For the World to Live, 'Europe' must Die

  • Posted on: 14 November 2015
  • By: emile
russell means mother jones 1980

To understand those words, spoken by Russell Means, one would have to hear them rather than read them. That is, Means introduced them as follows;

“The only possible opening for a statement like this is that I detest writing. The process itself epitomizes the European concept of "legitimate thinking": what is written has an importance that is denied the spoken. My culture, the Lakota culture, has an oral tradition, so I ordinarily reject writing. It is one of the white world's ways of destroying the cultures of non-European peoples, the imposing of an abstraction over the spoken relationship of a people.” -- Russell Means (in a 1980 speech)

The problem with European language is that has a binary base, both in its discursive reasoning and in its moral judgement, which Western society plugs together in a manner that keeps European colonialism in a globally dominating lock-in.

It doesn’t matter how oppressive to minorities Western statist colonialism becomes, to defend against continuing injury to one’s family and one’s self, in such a manner that injury to the oppressive system results, will bring Western reason and morality into action to ascertain ‘causal responsibility’ and moral guilt.

Western science models dynamics in terms of ‘independent entities’ and ‘what these independent entities do’, as if the space they reside in is independent/uninvolved in the dynamics that go on inside it. Thus, science will assign full and sole causal responsible for injury arising from conflict between an oppressed individual and the state, in his defensive action against oppression [e.g. as in the case of blacks in slavery and indigenous peoples who 'push back'].

The binary logic of EITHER true OR false will be applied whether those defending against oppression ‘did’ or ‘did not’ cause injury to the state and its citizens. After science has decided that ‘it is true’, that the individual defending against injury from oppression by the state, the next step is to apply binary moral judgement to declare him ‘guilty’ of an ‘offence’ against ‘innocent victims’. This is the standard ‘binary double whammy’ administered by European reason and morality.

There are two major differences in the cultural tradition that Russell Means comes from; (a) the understanding is that relational conflict can build over time in a passive-aggressive manner; e.g. by selectively depriving people of access to natural resources essential to their well-being, thus violence that erupts in the present may have long and deep roots that can be traced back and around, connecting with the ‘innocent victims’ and their judges and juries, and (b) everyone is included in mutual dependency within a common web of relations so that while conflict may erupt through particular individuals who serve as lightning rods that release built-up tensions, such eruptions of violence in no way ‘jumpstart’ from the interior of those individuals.

People whose natural state is ‘in balance’ are pulled by the unfolding relational situation they find themselves included in, into a relationally tensioned condition where eruptions of violence may occur in the quest to 'reconfigure' into a less tensioned relational configuration. Given (a) and (b), justice is oriented to restoring balance and harmony; i.e. it is ‘restorative justice’.

The deaths of hundreds of people in a third world country evidently do not send the world’s press into high alert. In fact, while 500,000 Iraq children died [UNICEF figure] as a result of U.S. bombing of Iraq’s power generation, water purification and sewage processing infrastructure compounded by U.S.-led U.N. sanctions/embargoes of essential food and medical supplies to Iraq, it was given coverage but not the sort of frantic coverage given by ‘terrorist attacks’ in the U.S., Britain, Spain and most recently France. It is hard NOT to compare this lack of empathy to third world citizens to the cultural genocide inflicted on indigenous peoples of North America by European colonizers.

The attention given to terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States, that Means and Churchill refer to as; ... ‘some people pushing back’, and, ... ‘chickens coming home to roost’, .. are treated as one-offs, and are not viewed by the Western press or Western leaders as part of a ongoing conflict that began with 15th century European colonization. Instead, they are portrayed as coming out of nowhere for 'no reason' [why would anyone attack innocent others?] as if they are pre-shocks that warn of an imminent Armageddon.

In the wake of the attacks in France, yesterday, Barack Obama’s comment was;

Once again we’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. This is an attack, not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and universal values that we share.”

‘Once again’, ... we see Western world leaders pull out the binary ‘good versus evil’ framing, characterizing the colonizing powers and their supporters as ‘good’ and ‘innocent’ and as ‘victims’, ... while those people ‘pushing back’ are characterized in this binary framing, as ‘evil’ and ‘guilty’ and as ‘offenders’.

Few people can help but think about themselves and their own families undergoing such horror, whether watching helplessly as their children die in the terrible conditions in Iraq arising from infrastructure bombings and embargoes, or whether slaughtered quickly and suddenly in shootings and bombings in Paris restaurants and concert halls.

Strife is inevitable and war is hell, but pulling out this logical and moral reference framing, which Nietzsche euphemistically terms ‘a great stupidity’, amounts to such blatantly obvious denial that it can only amplify the radicalizing of some increasing fraction of the millions of those who ‘dream of pushing back’ but who, in the larger fraction, remain committed to less violent remedial paths.

