political spectrum to the far left you end up full circle back on the right" line is straight out of liberal anti-communist anti-fascism (the "far left" of this bullshit reasoning is stalinism, not anarchism. sheesh). the idea that hitlerism is qualitatively and substantially equal to stalinism is the stuff of u.s. cold war foreign policy (except for the massive hypocrisy of ignoring the fascist leanings of their clients...). it is the line of u.s. liberalism to a 't'. know-nothing u.s. self-described anarchists (like you, nothing more than frustrated liberals who crave an easy life of non-conflict), who prize their ignorance of history and philosophy, can't help being influenced by this common-sense "anti-extremist, anti-dogmatic" liberalism, and so end up repeating it ad nauseum. anarchism doesn't shy away from absolutes -- unless you somehow think that a principled rejection of government isn't an absolute; how do you plan on destroying a society based on hierarchical institutions without somewhere, at some time, attacking its defenders (cops, soldiers, technocrats, bureaucrats, priests)? your liberal pacifism is showing brah.

Fredy Perlman
Ten Theses on the Proliferation of Egocrats

Written: 1977
First Published: 1977
Source: Red & Black Detroit
Transcription/Markup: Ivo Pittano
Public Domain: Perlman Internet Archive 2006. This work has always been completely free.

The Egocrat - Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Kim Ii Sung - is not an accident or an aberration or an irruption of irrationality; he is a personification of the relations of the existing social order.

The Egocrat is initially an individual, like everyone else: mute and powerless in this society without community or communication, victim­ized by the spectacle, "the existing order's uninterrupted discourse about itself, its laudatory monologue, the self-portrait of power in the epoch of its totalitarian management of the conditions of existence." (Debord) Repelled by the spectacle, he longs for "the liberated human being, a being who is at once a social being and a Gemeinwesen." (Camatte) If his longing were expressed in practice: at his workplace, in the street, wherever the spectacle robs him of his humanity, he would become a rebel.

The Egocrat does not express his longing for community and communication in practice; he transforms it into a Thought. Armed with this Thought, he is still mute and powerless, but is no longer like everyone else: he is Conscious, he possesses the Idea. To confirm his difference, to make sure he's not deluding himself, he needs to be seen as different by others - those others who confirm that he is truly a possessor of the Thought .

The Egocrat finds "community" and "communication," not by smashing the elements of the spectacle in his reach, but by surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, other Egos, who reflect the Golden Thought to each other and confirm each other's validity as possessors of it. Chosen People. At this point the Thought, if it is to remain golden, must evermore remain the same: unsullied and uncompromised; criticism and revision are synonyms of betrayal, "Thus it can only exist as a polemic with reality. It refutes everything. It can survive only by freezing, by becoming increasingly totalitarian." (Camatte) Therefore, in order to continue to reflect and confirm the Thought, the individual must stop thinking.

The initial goal, the "liberated human being," is lost to practice when it is relegated to the Egocrat's consciousness, because "consciousness makes itself the goal and reifies itself in an organization which comes to incarnate the goal." (Camatte) The group of mutual admirers acquires a schedule and a meeting place; it becomes an institution. The organization, which takes the form of a Bolshevik or Nazi cell, a Socialist reading club, or an Anarchist affinity group, depending on local circumstances and individual preferences, "provides a terrain favorable to informal domina­tion by propagandists and defenders of their ideology, specialists who are in general more mediocre the more their intellectual activity consists of the repetition of certain definitive truths. Ideological respect for unanim­ity of decision has on the whole been favorable to the uncontrolled authority, within the organization itself, of specialists in freedom" (wrote Debord, describing anarchist organizations). Rejecting the ruling spectacle ideologically, the organization of specialists in freedom reproduces the relation of the spectacle in its internal practice.

The organization incarnating the Thought turns on the world, because "the project of this consciousness is to frame reality with its concept." (Camatte) The group becomes militant. It sets out to extend to society at large the organization's internal relations, one variant of which can be summarized as follows: "Within the party, there must be no one lagging behind when an order is given by the leadership to 'march forward,' no one turning right when the order is 'left.' "(- a revolutionary leader, quoted by M. Velli.) At this point the specific content of the Thought is as irrelevant to practice as the geography of the Christian paradise, because the goal is reduced to a cudgel: it serves as the justification for the group's repressive practices, and as an instrument of blackmail. (Examples: "To deviate from socialist ideology in the slight­est degree means strengthening bourgeois ideology." Lenin, quoted by M. Velli; "When 'libertarians' slanderously trash others, I question their maturity and commitment to revolutionary social change" an 'anarchist' in a letter to The Fifth Estate.)

