Montreal Bans Wearing Masks at Protests

  • Posted on: 19 May 2012
  • By: worker

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Montreal city councillors have approved a bylaw that bans the wearing of masks at public protests.

The vote at Montreal City Hall on Friday afternoon passed 33-25.

"When a cause is just, why is it necessary to hide behind a mask?" Mayor Gérald Tremblay said during a news conference following the vote.

A woman protests against the proposed bylaw outside of Montreal City Hall Friday. (Shaun Malley/CBC) The bylaw will also force demonstrators to provide police with an itinerary for protests.

The bylaw will come into effect Saturday, Tremblay confirmed.</td><td><img title="Tonight we're gunna mask shit up!" src=""></td></...
Opposition parties spent much of the morning pressing police Chief Marc Parent with their concerns that the bylaw would give police too much power to inhibit free speech.

There's also some debate over what constitutes a mask.

The leader of one of the city's opposition parties, Louise Harel, asked for clarification on whether scarves or bandanas worn by protesters protecting themselves against chemical irritants or tear gas would be included in the ban.

A lawyer for the police insisted those scarves are considered masks under the bylaw. The reasoning is, according to the lawyer, that if tear gas is being deployed, the demonstration has already been declared illegal.

Quebec City drops mask ban idea

Unlike Montreal, Quebec City will not move to ban masks during protests.

That provision had been included in a bylaw to be presented to council next week, but Mayor Régis Labeaume took it out.

City officials say their proposed rules are designed to prevent the Occupy-style protests that broke out last year.

They will prevent people from camping overnight in municipal parks, cooking and other activities.

On the federal level, MPs are currently considering a law to ban masks at riots. The bill is awaiting its final two votes in the House of Commons and will then proceed to the Senate.

The private member's bill, sponsored by Conservative MP Blake Richards, would impose a 10-year penalty on rioters who try to conceal their identities.

The proposed law wouldn't apply to peaceful protests.


Looks like you want students to listen to this moron.

They got brains, you know...

Montreal is a big inspiration to many south of the border. Anyone got a round up of english language blogs covering the unrest?

What is the penalty for masked protest? I see the proposed federal penalty for masked while rioting is 10 years, but what is the Montreal city penalty?

for english language coverage check out montreal media coop (
i think the penalty for breaking the anti-mask by-law in montreal is a $3000 fine. the proposed federal anti-mask law (bill c-306) would have a $5000 fine for wearing a mask during an unlawful assembly or a maximum 10 year sentence during a riot...

Rich fucks in Montreal are very worried about losing US tourists. Maybe someone can throw up some violent imagery about how dangerous Montreal is right now and we can all start posting it around big cities.

That is PRECISELY why they are passing this law at this moment. It's the Spectacle! This is the BLATANT proof of how the Spectacle is central to the capitalist State.

So there are huge tourist events, festivals plus that stupid Grand Prix, coming up for the summer in downtown Montreal, and they wanna clear the way for these, but it's not going to work.

The capitalists are going to have a very nasty surprise. Nothing is easier to disrupt than a damn festival.

I'm pretty sure it starts at 1000 and goes up to 3000 for repeat offenders... the anti-mask law doesn't have much of an effect in montreal because masked people have been known to wait further away in the city to join the demonstration during its march to avoid police control before the beginning of a march. It's gotten really bad the last 2 days. 2 Days ago people started launching cocktail molotov at the riot line and yesterday was very violent as well. The student movement had little to do with it, people came down on the street because of the special law. People in the street have been outraged even if a majority of the population seems to support it(rolleyes).

The majority of the population does not support this. The mainstream media and the polls does, being the mouth of Power.

Most common people I talk to here or read the comments on the net are enraged about it. And this administration was already unpopular.

If more people are coming down to the streets to molotov pigs, it's awesome. There are far more crazy and dangerous people out there than in the average student strikers.

+ their links.

The strike suffers from relatively poor coverage in the blogosphere, as there are many idiots who rely on mainstream media and Twitter/Facebook for updates. That's called the "#Occupy syndrome", a sacrifice of autonomy (and online security) in the favor of wider popularity. is mostly leftist, but they sometimes have good reports.

The rest is mostly in French

CUTV for the video feeds, and there's Youtube of course.

...also, it's got to do with the fact that most strikers are too busy to be either in the streets, fucking or sleeping (when they can). There were protests every fucking day here for weeks, and probably about 1-2 riot a week over the last month!

Tell me more about the fucking!!

NO. Come down here, especially at our next naked demo, and you'll see. Gorgeous youngsters all over the place!