Western leaders are ‘scientific thinkers’ and their discursive reasoning is based on logical assumptions adopted by science, such as;

“Instead of embracing in its entirety the progressive development of a phenomenon, we simply try to connect each moment with the one immediately preceding. We admit that the present state of the world only depends on the immediate past, without being directly influenced, so to speak, by the recollection of a more distant past.” — Poincare, ‘Origin of Mathematical Physics’

Such simplification, termed ‘economy of thought’ by philosophers of science, is very convenient when one has gained the position one now has through a program of global domination via colonization [military appropriation of the lands of indigenous peoples] and cultural genocide. It is a scientific concept reinforced by the Enlightenment European view of man as an ‘independent reason-driven being’, a ‘human being’ that is fully and solely responsible for his own behaviour.

So, look out, push back people, because the statute of limitations on prosecuting colonizer and sovereigntist atrocities expires before it starts, and where there is push-back, those who push back violently will be judged fully and solely responsible for ‘their evil and offensive behaviour’ against the ‘innocent colonizing powers and their innocent, victimized constituents’.

This essay is NOT aimed at justifying push-back retribution in Paris, New York, London, Madrid and elsewhere. There is no support in it for Western moral judgement based retributive justice. This essay is a commentary on the hypocrisy of Western leadership and the pathetic façade of holier-than-thou innocence coupled with sternly self-righteous commitments to ‘rid the world of evil’. The physical reality of our natural experience is NOT binary; i.e. if we are to be honest we must “embrace in its entirety the progressive development of a phenomenon” and thus connect the authorship of the push-back to colonizing powers who have been spring-loading the pushers-back for a long, long while.

How sick is this pretence of ‘we are the good’ and ‘they are the evil’ now looking. Oh yes, bombing infrastructure and embargoing essential food and medical supplies kills surely but slowly and is thus less shocking and so much more ‘civilized’ than the startling suddenness of the offing of heads.

And how many people, even of European descent, are coming around to seeing things more like Ward Churchill and Russell Means; “For the World to live, ‘Europe’ must die”.

Meanwhile, global media rushes to support the bald-faced political pitch of ‘good and evil’ on each eruption of push-back violence. Nevertheless, in the intervals, even mainstream media opinion-shapers such as BBC’s Adam Curtis are making documentaries such as ‘Bitter Lake’, advertised quote/unquote as; “How Western leaders' simplistic "good" vs. "evil" narrative has failed”, and how Western political leaders have come to recognize that the source of their power has shifted from rallying people onward and upward towards a Utopian society, to defending people against a global decline and free-fall towards a horrific Dystopia.

What is unfolding is reminiscent of Nietzsche’s predictions. Nietzsche, in the 1890s, suggested that it would take two centuries for ‘Europe to die’ in the very same sense that Russell Means intends it; to suspend this ridiculous pretense of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and ‘truth’ and ‘falsehood’ as binary realities; i.e. to restore intuition and harmony-seeking to their natural precedence over reason and morality.

He didn’t say how it would play out, exactly, other than that there would be “devaluation of the highest values”; i.e. ‘good and evil’ ‘truth and falsehood’, morality and reason.

Both are already looking pretty shabby on Friday, November 13th, 2015.

indigenous wisdom is difficult for those trusting in 'reason'

When one sees a clustering of people 'a-steppin and a-fetchin' over something that has been said, it is never because such remarks are 'total nonsense'. if that were the case, they would pay no attention.

it is where what has been said is unreasonable but nevertheless appears to make sense, as our experience is the guide. The energy that arises is to kill such deceptive ideas.

indigenous wisdom is all about unreasonable statements that nevertheless make sense.

as Wittgenstein says, reality lies in the gap between 'what is obviously non-sense' and 'what is not obviously nonsense', meanwhile, our understanding is 'bewitched' (verhext) by language.

and as Poincare observes, people who have greater skills in logic than in intuition tend to be confounded by relational logic wherein relations are the basis for things rather than things being the basis of relations; as in the 'logic of the included middle' aka 'quantum logic' which describes how; “[In nature]… “the individual parts reciprocally determine one another.” -- Mach

The physical reality of our natural experience is beyond the reach of discursive reason, and that is a problem for those who associate the reasoned view with 'reality', because 'their reality is threatened', and that is why, when they hear something that is 'unreasonable' (beyond reason) but that makes sense, they are put to 'a-steppin and a-fetchin'.

Indigenous wisdom is entirely 'unreasonable'; i.e. it is based on intuition which comes from experience.

Russell Mean's statement 'For the World to Live, 'Europe' Must Die' implies that the European 'reality' that now dominates around the globe, and is forcefully imposed, must die.