The militant organization extends itself by means of conversion and manipulation. Conversion is the favored technique of early Bolshevism and missionary anarchism: the militant's explicit task is to introduce consciousness into the working class (Lenin), to "reach working people with our ideas" (an "anarchist" in "The Red Menace," Toronto). But the militant's implicit task, and the practical outcome of his activity, is to affect the practice of the workers, not their thought. The conversion is successful if workers, whatever their ideas, pay dues to the organization and obey the organization's calls to action (strikes, demonstrations, etc.). The Egocrat's implicit aim is to establish his (and his organization's) hegemony over a large number of individuals, to become the leader of a mass of followers. This implicit aim becomes cynically explicit when the militants are Nazis or Stalinists (or an amalgam of the two, such as the US Labor Party). Conversion gives way to manipulation, outright lying. In this model, the recruitment of followers is the explicit aim, and the Idea ceases to be a fixed star, perfect and immutable; the Idea becomes a mere means toward the explicit aim; whatever recruits most followers is a good Idea; the Idea becomes a cynically constructed collage based on the fears and hatreds of potential followers; its main promise is the annihilation of scapegoats: "counter-revolutionaries," "anarchists," "CIA agents," "Jews," etc. The difference between manipulators and missionaries is theoretical; in practice, they are contemporaries competing in the same social field, and they borrow each other's techniques.

In order to broadcast the Idea, so as to convert or manipulate, the Egocrat needs instruments, media, and it is precisely such media that the society of the spectacle provides in profusion. One justification for turning to these media runs as follows: "The media are currently a monopoly of the ruling classes who divert them for their own benefit. But their structure remains 'fundamentally egalitarian,' and it is up to revolutionary practice to bring out this potentiality contained by them but perverted by the capitalist order. In a word, to liberate them..." (a position paraphrased by Baudrillard.) The initial rejection of the spectacle, the longing for community and communication, has been replaced by the longing to exert power over the very instruments that annihilate commu­nity and communication. Hesitation, or a sudden outburst of critique, are ruled out by organizational blackmail: "The Leninists will win unless we ourselves accept the responsibility of fighting to win...," ("The Red Menace." A Stalinist would say, "The Trotskyists will win...," etc.) From this point on, anything goes; all means are good if they lead to the goal; and at the absurd outer limit, even sales promotion and advertising, the activity and language of Capital itself, become justified revolutionary means: "We concentrate heavily on distribution and promotion...Our promotional work is wide-ranging and expensive. It includes advertising widely, promotional mailings, catalogues, display tables across the country, etc. All of this costs a tremendous amount of money and energy, which is covered by the money generated from the sale of books." (- An "anarchist businessman" in a letter to The Fifth Estate.) Is this anarchist businessman a ludicrous example, because so ridiculously exaggerated, or is he solidly within the orthodox tradition of organized militancy? "The big banks are the 'state apparatus' which we need to bring about socialism, and which we take ready made from capitalism; our task here is merely to lop off what capitalistically mutilates this excellent apparatus, to make it EVEN BIGGER, even more democratic, even more compre­hensive..." (Lenin, quoted by M. Velli.)

For the Egocrat, the media are mere means; the goal is hegemony, power, and the power of the secret police. "Invisible pilots in the center of the popular storm, we must direct it, not with a visible power, but with the collective dictatorship of all the allies. A dictatorship without a badge, without title, without official right, yet all the more powerful because it will have none of the appearances of power." (Bakunin, quoted by Debord) The collective dictatorship of all quickly becomes the rule of the single Egocrat because, "if all the bureaucrats taken together decide everything, the cohesion of their own class can be assured only by the concentration of their terrorist power in a single person." (Debord) With the success of the Egocrat's enterprise, the establishment of the "dictator­ship without official right," communication is not only absent on a social scale; every local attempt is deliberately liquidated by the police. This situation is not a "deformation" of the organization's initially "pure goals"; it is already prefigured in the means, the "fundamentally egalitar­ian" instruments used for the victory. "What characterizes the mass media is the fact that they are anti-mediators, intransitives, the fact that they produce non-communication... Television, by its presence alone, is social control in the home. It is not necessary to imagine this control as the regime's periscope spying on the private life of everyone, because television is already better than that: it assures that people no longer talk to each other, that they are definitively isolated in the face of statements without response." (Baudiillard)

The Egocrat's project is superfluous. The capitalist media of production and communication already reduce human beings to mute and powerless spectators, passive victims continually subjected to the existing order's "laudatory monologue." The anti-totalitarian revolution requires, not another medium, but the liquidation of all media, "the liquidation of their entire present structure, functional as well as technical, of their operational form so to speak, which everywhere reflects their social form. At the limit, obviously, it is the very concept of medium which disappears and must disappear: the exchanged word, reciprocal and symbolic exchange, negates the notion and function of medium, of intermediary... Reciprocity comes about by way of the destruction of the medium." (Baudrillard)
Fredy Perlman 1977

References: Jean Baudrillard, Pour une critique de l'economie politique du signe (Paris, Gallimard, 1972), Jacques Camatte, The Wan­dering of Humanity (Detroit, Black & Red, 1975),Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle (Detroit, Black

I wish someone would explain to me why nihilists are trying to defend the earth from the destruction created by civilzation? Shouldn't they not give a heck about what happens? To me it mostly seems like posturing. It is laughable that so many supposed anarchists consider themselves nihilists, talk about not understanding history or philosohy (yikes).

