anarchistnews now has an IRC server at #anarchyplanet

You can start here and find active channels after that by reading an IRC fine manual. Most active channels are currently #matrix and #library

The purpose of the server is to provide self-hosted space for real-time conversation about topics of interest to anarchists. The goal is open discourse, the only thing banned are those things hostile to an open, intelligent, and free discussion. We are generally post-left, anti-civ, and cynical about grand narratives BUT attempt to not be doctrinaire about any specifics. This is to only tell you what the tenor of the rooms will be rather than to tell you (or us) what we believe.

Other ways to connect

Point your preferred IRC client towards the server and port of: port 6667 port 6697 (SSL)

km3jy7nrj3e2wiju.onion port 6667 || 6697

and type /join #anarchistnews (to join ANEWS channel)

Or the web client, if you missed that above: #anarchistnews


Please note that most clients by default store chat logs of any channel that a user is logged in to. This communication platform is only as secure as you are.

Getting Started

Full list here:

Listing available channels


Joining (or creating) a channel

/join #channel

Setting your nickname

You can set or change your nick at any time with:


Registering your nickname

You don't have to register a nick, but if you want to keep it you can register it with the server with:

/msg NickServ REGISTER password

Note that the email can be fake.

Identifying yourself with NickServ

Once your nick is registered, if you didn't provide a password at connection time you can identify yourself to NickServ by setting your nick and using the command:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

Registering a channel

If you have a registered nick and you /join a channel that is not registered, you can register it with:

/msg ChanServ register #channel

You're now the proud owner of a channel! Find out more about how to run a channel here. (Note that instructions are server-specific. We will work on an anarchyplanet-specific guide as time allows).

Leaving a channel


Disconnecting from IRC