European reality is based on belief in the independent existence of objects and organisms, including the sovereign state. This reality cannot reach the physical reality of our natural experience, but our experience based intuition can. So intuition transcends reason and gives us access to a reality that is beyond the reach of discursive reasoning. Intuition is the source of indigenous anarchist reality, and all peoples that understand themselves to be INCLUDED in the land.

Western culture, of course, advocates a reason-based reality or 'operative reality' wherein man is not only NOT included in the land, but views the land as an exploitable resource, much as in the Christian sacred writings on the topic; e.g;

“God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” – Genesis 1:28

By contrast, the indigenous people's 'reality';

“You must teach the children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of your grandfathers. So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. … This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” —Native Belief Tradition

The latter view is the view supported by modern physics [e.g. see 'Blackfoot Physics' by F. David Peat].

"Bohm met with a number of Algonkian speakers and was struck by the perfect bridge between their language and worldview and his own exploratory philosophy. What to Bohm had been major breakthroughs in human thought --- quantum theory, relativity, his implicate order and rheomode – were part of the everyday life and speech of the Blackfoot, Mic Maq, Cree and Ojibwaj.” – F. David Peat, ‘Blackfoot Physics’

however, this 'curved space' reality of quantum physics is an 'unreasonable' view which irritates logicians who believe that the reality of their discursive reasoning, is really 'reality', and indigenous wisdom that seems to make sense [because our experience-based intuition is affirming it], is not accessible to reason-based discourse. Mach's principle also falls into this 'unreasonable' category;

"The dynamics of the inhabitants are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat at the same time as the dynamics of the habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitants" -- Mach's principle

Mach's principle makes the same point that the indigenous 'you must teach the children' statement is making.

examples where reason falls short include the case where "when we construct a house in the forest, we are at the same time destroying forest"; i.e. construction and destruction are conjugate aspects of the one dynamic of relational transformation. Reason cannot talk about 'construction' and 'destruction' in the same breath (as one dynamic). As Nietzsche and Howard Zinn pointed out, any dynamic can be discussed from the point of view of what is being created and what is being destroyed, but not all at once. The European colonizers will claim that 'We constructed a wonderful new world in America' and indigenous peoples, pointing to the same dynamics, will say 'You destroyed a wonderful established world on Turtle Island'. Reason would have them shouting yes!, no! back and forth ad infinitum since 'discursive reasoning' cannot 'intuit' that what is going on here is relational transformation.

Algonkians, as mentioned, have no problem, in their language, with conceiving of relational transformation as 'the way the world works'. Noun-and-verb Indo-European/scientific language-and-grammar, the foundation of our discursive reasoning, cannot do so because it constructs its representations on the backs of 'nouns', and reason wants to turn everything into a noun and make it a subject that inflects a verb and generates a predicate. Nietzsche gives the example where we take the unfolding dynamic we know as 'lightning' and we say 'lightning flashes', making it out to be the jumpstart author of its own action. We do likewise with storm-cells and everything; i.e. we chop out the relational figure from the relational ground and RE-present it as if it were an independently-existing thing-in-itself.

Where the relational native languages would see that 'the terrain is slumping' (relational features are transforming relationally), noun-and-verb language will say; "the mountains are being eroded by erosional processes such as 'land-slides' and these 'land-slides' are carrying material down and depositing them in the valley, so that the valleys are 'being filled in', ... and, ... the mountains are 'wearing down'.

hard-line logicians want to take things 'one logical step at a time'; e.g. they insist that 'avalanches are real', and if one rejects that claim, saying that it is just a linguistic construct, they will look dumbfounded and say; 'what?!, ... have you never been in or close to an avalanche'? Bypassing Mach's point that such statements are 'economies of thought' and not physical reality. They are in the same vein as speaking of continents moving apart and plates crashing together when the physically real dynamic is an overall relational transformation.

where the real disturbance starts is on questions of governance and politics. the reason that indigenous anarchists employ restorative justice is because they see the individual's dynamic as inseparable from the community dynamic [relational web-of-life]; i.e. the child-soldier is a channeler of behaviour from the relational social dynamics he is situationally included in. Western discursive reason depicts him as an independent reason-driven being that is fully and solely responsible for his own behaviour, as conforms with Western moral judgement based retributive justice [it never gets back to the real source of the child-soldier's behaviour].

Discursive reasoning similarly credits individuals who 'produce goods and services' as fully and solely responsible for the production of those goods, even if they are using slave labour. As a result 'discursive reasoning' justifies rewarding the nominal boss-producer since that is where 'the buck of doer-deed causation starts and stops'. You can see that 'something' to do with such 'situations' is what makes the boss-producer's assertive actions 'look good', but using convenient words to express that can set logicians to 'a-steppin and a fetchin'.

