Yanga/Los Angeles: A Decentralized Direct Action May Day

  • Posted on: 11 April 2018
  • By: contraautoridad

For many years now, May Day in Los Angeles has been a liberal/non-profit reformist spectacle. This is a public call to commit to a direct-action oriented march. No more bullshit.

For many years now we’ve allowed the politicians, non-profits, liberals, co-opters, and authoritarians make a show of our day, May Day. For too long we’ve hidden away, choosing not to counter the liberals, and what has happened? The liberals have taken control. They take our names, our slogans, our energy as antiauthoritarian people, as indigenous people, as people of color, as queers, as trouble-makers, and pacify it into a Hollywood image. Fuck that. No more bullshit.

We are anticapitalist.

Many of us in Los Angeles have lost our families to state violence, suffered under the cruelty of choosing between a meal or making rent. There are groups who take our memory of resistance and organize our communities through a non-profit lens while claiming to be autonomous collectives and groups. Comrades, it is time to disrupt this pattern. It is time we pull our resources together and fight back. Let us counter the segregation of Los Angeles and build the collective culture of resistance. It is time to reclaim the radical militant roots of Yangna.

Our Vision

We are calling for a May Day of a diversity of tactics. We call on groups to come together, plan, and counter the liberal march planned for May Day. If you are interested in connecting with us, please send an email to contraautoridad@protonmail.com so that we can reclaim the energy the non-profits/liberals have taken from us.



For the record, LA anarchists organized may day 2012 in large part. Not that it was a huge victory or anything, but its worth mentioning.

"Arm yourself and combat the terrorism, burn, conspire, sabotage and be violent, beautifully violent,
naturally violent, freely violent.” - Maurico Morales

:cue RATM:

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