...or perhaps you'd like me to send you some student strike porn? Got tons of tapes here... half price! if a ill-conceived law banning masks would stop those from black blocing. *rolls eyes*

I certainly hope that it doesn't, but anything that allows for longer sentences or excuses to arrest is a problem!

well an important aspect of the black bloc is that there are people in it who don't do anything illegal. It's why the police can't just arrest everyone in the black bloc until they declare an unlawful assembly. With this, the police could kettle a black bloc pretty much immediately and actually have grounds to charge them. I'm trying to think of a way to put a positive spin on this, but I don't think there is much of one. Maybe it'll piss of liberals as it's a clear violation of civil liberties or whatever, but I wouldn't count on it, as none of the other pieces of draconian legislation have really resulted in any outrage. Maybe it will make it so that people who plan on wearing a mask are more willing to break shit, since if they get caught they're going to get fucked regardless of whether they did or not.

maybe it will make black blocs more violent - more risk of arrest for me means it had better be worth it

Well, when the prison sentences for protesting becomes about equal to criminal offenses, it's not hard to guess what the people with a minimum of brains will do!

Why do I get the impression that all what the current administration is doing is fueling a civil war?

wow, anarchists really are hopelessly optimistic.

this is absurd.

reading this is like reading some shit from stalinist USSR.

mother fuck. we need a fucking revolution already.

just keep building, it'll happen eventually

IGTT 8/10

can you break that down?

I. Give. This. Troll. 8 points out of a total of 10 possible points.

breakdown as in a breakdown of the score, for example why 8 and not 10? what components were judged before commenting, etc?

Anti-mask laws exist all over the US but people just break 'em.

Also, you don't really need the mask:

Photographic evidence linking an unmasked person to a bloc'd person based on their eyebrows has been used in the US.

where? not doubting, just haven't heard of it being used.

There are many sunglasses out there that hide eyebrows.

In solidarity will these prosecuted comrades, whether they planned destruction or not.


This is total BS...

If I'm not confusing stories, they first found only a cell phone and beer-making stuff in the house. So the cops set up these guys by adding all the ninja weaponry baloney.

If these guys were really up to something, they would have never kept all this stuff at their place. What a joke.

To see daily live coverage (mix french / english)

Right now, riots and arrestations going on in Montreal against a new law passed that same day against protests.

We fight fascism

Go here:

and vote for John Zerzan!

Barry Soetoro 2012!!!

There is still hope!

Change We Can Believe in. For Hope and Change:

Derrick Jensen 2012!

Vermin Supreme 2012!

It's May Not Be Hope, But You'll Get A Pony!

Yet they are still talking philosophy right now at the Anarchist Book Fair!

Can't stop armchair anarchy!

In the meantime, students came up with a new way of closing down campuses, effortlessly...

But still if there are no real bombs at some point, these threats will become pointless.

The law also includes a clause which gives full Police authority over the route of a march. In legal terms, organizers must tell cops what will be the route, and cops can change this planned route at will.

But it doesn't change things in reality... cops are already declaring marches "illegal" a few minutes after they're starting.

Only thing that really changes is the level of prison/bail threat.

Yeah, potentially longer, more costly legal battles. But really, it doesn't change much and likely, it pisses more people off.

Inching us closer and closer to the big ruptures coming down the pipe. Can you feel it?

yes getting more blood flow to my cock

your cock of insurrection? Fucking manarchist!

Oh fuck yeah this is gonna be a big one.

oh goddamn it guys who finished off the toilet paper and didn't tell me??

Everything is illegal now !!!

Might as well just start killing cops. You'll probably do less time.

No more pigs in our community.... he he heh...

To quote Francisco Pizarro:

"Kill half of them, the other half will do whatever you want."

- anarcho-stalinist (lol)

The CLASSE finally made a press announcement, and it was a polite, elaborate "fuck off" to this legal dictatorship.

There's also a new website for the students to "snitch themselves" to cops. That, I find really questionable, but as long as it makes the resistance spread... and they're so cute:

("arrest me, somebody")

I don't actually find that questionable at all. The people likely to do that are not likely to be the most militant at protests, but they will provide a very important social context through which the population will be able to understand resistance. Publicly putting out hundreds of diverse locals who are saying fuck the law is totally a plus because it either shows the government as powerless to arrest them or necessitates a broad scale crackdown that is unsustainable. The government move is a good development because it's going to push the majority of actors into choosing an explicitly illegal position without serious consequences. This can't help but improve ties between the broader society and those doing other kinds of illegal acts.

Yeah, ur right.

But my only problem with that action is the more-than-obvious giving away of facial identification to cops. For giving common people -especially those who probably won't go down to Montreal to protest because of distance and stuff- the opportunity to openly show their solidarity with the strikers and against this dictatorship, it's a big A+...

But Big Brother is still around, and the prisons are hungry.

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