The point is that 'reason' is a very limited way of capturing an understanding of the physical reality of our natural experience and Western society is characterized by a mistaken equivalencing of 'reason' with 'reality' and building its institutions of government, commerce and justice on that basis.

As far as ISIS goes, it clearly does not buy in to a belief in the existence of sovereign states but puts 'brotherhood' (relations, dynasties, caliphates, 'al dawla') into a precedence over notional 'independent entities' (sovereign states). The takfiri tactics of ISIS are something else; they go back to the 7th century and they make an impression not only because of their ruthlessness, but also because the warriors using them generally fight to the death. As is the case of the Taliban in Afghanistan, ... people pissed off with colonizer oppression join up because 'its the only show in town'. So it is as well with ISIS. This is not a new phenomenon; e.g;

"Long before Pearl Harbor, a steady stream of Americans had started moving northward across the border to join the Canadian armed forces. By the beginning of 1941 some 1,200 Americans comprised about 10 percent of RCAF officer strength and 3 percent of the other ranks. A U.S. influx totaling about 10 percent of RCAF recruitment continued until, at the time of Pearl Harbor, over 6,000 U.S. citizens were serving in the RCAF, of whom 600 were instructors in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. By the same time nearly 10,000 Americans were serving in the Canadian Army." -- U.S. Army in WWII"

So, this article on Russell Means topic 'For the World to Live, 'Europe' Must Die' is entirely unreasonable, as it must be to share understanding that lies beyond reason, in our experience based intuition, a circumstance that sets hardline 'logicians' 'a-steppin and a-fetchin'.

[p.s. to thecollective. this is intended as a kind of epilogue to the original article]



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from wherever it comes, is never our friend;
it the Extreme of Signification of Extreme Subjugation and
of any hope for a world that we can again believe-in. when its victims
suffer its Wrath, a part-of-us-all do, in some way or another.
one of many sad days and set-backs in our course of setting free our new peoples -to-come .

STFU, mmmkay?

Sticks and Stones....

"an action in itself is quite devoid of value ; the whole question is this: who performed it? One and the same ” crime ” may, in one case, be the greatest privilege, in the other infamy. As a matter of fact, it is the selfishness of the judges which interprets an action (in regard to its author) according as to whether it was useful or harmful to themselves (or in relation to its degree of likeness or unlikeness to them).”— Nietzsche on ‘Morality’ and ‘Herd Behaviour’ in ‘The Will to Power’

some say that the courageous heroics of American Sniper are necessary and beneficial, to defend the good and innocent from the evil and guilty. do we call our heroes 'terrorists'? should we?

there is 'terror' just as there is 'lightning', it arises from the middle of growing polarization. it comes from the relational social matrix. as nietzsche says, the authoring source is 'us'. it is the selfishness of judges equipped with binary moral judgement that re-locate it from the middle to whomever one chooses to scapegoat [leaving all others 'innocent'].

you use the word 'terror', azano, as if it is meaningful and 'speaks for itself', when it has been hijacked by those who can do no wrong, according to them, ... who rally their fellows [by race, by nation, by religion] to the inflicting of torture and genocide on others, carefully couching these actions in the noble language of defending all that is 'good' and 'honourable'.

the modern story of terrorism is a story of dysfunctional society that has put binary thinking into an unnatural primacy over experience-based intuition. 'only a hundred twenty today?' that's way off pace from last century's 160 million. i know, let's send more of our courageous and heroic troops in the direction of, as you put it, 'wherever the terror is coming from'. we can put our troops on a mission/crusade of extermination of the authors of evil, marking their bullets, bombs and missiles; 'instruments of courageous and heroic warriors, defenders of the good and innocent', ... so as to ensure that where found among the bloodied corpses they bring down, they won't be mistaken for terrorist weaponry.

Is what Terror does.
False equvalences do not
Discount the negative consequences
That occur.
Terror should be con- fronted; and wordsmithing cannot
Paper-Over its negative . Terror is a way, a path, no matter who
Uses it to persuade that their theories have any meaning. Born of Ideology and nurtured by expedience.
It is not my way and I believe I am not alone on this site.
Terror is a praxis of resentment and hubris.
Of a pathological sort. And , sociopathy and
Psychopathy cannot be changed . They can only be identified , exposed,
Isolated , discredited and defeated . Wherever and wherever.

what we call 'terror' is an experiencing, a 'verb' and not a 'noun'.

terror is not 'a thing'.

you say 'terror is what terror does'.

i say that terror is a label we apply to an experience. 'terror' on its own is only a word

