first communique from the house across the street from the liberated territories of a grocery outlet parking lot; april 2016

or whatever

SHOOT THE CLOCK! we cant longer stand the intolerable anxiety of civilization, i guess. There was three of us using laptops on a couch. I had just finished downloading some shape files for a heat engine. We were on some techie bullshit, talking about how to build machines that build machines. Physics was making my brain hurt, so i decided to read some mindless bullshit from the anarchist cool kids. Its a bad habit, but it's like candy, i can't help it. I love buzzwords.

Did you know thanksgiving is bad? Did you know cops kill people? It bears repeating i guess. Not too long ago most people didn't know how to read, so i guess it'll take a while to bring everybody up to speed on the basic facts of life in trumps america. so anyway today in greece, black clad youths crucified a trade minister, so it must be friday, and some goofs in oly seem to be getting drunk on the train tracks.

Which is cool. looks like fun. i used to throw rocks at commuter trains all the time when i was a kid . good times. plexiglass windows.

But you jagaloons need to proof read your communiques.

First of all, what the fuck is a 9 page zine about unionism doing in your 3 page rant about bio-electric veganism? what did the wobs ever do to you that you have to take hours out of your busy-but-unscheduled day to kick the political equivalent of a very old dog? The wobs are great. I like their shtick. It's cute. Are you worried they are going to picket your coffee shop or what? How the fuck are you so out of touch that you think it's ever appropriate to devote that much time and effort to telling the IWW that Joe Hill is dead? You are giving good people headaches. Please allow me to do with 5 words what you couldn't do with 8028: UNIONS ARE DEAD. WORK SUCKS. And with that, we'll just traipse along without bringing up health insurance, the enclosure of the commons, our estrangement from our parents, or the glory and stupidity of wasted years spent struggling for the priveledge of meeting another day.

Onward, communards! Onwards til tomorrow, and the endless rage of time! But the future, unfortunately, is now. And now you have fucked up. I thought you guys were cool. I thought the days of olympia black blocs pepper spraying homeless people and pissing yourselves on the way to jail were over. There is no safer place in north america to be a collegiate radical. There is no more meaningless or more comfortable place to throw your body against the mechanisms of power than olympia washington. Ya'll are a goof troop. An entertainment collective. Next time don't make me read 12 pages of stupid faux-vegan soysauce to find out why you shit-talked the space program. You know what you did. Look at this shit:

"Amidst smoldering ruins and tepid empty seas, amidst the floods and droughts, amidst the mass die-offs that are already happening year after year, we are those partisans for a life in common that leaves nothing out, that incurs its own costs, that suffers its own losses and mortalities with dignity and grace, without multiplying and offsetting them onto others like fucking bastards and guaranteeing a grid crash that we will blame on any messenger bold enough to name it, anyone with the honesty of a child who points out, once again, that the Emperor still wears no clothes."

99 words.

580 characters.

1 sentence.


Yes, please. And that other thing too!

fun read, no idea why you got a hard-on for space programs

wobblies r cuties



Haha! You're stuck on this planet like the rest of us NERD!!!

So stay down here and keep voting union!


When a nation has a nice sense of humor,
Horse's drag manure through their fields.
When a nation loses its sense of humor,
Horses bear soldiers through its streets.
There is no greater folly than ignoring our own horseshit!
There is no greater disaster than losing our sense of humor!
There is no greater sickness on earth,
Than buying unsatisfying crap nobody wants!
Poisoning the very ground and each other,
Feeling incapable of ever stopping!

Acid in a sensory deprivation chamber.

I can travel to Andromeda and back in my head every night while you space invaders get bogged down by the gravity and physicality of dead spheres in space,.,

agriculture on mars. bringing anthropocentric ecocide to the next planet.

Mars already dead

Mars farmers die from asphyxiation and entire crop freezes after dome-barn door is left open.

that Mars exists? Of course you do, that's the idea that's been planted in your head before you could even think...right from being small....that's Mars...in comics, on television, in school books, in films, on radio, now on internet...all media. It's amazing how much shit is pushed and pushed on us as soon as were born. No Gods No Masters. And here you are believing your 'clever superiors' that Mars really exists! Subtle.


The only one I know of is a group that espouses their own philosophy that they are in contact with aliens in orbit. Women especially, like that kind of thing. Anarchists with a sense of humor, and it doesn't hurt that they live in a geodesic dome right on a Caribbean beach.

Link, please? :-)

That was many years ago and I don't even know if they're still around, but you can certainly find others like them in the federation of intentional communities. The federation of egalitarian communities doesn't have quite the same sense of humor.

the moon is a lizard people spaceship put there to help fool us into thinking the earth is round.

Its all part of the insidious alien anal probe mind control conspiracy behind the Illuminati. Everything works out in the end, but some shit makes a bigger mess than others!

the moon is either a hologram or a huge mass of cheese that the repitillians projected or put there to trick us into believing the earth is a globe. The global community of flatearthers reject this notion. Nibiru is coming soon.

considering the alt-right is self-selected for gullible, paranoid nincompoops, how hard would it be to troll them into getting really obsessed with flat earth theory? they've deliberately built a garbage-in, garbage-out system. if enough of the far-right-osphere starts talking about it then infowars will go all in, even fox news will pick it up... i can see it now...

"there's no globalism without GLOBE-ism!" see, this crap writes itself.

The destiny of earthseed is to take root among the stars, not the moon

a powerful entity is our moon, affecting the balances between every changing motion that it touches \

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