Yiannis Michalidis escapes from prison

From Ekathimerini

Yiannis Michalidis, an alleged member of the urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, has escaped from the agricultural prison of Tyrintha in the Peloponnese.

Michailidis, who was accused in connection with an armed bank robbery in Vevento, northern Greece, in February 2013, was in 2015 given a 13-year prison sentence over an armed attack on members of the police force’s immediate response unit in Pefki, northern Athens.

He had been previously detained during a protest rally in Syntagma in February 2011 after he tried to shoot at police with a bow-and-arrow. He had since been dubbed the “Syntagma archer.”

Police are investigating the escape which is believed to have taken place late Thursday.


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freedom to anarchist prisoners!!!!

more escapes and subversions!!

Henceforce shall 6 June be the holyday of The Archer of Syntagma, in which our hero, with wit and wile, reddened the grey faces of order.

They had him in minimum security, he's more a pesky nuisance than any real threat. The cops will get all their traffic violation paperwork completed and then drop by his mom's house later and pick him up.

Wait.. this is Greece, not your sweet sweet US Police State. Bandits and armed anarchos have successfully been into hiding for years, some even for decades. You get a lot more freedom in a place where there ain't a snitch (like you) at every corner and where the lefties aren't moralizing against things like shoplifting.

I don't care too much about shooting arrows at cops... if there's people who're down for this shit that's fine. I'm just really deploring no one, afaik, has ever tried the super-soaker filled with shit juice and/or piss. I mean, fuck.. if that jackass Mike Patton was able to sparkly his piss to crowds of ticket-paying fans, why not doing it with our biggest fans the pigs?

Oh dear... Now I gotta wait for the next riot. But are they even gonna happen?

i once got squirted with a mixture of spoiled salad dressing and sour milk. it was uncalled for and i was impressed. would have been funnier if arrow through the heart tho.

Shit and piss-soaked super-soaker tipped arrows. Massive medium range fear and rage inducing cop repellent, yet harmless. Would do well in Hong Kong now, it could even win the battle, without the Tiananmen square bloodshed.

> I'm just really deploring no one, afaik, has ever tried the super-soaker filled with shit juice and/or piss.
That's what you think, dickhead.

No that's just what I know or have seen as of now... If some people did the superpiss-soaker thing then much, much praises to them. Still too bad it didn't spread enough as a tactic to reach my knowledge of the tactics of the last few years.

Paint and trash bags (I did that last one, with mild funs)

first things first: 100% solidarity for Yiannis Michalidis, for all of our POW's who have escaped, and all of our POW's WATING to escape (that's presumably all prisoners).

Nothing (short of a flat-out revolution) shows the pigs who's REALLY got the power quite like escapes from prison. Breaking someone out of prison is the ultimate in prisoner solidarity, and dissidents escaping prison by force or stealth breaks the back of efforts to intimidate people into submission.

On battlefields from the Bastille in France to El Salvador to Iraq, one tactic used by strong enough insurgencies (of ANY kind) has been to storm prisons and free every inmate inside. This also returns to the fight most or all the POW's held there and can be a springboard to outright battlefield victory.

Imagine what it would have done to the FBI's morale if every ALF and ELF prisoner held in the US had been forcibly broken out of prison in say, 2007. Now imagine what this would have done to insurance rates for industries ranging from vivisection to whaling. HLS would probably be dead and gone if nothing else. Probably a lot less fracking and no DAPL too.

As for the very small number of imprisoned fash whose escape is the price of freedom for our people and all the ordinary folks now housed in these dungeons, dealing with them in the streets is a cheap price to pay for prison abolition.

Well as usual you're making some good points, Luke, tho breaking out of US prisons isn't like in Greece or some other parts of the lesser-developed world. For sure, I guess if more people would do it, it'll gain more acceptance among randos, so less chances for snitching.

An interesting but old example of doing it in the US is how the Weather Underground got Timothy Leary out: the prison made exactly ONE mistake, letting a branch of a tree grow until it overhung the wall. Leary and the Weather Underground were able to communicate, so WU simply left a car where Leary could drop down to it from the tree. That was all it took.

Also note that the IRA was able on multiple occasions to break people out of hardened "Category A" prisons in the UK, though for some reason they never went for a wholesale breakout.

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