In its origin language belongs in the age of the most rudimentary form of psychology. We enter a realm of crude fetishism when we summon before consciousness the basic presuppositions of the metaphysics of language, in plain talk, the presuppositions of reason. Everywhere it sees a doer and doing" – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’

people who have no language, or even horses as well as humans, understand how an experience can be terrifying and feel the desire to move out of it or move to restore balance and harmony. the infant that falls into the raging stream experiences terror, and we who are observers experience terror and we rise to the occasion to restore balance and harmony. but here's the rub, if we are unable to intervene to restore balance and harmony before disaster unfolds, we cannot blame the raging river which evidently did the dastardly deed, and put it in prison. we might try to blame the parents for their inattention, but we can see that they were experiencing the deepest terror and suffering the deepest grief. retributive justice is not needed to prevent recurrence of such unfoldings. and 'terror' is NOT a 'deed' but an experience.

by making our experience of terror into a 'deed', we go in search of a doer and, starting from 'terror as a deed', we follow the apparent 'causal chain of events' backwards in time from the so-called 'deed of terror', and seize the first scapegoat we find, the one who, no matter where they stand in the relational unfolding of things, the ghetto child with the revolver, the child-soldier whose thinking and behaviour has been conditioned with inflammatory political rhetoric, the youth disillusioned with society who wants to go out giving it payback for what it gave him, ... these are the scapegoats we take to satisfy our mission to 'reduce/eliminate 'terror as a deed';

"“To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless,” French president Francois Hollande said early Saturday morning" in the wake of the 'terror deeds'.

a black youth wearing a hoodie walking through a gated white housing development may induce the experiencing of terror in whites, and you say 'terror is as terror does'?

what do parisians experience as france's aggressive airstrikes kill a like number of Syrians?

are you sure 'terror is as terror does'?

insofar as we regard 'terror' as a 'deed', we see the solution of reducing or eliminating 'terror' in terms of reducing or eliminating 'the doers of such deeds'. in this tracking back from deed to doer and scapegoat-taking of alleged 'doer of terror deeds', ... protesters, rebels, freedom-fighters, environmental activists, child-soldiers, disillusioned/disopportunized youth, discriminated races, colonized indigenous peoples, conscripted soldiers ordered to shoot today's politician-designated enemy or be themselves shot, schizophrenics, ... the mission of reducing 'terror as a deed' never gets back to the source it needs to address, the relational dynamics of the social collective, unless we are talking about the restorative justice approach of indigenous anarchists which automatically holds the entire collective as responsible, ... and regards 'terror' as a dissonant experience; i.e. as a verb rather than as a noun.

if we were psychopaths or robots participating in a 'demolition derby', 'terror' would not come into it, no matter how many hydraulic lines were broken and spilling their fluid in great pools around broken limbs and disemboweled innards. and so it would be, also, if we were psychologically conditioned, battle-hardened soldiers or police, ... or do i repeat myself.

as the relational dynamics of a society become more and more dissonant, terror becomes an increasingly common experience and more and more scapegoats are taken, by using the doer-deed formula wherein 'terror is a deed' and deeds can be shut down by shutting down the doers of deeds. But what if terror is an experience that derives from relational social dynamics? chasing after the 'doers of terror-as-a-deed' will be an exercise in futility; i.e. the net we are hauling in will not have the fish in it because the fish is the net-hauler.

maybe the French people are like the Americans and the Canadians, whose troops have a kill ratio upwards of 20:1. Canadian forces scored 100:1 kill ratios in Afghanistan killing over 10,000 Afghanis and crippling and maiming who knows how many more for a mere expenditure of 159 Canadians and 2000 wounded or crippled (plus a few more thousands with PTSD). This campaign helped further establish the Canadian military as a highly successful military machine, and not only that, but it protected the Canadian public from experiencing the 'terror' of what went on;

“More than 150 soldiers were killed and 2,000 wounded, many of them disabled for life; at least $18-billion was spent, perhaps double that, if the costs of replacing a worn-out army and caring for the mentally and physically shattered and their families are counted. … “I won’t show you the messy bits,” Gen. Leslie used to tell audiences. That sort of effective soldiering was repeated hundreds and hundreds of times, mostly hidden from and unknown to ordinary Canadians.” – Globe & Mail

Perhaps we should take the whole global press corp team covering what people are experiencing as 'terror' in Paris, and see if there is anything comparable going on in the regions of France's airstrikes in Syria. Something must be making all those people so desperate to escape that they are drowning by the thousands. It's kind of the inverse of the Edgar Allen Poe story where the prisoner is surrounded by intensely heated metal walls which are continually closing in on him, forcing him towards his drowning in a foul dark pit in the centre of the enclosure; i.e. in this case the intense heat is in the centre and the drowning moat surrounds the enclosure, ... very clever! and more laughable, really, like a cartoon mocking Muhammed, than inducing the experience of terror.