It is a bit strange, but the Russian Nihilists, in attacking representatives of the state and capital, had some vision of a future. Today it seems that anarchists are trying to bring together the latest hip theories, such as anti-civ, egoism, and nihilism even if they might seem contradictory. The dissolution with class struggle anarchism is understandable, but there has to be a replacement that is coherent.

"there has to be a replacement that is coherent."
Says who? Is anarchism a theory based on economics or political science, thoroughly bourgeois, abstract, zero-sum games? The best anarchists refuse to offer any sort of "replacement" (aka blueprint), whether coherent or not. Get over it.

I understand where you are coming from and I actually agree with you. Upon reading what I wrote above, I see how ridiculous it sounds. My point is that some anarchists today try very hard not be dogged down in ideology that they just pick and choose certain elements from different anarchist schools of thought. In my opinion this can be a bit ridiculous (anti-civ egoist nihilist). Really, you just call yourself a Nihilist, because it pretty much encompasses all of that anyway. You are right, nothing needs to be "coherent" if you don't care for others to join you, which is one of the unlimited representations of anarchy.

"The best anarchists refuse to offer any sort of "replacement" (aka blueprint), whether coherent or not." And this is why "the best anarchists" are not taken seriously by anyone outside of the intellectual ghetto in which anarchism is so happily installed. It would seem that your belief that everything will work out on its own and therefore no "replacements" or "blueprints" are necessary is mystical crap: the atheist's version of God will provide. Meanwhile, outside of the anarchist ghetto, others are creating "replacements" in the here and now. And no, not humanized versions of capitalism, but alternatives that have nothing to do with capitalism. Or are you prepared to dismiss the ZADs and No-TAV occupations (and other similar manifestations) simply because they don't meet your definition of what "anarchism" is? Sorry, shouldn't have bothered to ask: of course you are.

"It would seem that your belief that everything will work out on its own..."
I have no idea where this bizarre caricature of my perspective comes from. I am not dismissive of "alternatives that have nothing to do with capitalism." In fact I am rather heartened that people can devise all sorts of ways for satisfying their desires outside of capitalism -- and if they don't call it "anarchism" it makes me even more happy. You should have seen how giddy I was at Occupy Oakland...

Yes, it is true. My son was positively GIDDY at Occupy Oakland. Which came as a great relief to me because of, well, you know, his consistent grumpiness. He even corrects my grammar! Next he does it, though, I'm going to smack him right in the mouth. Even though it might be years too late. Now where was I? Oh, yes: I saw my boy at Occupy Oakland and it made me positively GIDDY. No wait, I think I'm confused. But I know one thing: his giddiness got seen and that's all that matters. Thank you, and God bless.

Mister Grumpy's mom

It's not that nihilists don't care about "what happens" -- it's that nihilists don't care about humans in general, and human progress in particular. The easy logical step is to be in favor of anything that helps to rid the earth of the human menace... It's you who doesn't understand; plenty of anarchists (nihilist or not) are contemptuous of other humans.

that's what nietzsche said, at least, in rhetorical answer to a question he put to himself; 'what is nihilism?'.

not to say that what we are currently calling 'nihilists' has to agree with the definition of the man who put in on the books, so to speak.

nevertheless, it is clearly an informative way to look at what is going on. the people that no longer value 'the authoritarian leader' and the institutions of the authoritarian state, fall into the category of those who are 'devaluating the highest values'.

the core values that were to be devaluated, for nietzsche, were the values of 'good' and 'evil' that sprang from Christian, Judaism and Islam [and Platonism] worldviews, all of which assumed a transcendent reality which gives us 'absolute values' (the values of 'good' and 'evil').

so, what God says is 'good', speaking to us from this other transcendent world which is where the ultimate judging and reckoning reference resides, is to take precedence in directing our behaviour on earth. thus, if God says it is 'good' and courageous and righteous etc. to kill a whole load of people who, for example, 'blaspheme God', then we should kill a whole load of people on the basis of putting top value on absolute judgements such as 'good' and 'evil' coming from the transcendent realm which will be our new and permanent home, shortly.

