The winners of "anarchism"

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anon (not verified)
The winners of "anarchism"

...are forever doomed to be collectively generating the pathological negatives of the "losers", when they carelessly are reproducing the same competitive herding dynamics as found in the wider society. This production process of "social wastes" isn't going to cause the defeat of anarchism as paradigm or philosophy, but a long and creeping sclerosis. It'd be hard to imagine that this would be within a planned program of counterinsurgency, so no conspiracy theory here... only some of the very typical failings of humans as formatted by the North American neoliberal-capitalist society; a world where group dynamics have become assimilated with capital accumulation at every level (the mass-buying in of the proles that Camatte accurately asserted), that also has the eradication of the individual, the Other,

It is myopic to be going jingoistic against the abhorrent trolls like Zhachev and even LeWay, without understanding at least some of them aren't "Our Enemy", but a sad consequence of capitalistic-collectivist social dynamics, present in about every thinkable milieu including this new tiny, re-developing niche that is Anarchyplanet. People with Asperger's syndrome or dyslexia are having a hard time overcoming these competitive dynamics.

This ain't calling for their unbanning or non-removal of their problematic content, but rather to bring to your attention the fact that games with winners create losers, in-crowds create their misfits and sickos. Create even more social capital within this niche, and you'll soon be having the same insanity of mass-shooters and meth-addicts seen in larger contexts in the West.

Exclusion is a sanity-killing machine.

(not verified)
Its called satirical parody

Its called satirical parody you chump, I'll be the mirror projecting back social values laid bare and stripped of their cultural placebo, raw and quivering social sclerosis under the spotlight.
Pass me the scalpel, let's remove the disease Max!

anon (not verified)
What a man!

He pretends to be "the mirror projecting back social values laid bare and stripped of their cultural placebo". Cool story bro.

So the guy went through the entire corpus of 20th century sociology to come and tell us about his intellectual powers. Do I have the right to question or criticize that sudden fit of authoritarianism of his, perhaps, or I should read a few dozen po-mo books before being entitled for it? Lemme know!

Le Way (not verified)
No, not so much po-mo, though

No, not so much po-mo, though Foucault, Baudrillard, and Agambon would add some spice to just basically reading some classic Stirner, Nietzsche and throw in some Reich, Schopenhauer, Thales and Epicurus, but hey, be your own thinker, use your imagination, become one of the future 8 billion philosophers on the Earth now, who don't realize it, how unique they are!
C'mon, take a deep long bong-fart champ, you can do it!

anon (not verified)
HOLY SHIT they DO ban! They

HOLY SHIT they DO ban! They deleted my comment!

anon (not verified)
It must have been fairly

It must have been fairly gross or peurile to be deleted dood?

anon (not verified)
The moderation on this site

The moderation on this site is quite okay imo, and perhaps even too permissive for the continuous shitmill of trolling by LeWank and the Sir NEINzige, beyond whom there aren't too many problematic comments.

Other than that, I'm the OP and haven't got much issue with online hate directed towards me. It's rather... ordinary behavior, coming from people who are convinced in being special, rebellious, sophisticated and yady-yada. Being dishonest, smug and hateful on the internet is like oil with heat.

Le Way (not verified)
Self-righteousness is your

Self-righteousness is your personal placebo! Hatred is a natural libidinal energy you obviously have no understanding of, so you deny it from your psychology, where it still lurks, only allowed out when authority molds it into other expressions of censure, warfare, psychological abuse, and other things deemed in-acceptable.
"I'm the OP and haven't got much issue with online hate directed towards me"
Its safe and smug hiding behind the screen in your dirty little basement isn't it? ;)

anon (not verified)
omg sirNEINzige! Why didn't I

omg sirNEINzige! Why didn't I think of that?!

anon (not verified)
too permissive? really? so

too permissive? really? so you must totally support the shutting down of opposing perspectives (ie, berkeley and other academic institutions), and think words are oppressive. cool.

anon (not verified)
This best represents,

This best represents, metaphorically, the whole story of my encounter with the Anarchyplanet IRC clique:

anon (not verified)
Sorting yourself out

Sorting yourself out experiences potential bliss, I just can't understand. The key to anarchists compliments immortal facts.

Just weaponize your autism. It works for me when i pop in anarchyplanet irc.

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