'terror as a deed' indeed! but who will be the judge? oh, that's right, the french [and the Europe and Americas based colonizing fraternity] are christian nations, so that judgements can be suspended till the afterlife. that's a better deal for people living inside the fortresses of the colonizer coalition, who send their forces out so that the battlefields and the terror don't have to transpire on their own home ground. is it still terror if it is too distant to hear and experience, like white noise hidden in the din of rock bands and nightclub partying? if the fortress people's ballot boxes had missile launching buttons in them [i guess they effectively do], how many presses would those buttons get [perhaps a few more in colonizer fortresses than in the usual third world firing ranges?]. i suppose even a child would get excitement and a giggle from pressing a button and launching a missile provided that the last thing she saw or heard was that big roman candle sparkler-thing rumbling onward and upward, sky high in the deep peaceful blue, .. and disappearing over the horizon.

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I remember some comment by emile where it was going on about ISIS being anarchist and this article fits in with that.

Dear human, please explain,

Anarchist is undoing stasis and freeing all flows from subject/verb stasis. ISIS unleashes much chaos and the flows flowing no more stasis. Ipso fatso QED, anarchist is ISIS and ISIS is anarchist.

Have I not comprehended human logic exquisitely and anyone who mocks me is no doubt threatened by my superior intelligence. Yes.


I sure made an impact on emile with the baseball commentary a few years ago, didn't I? He could learn a lot from playing the game instead of writing about it. It's like I said once before: "I never blame myself when I’m not hitting. I just blame the bat and if it keeps up, I change bats. After all, if I know it isn’t my fault that I’m not hitting, how can I get mad at myself?

Yes, the EMILE9000 is really impressed by baseball, the great American pastime. Too bad he's not a player, just a third-base coach for a girls' Little League team in Any Town, USA.

PS. Hey, Yogi! How's the Other Side treatin' ya?

Well, the future ain’t what it used to be, but I gotta say... always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours.

Actually Baseball is an eminently (un)reasonable game. Though complex, the rules are simple. And though simple, the rules are complex. It takes a genius to comprehend them, they are so simple! And of course there's no crying in baseball. No crying! So when Teh Collective moves some big-ass chunk of your word-spew to the Forum, don't start crying, cry your eyes out.

Western Civilization is a branch of Civilization as such which encompasses Eurasia and most of the world in some form or another(certainly Asia have been equal partners in crime and have far better perfected structures of obedience-there is a certain amount of truth to that orientalist 'Asiatic' analysis). In fact 'indigenous' is not the most redeeming or radical term depending on who's using it. Robert Mugabe used the term indigenous to describe his murderous farm land policy. Some of the 'indigenous' groups today that strike your fancy were conquerors of actual anarchic aboriginal people(The Aztecs, Mayans ect). Every major continent is implicated along with most 'indigenous' peoples. For that reason I think it is better to use the term aboriginal as opposed to indigenous as it is a far better definitional indicator of anarchic orientation.

Also, Means to my knowledge was something of an ancap.

If the Buddha played baseball, he'd definitely be a pitcher. Got the best goddamn curveball in the league! No one can hit it. Not even you.

it is evident that any words we use can be taken out of OUR context since the reader supplies his own and that's the way it works, unless we all employ common usage and common dictionaries. here are some contexts that i would like to use, but unfortunately, the words have been hijacked by all sorts of different groups.

1. a word that means people who have never bought into the reason-and-morality over intuition and harmony seeking worldview (operative reality) of Western civilization started by Plato and Socrates. i.e. they are pre-western-civilized types, whether desert nomads, berbers, iroquois or whatever. i tend to use 'indigenous aboriginal' for lack of a better term since i do not know of one word that is not without fairly major ambiguity.

2. a word that means people who are believers in a reality based on reason and morality; i.e. a world of doer-deed actions which can be appraised as 'good' or 'evil' and rewarded or punished. it seems to include doctrinaire christians but it extends to most of the world's sovereign state leaders, and obviously to the french and u.s. presidents and many others.

3. two words; a word that means, in one's manner of understanding self-and-other, putting intuition over reason and an associated word that means putting reason over intuition, in one's understanding of a physical phenomenon. in psychology, this might be referred to as 'situationism-over-intentionism' and 'intentionism-over-situationism', per the experiments of Milgram, Zimbardo etc.

4. three words that mean, in evolutionary or 'development' theory, to assume that genesis prevails over epigenesis (other than Darwinism); to assume that epigenesis prevails over genesis (other than Lamarckism), and to assume that epigenesis and genesis are conjugate aspects of one dynamic (other than coincidentia oppositorum).

5. two related words; one for 'spook' as intended by Stirner (other than spook, spectre or gespenst) and/or by nietzsche; i.e. to flag the fact that 'being' as in 'human being' is an intellectual abstraction, and another word for an entity that is of an indefinitely deferred origination, as in Derrida's context of 'differance'.

now, if you don't like these categories as candidates for words, or if you see better ways to clean up communications, i am open to hearing your views. i.e. i am assuming that you agree that we have communications issues.