these highest values; i.e. 'moral values' are used to justify a lot of crazy stuff like authoritarian states (God Bless America) and the need to exterminate those that go against it from within (treason) and without (invaders). That assumes, of course, that the real-estate grab called the 'sovereign state' and the self-appointed 'owners' have been approved by God; i.e. are the very definition of 'good'.

so, it is possible, in 'the devaluating of the highest values', to do so in the case of 'things' or the method of valuing things aka 'morality'. while nietzsche is devaluating the high value we put on morality, ... many nihilists are using morality (she good, he bad, ... this good, that bad) to devaluate 'things' and 'practices'. nietzsche's nihilism is 'strong nihilism' since it rejects morality and restores high value to intuition and instincts which Western society put into exile by giving the highest value to 'reason' and 'morality', which is still holding up the modern institutions that are under attack (aka 'being devaluated').

Nietzsche, meanwhile, spoke of three mutually interleaving 'strengths' of nihilism;
1. weak nihilism which comes when one is fearful and tired and sees no hope of escape from the shitty mess, nor of something better coming, so that continuing to live is without meaning.

2. incomplete nihilism is where the individual has managed to deepen his understanding of the problem and to 'negate' in a more meaningful ways and thus energy his attack on institutions, practices etc. whose valued status in society needs to be negated. meanwhile, he does not yet have a set of new values that he can affirm; i.e. he has not yet found his way to 'complete/strong nihilism'.

3. strong/complete nihilism of the 'uebermensch'. in the void left by the death of God (the fall of Platonic-Christian values) man now has to rise up and create his own new values. the uebermensch no longer reveres a transcendent God and lets thing drift because God will straighten them out in 'the other world' but worships life-in-nature itself despite its suffering and contradiction (as in Amor fati and as in greek tragedy). the spirit in man and in nature, which was formerly bled off into reverence and obedience to God is available in man himself (in nature itself).

so, the destruction of the highest values means the destruction of the transcendent world of Western religions and Platonic beliefs which leaves man to stand on his own feet and overcome that which had been valuing the most.

one way to interpret this nihilist contemptuousness of other men is to consider the devaluation of values; i.e. if the other man was highly valued, he is liable to be held in contempt, however, if we has been lowly valued, he may be valued more in the 'transvaluation of all values'. the 'good man' will be held in contempt if he keeps up the pretense and the 'bad man' will lose his stigma.

this is playing out now in france with the charlie hebdo affair; i.e. what 'the french' stood for is being devaluated and the great rallying in the streets (je suis charlie) is an attempt to prop up what is being devaluated (what it means to be french). of course, since 'what it means to be french' is having a lot of muslim stirred into it like cream into coffee, .. this amounts to a statement like; 'we don't have to change the way we do things, we are good guys and we are proud of the way we act' [an absolute values based point of view]. so what is 'we'? is it established by situation or by intention? as nietzsche remarked, 'subject-verb-predicate' constructs [being based intention], taken literally, are 'a great stupidity'.

You, for example: you are openly contemptuous of anarchists who use the English language poorly. In my opinion, it is precisely this quality that makes you and other contemptuous people so . . . contemptible. You all-too-often lack sympathy for others. No doubt you will attempt to turn the word "contemptible" against me (for no contemptuous person wants to believe that he or she is contemptible), but, alas, that will only prove my point about you yet again. But don't let that stop you from trying! You are a tiger.

You are quite incorrect. I am not contemptuous (openly or secretly) of "anarchists who use the English language poorly"; mostly I am contemptuous of anarchists, period. Joking aside, I'm not even contemptuous of anarchists who can't use English (or any other language) well. Mostly I'm amused (and sometimes bemused). Those for whom I do have contempt are those with whom I refuse to communicate; it would be a waste of time and energy to try to explain to thoroughly contemptible people why I find them contemptible. Mostly I try to provoke with my particular style of irony mixed with ridicule. And while I fully admit that it's easy to interpret my tone as perhaps a bit more aggressive than many might prefer, I insist that this is not a sign of contempt but rather of hope. You believe it to be from a lack of sympathy, when it's actually (given the alienation inherent in this medium) a sign of me mustering as much patience as I'm able.

cool story, Bro. you must tell yourself a lot of them.

Bro is not my name, so it should be lower case: "bro."

cool story, bro. you must tell yourself a lot of them.

Lol, yes, 'bro' or 'jackass' should be lower case, except at the start of a sentence as so. "Bro, you are a jackass!" or "Jackass, you are not my bro!" But you know, the modern texting culture and syntax and punctuation have all gone down the gurgler, we are dealing with illiterate Cro-Magnons mostly in our daily intercourse, no?

Thanks for the clarification. I learned something today. Looking at this aite might be useful after all.

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