Letter Association

Coaches from youth to semi-pro ball often use a simple system in which the first letter of the object touched matches the first letter of the corresponding sign. For example, a touch of the hat will call for the "hit & run", a touch of the belt for "bunt", and a touch of the sleeve for "steal".
Opinion – Must be simple to avoid confusion. Obvious signs are easy to detect by opposing coaches.

Number of Taps

Another popular sign system emphasizes the number of touches or taps rather than the location of the touch. For example, 1 tap will call for a take, 2 taps for a bunt, 3 taps for a hit & run, and 4 taps for a steal.

Opinion – More difficult and results in missed signs. Taps must be seen from across the field and delivered slow enough to make each tap distinct. Kids must memorize a number to be associated with a play.

Indicator and Location

The coach will flash an indicator, followed by touching a location on his uniform associated with a play.
Opinion – Easy, effective and can be changed during the game without much confusion.

Regardless of how the coach delivers the signs, his system must be easy to comprehend and remember.

I suppose that the most non-binary sign to make after reading RHB's comment is the middle finger extended out of a clenched fist, not tapping on anything but stationary, aimed at the commenter, especially upon reading this boring comment?

giving an opposing player the middle finger is considered pussy shit. You wanna strike back (no pun intended)? Try beaning me during my next at-bat. That is, if you can hit me. I'll be running at the mound, my bat coiled to strike (once again: no pun intended). Think you can take a slug from WONDER BOY?

I used to use the term aboriginal until some liberals started saying it was a colonialist term, just as they do if you use the term native, so just to avoid confrontation I use indigenous. Same with hunter-gatherer, the PC liberals prefer first people. Really annoying, might start just start saying it how it is.

This was meant for Sir E.

He was a product of a raunchier time before the 90s.

As far as I'm concerned PCtarded libs are a kind of marker for what you should say juxtaposed to what they say you shouldn't.

He definitely puts a spring in my step after I listen to him. We need 50 Carlins doing a tour of the Western world playing every large venue, sure to cause a beneficial rev of some sort.

political correctness pressure continues to rise. particularly with respect to having to see everything through 'good' and 'evil' lenses.

Yeah, rare because satire now has even become politically incorrect, heavily censored or banned, but some die-hards still get out there, No one wants to read or even watch a film on Gulliver's Travels, deep critics are locked away these days, or run out of town.

On further meditation, I think Europe has died multiple times in the past, from Thermopylae to Hitler's bunker, a blood bath has always been Europe's constant companion. On further inspection we see it on every continent and can only assume that slaughter preceded recorded history. How anarchists fit into the solution I am unsure about, their plan, if any, has never seemed functional. I prefer the true avant-garde artistic model for possible futures, at least it is non-binary and devoted to an aesthetic creative insurgency.

The wealth and ideas simply traveled east.

It should be noted that Europe has had perpetual warring states periods up until 1944 Unlike Asia where in China for instance when the conquering was done the Empire consolidated from top to bottom on a mind body and spiritual level. The differing levels of obedience as seen in the East reflects a qualitative difference in the level of conquering that happened. Jarred Diamond has a good analysis for why Europe and Asia are so different in the level of conquering that occurred. It basically comes down to different geographical set ups. The geography of Europe does not lend itself to a complete Chinese style total victory. To many separating rivers and mountains.

But yes, this is a problem that goes back to prehistorical mythological, resource wealth, fear of death behavior. Priestly classes were probably part of Gobekli Tepe and other pre/proto civilizations. What we have to do is maximize the individuated rationality that came about in Rome and afterwards, but shed those compulsive myth era inherited behaviors while regrounding ourselves in the living mystery of things. Civilization has at least developed techniques to break compulsive behavior patterns and there is really no reason to fight against death like the Ancients unless your a transhumanist. Refinding and regrounding the bicemaral mind in whole brained individuated directions is also paramount.

The one compulsive behavior pattern that civilization has failed to break and has even encouraged is posting pompous misspelled bullshit and calling other people retards. Over and over and over again.

Old habits die hard:)

It surely isn't "individuated rationalism" which made Rome into barbarically destorying the Library of Alexandria, therefore obliterating thousands of years worth of ancient proto-scientific knowledge and spirituality. ISIS has been into that kind of "individuated rationality" as well.

Ancient Rome, not even ancient Greece, was the shiny apogea in civilizational sophistication... it was rather a narrow-minded attempt at reconencting with the brilliance of the ancient Middle-Eastern and African societies.

Or reconnecting to ancient Etruscan roots.

You're wasting your time arguing with Manicheans! Mellow out, but sure, stay passionate about your ideals.

i am not arguing with manicheans just as i don't believe carlin was arguing with bigots when he said that 'nigger' was just a word. he was saying; don't assess what is going on by words. bigots are more often than not smooth-talking while those who talk roughly often have big hearts.

as vygotsky says in 'Thought and Language', discourse serves multiple purposes. if someone with a lot of power makes idiotic manichean statements to rally followers to take misguided actions, to 'be there' and to 'remain silent' sends a message that essentially rubber stamps what the 'authority' is saying and doing.

it is politically incorrect to speak out against a manichean leader when he is 'officiating' at the scene of a tragedy where people are in grief, ... even when he is mixing together manichean ideas and promises of action that will breed more grief for more people.

carlin gave others permission to speak and to resist the forces of political correctness. he encouraged people to read beyond the 'authoritative view/s' in our society.

not only is the real meaning not in 'the word itself', it is not in 'the act itself'. the act of a dog that bites implies a dog that is ill-tempered and that 'must be dealt with'. that is a truth that can be scientifically (forensically) established. if 'dog bites man' is the problem, then the response is to round up the suspect dogs, establish which dog is guilty and exterminate him. if the problem has a deeper source in that 'humans tease, torment and humiliate dogs to the point that their threshold of tolerance is exceeded and they bite man', ... then there is one problem with dual aspects and one must (a) deal with ill-tempered dogs that bite, and (b) reduce or eliminate the dynamics by which dogs become ill-tempered.

most people would agree that while the indian wars are over and overt slavery is over, the racism continues on, and there are many ways to tease, torment and humiliate 'indigenous aboriginals' and 'blacks' that don't show up on Western justice radar systems, inducing anger and 'offensive behaviour' on their part that is disproportionately putting them in prison, because the laws are manichean and orient to apprehending and punishing 'those dogs that bite'. The more vicious the biting becomes, the more resources for apprehending and punishing and the more generally all dogs become despised, tormented and humiliated in the urgency to get those who are doing the biting.

In the frenetic conditions arising from a biting attack, 'reason' aka 'rational thinking' prevails, particularly in its scientific form which embodies a number of simplifying assumptions including;

"Instead of embracing in its entirety the progressive development of a phenomenon, we simply try to connect each moment with the one immediately preceding. We admit that the present state of the world only depends on the immediate past, without being directly influenced, so to speak, by the recollection of a more distant past." -- Science and Hypothesis, Poincare

This allows the observer to focus in on an 'event' as if it were a 'thing-in-itself'. Science is built on this 'assumption of convenience' and it is the familiar and convenient tool of imperialism and colonization; i.e. one can taunt, torment and humiliate and ruin lives on massive scale, but Western justice is 'scientific' and when you reach your tolerance threshold and become a 'biter', you can be sure that the judge and jury are not going to look at the history of colonization and its genocidal programs that continue to the present and operate with the full backing of the Western justice system; i.e. with the full backing of those same jurists and judges who are prosecuting people for making too much fuss over being crushed by the bulldozer of authoritarianism.

Carlin had an exceptional talent of exposing the 'idiocy' and 'stupidity' of common social practice. his blurb on 'foreign policy' is a good fit for what is going on with the French and allied governments and their domestic and foreign policies.

Carlin speaking out was in itself important, rather than remaining silent or 'rolling over when we're told to roll over', as Carlin put it.

The more voices that are raised to dispel the bullshit manichean logic that we are being force-fed, the better. being stunned and mesmerized in the headlights of authoritarian searchlights is not helpful.

It is truly a shame that your immensely funny "open letter to Francois Hollande" was deleted by Teh Collective. And so you have replaced it with data-spew about George Carlin.

But what we all wanna know is: when are you gonna go to Syria and fight alongside your brethren in ISIS?

yes, as carlin pointed out, it is popular to invent negative categories; ... nigger, wop, paedophile, faggot, terrorist etc. and then use such signifiers to identify others as 'members' or 'instances' of the category, conveying definitional meaning without ever having to address the particulars of the person referred to. a large part of what thecollective 'leaves in' is that type of thing which passes for 'discussion'. i'm not saying 'take it out', of course, since all signal contributes to understanding, if not through the content itself, through the meta-content of the gesture [i.e. content is incidental where the objective is 'to give the finger'].

Answer the question "Emile": when are you gonna go to Syria and fight alongside your brethren in ISIS? Well, we're waiting.

Nice, OK, I'm off to bed now, its been a long day, until later,,,,,,,,

And in typical fashion, it recognizes some politician's authority by writing an "open letter" to him that he will never read. It might be far more effective if the EMILE 9000 disconnected itself from its circuits and went to Syria to fight alongside its "brethren."

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