Report back from Das Kapital study group

  • Posted on: 23 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">... Independent Media Center</a>

We are vehement first worldist marxists and we use pinot grigio bottles instead of something tastelessly flammable. Our rituals of symbolic revolt inspire us, especially when we read about primitive accumulation.

Our group convenes this week and begins with a discussion and celebration of the latest events from comrades in the West and the possibility of further accelerations of struggle in our own vicinity. We respond to a series of questions posed by a Greek bourgeois newspaper concerning their year of insurrection and revolt. Our attention then turns to our weekly collective study. This week we prepare to continue reading chapter three.</td><td><img title="Isn't this like 2-3 years old?" src="">...

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We review, recite and observe with a particular emphasis: the capital process is masked by its constant transformations into concrete particular modes of existence; the commodity's dual aspects are masked by their existence in the equivalent and relative forms as only a use-value for the reciever and only an exchange value for the transmitter; the labor and marginal theory of value of the political economist is a mask that freezes time as opposed to the historically dynamic abstract and socially necessary labor time at the root of the value of products; capital's money-form as wages for the proletariat mask their role in the circulation of variable capital as drafts for means of subsistence as opposed to money as disposition for productive consumption, for the capitalist; convention, culture and juridical activity mask the productive-historical factors that are behind them leading to bizaare rituals and value systems; markets mask the myriad shifts in supply and demand for countless productive activities which we lose track of and therefore control over, passively deferring to the inexorable spiral of self-valorization; exchange masks the intentions and concrete conditions of production; etc.

The commodity form shows us its poker face and remains silent, but all social activity, in this epoch, belongs to it and its relations. They chatter amongst themselves alone. Humans appear merely to have material relations with each other, standing by the rails while we watch and anticipate the movements of commodities, always trying to guess it's next move. We come on the scene immediately encountered by this upside-down world and are confronted by only empty smiles, cold stares and stiff movements, animated only at the point of the automatic process of exchange and circulation: but what lies beneath the poker face, what does it conceal that we cannot read, which might help us uncover a pattern more important than the next play? How can we affect capital and get it to sweat, that is, how can we get it to show what its got.. how can we make it hot?


The few things that have recently come from Atlanta anarchists/Atlanta IMC make them sound pretty infantile. Stop trying to sound like intellectual, pomo goofballs.

Also, this shit's from NYC, and yes, it is 2-3 years old. Why exactly was this posted?

i only realized i was anarchist until after seeing real democracy in action at the OA general assembly so I don't know what was happening 2-3 years ago sorry i cant tell you more

"real democracy"

I bet you think Noam Chomsky is really neat.

There is a lot of wobbleheads migrating to this site. I guess the Jesus rape picture had some undue consequences? Making rape jokes chases off the old new left and attracts the new old left.

Seriously though, where the fuck are they all coming from? Is libcom getting really boring or something? Oh...

Tbh, I think it is the result of the failure of the Occupy movement. Left anarchists have retreated from the streets and flooded the Internet. Though Occupy may of been dead for some time, disillusion has finally set in and the imagination of the left anarchists has retreated to traditional ideological positions projected onto this site. There could also be the failure of facebook to contain social networking within its walls at has been the case for the past several years.

But you'd think there would be a corresponding movement by insurrectionary anarchists onto the site. But what we have now is the nihilist trolls, who are a bunch of basement dwellers and not protester types and who've been here for some time, weren't ever really into the Occupy bullshit, versus bored left anarchists in a state of retreat.

Maybe this isn't it either. Maybe what is really going on is summer-dandies have finally arrived in full force now that school is out for college as well as high school?

yes i do. what is your point?

ps i think more anarchists should clearly communicate our ideas and live respectable lives like noam and me to demonstrate to the public that we don't need bosses or the police to tell us what to do (because we are already doing it just fine on our own). my time with OA really taught me a lot about real democracy and how consensus can pre-figure a new world. there were these other anarchists i'm not so sure about that would yell at police (they are the 99%). they were just confused and didn't know about noam i guess.

can't tell if trolling or sarcasm

sadly i think it's a troll. i think sarcasm would've been done a little more eloquently.

anonymous commenter at 11:08, 11:52, 11:57 here

i'm not sarcastic or a troll. i am confused. what point are you trying to make asking me about noam?

Theres is no such thing as democracy.
noam chomsky has erectile dysfunction.
fuck the police. always.

i don't understand why you are hostile. i like noam and if you have something to say about him say it but dont tell about his p$&@!

He is hostile because he thinks you are a liberal. I understand you are new the the anarchyism thing. But for real, noam chomsky is not an anarchist and is a complete tool.

Y'all are getting troll'd.


why do you say noam is not an anarchist? he has written many books on anarchism and wikipedia says so.

If by "on" you mean "about" and by "many books" you mean "one book", then sure. Also Wikipedia says lots of things that aren't factual.


yeah, and in at least one of his books he VERY CLEARLY comes out in support of "one world government".

spin that as anarchist, couldja?

let me give credit where due, though. like howard zinn, chomsky surely deserves some amount of credit for radicalizing - or at least opening the door for radicalization to - a large number of people. but most of those people are, like noam, progressive/radical leftists, not anarchists. noam is not an anarchist. sorry, fail.

i bet you feel silly

I was stalking you, and now I'm going to kill you.

Some deliquents in Atlanta have recently found the art of trolling so expect more things like this to come out. It's easy to attack but the lazy choose to troll.

troll is a art

IGTT 0/10

troll is a fart

If the video is any indication, those Atlanta kids sure do know how to party!

They sure do!

From some Wobblie on the ATL IMC:
Thank you for making this video and posting it here. Please do not let all these moronic children turn you off from anarchism. Anarchism is a rich ideology and political philosophy that has its roots in organizing the working class. These infants aren't anarchists at all; they are just vandals, hooligans, criminals, and the children of the bourgeoisie and as such have no stake in class struggle or engaging in any positive project. All they want to do is destroy (they call it smasochy-smasochy) or eat out with their parents' money. They even eat out of the dumpster because it is hip and lifestylism pervades the milieu. There are rumors that under the guise of sexual liberation they eat out (as in the act of sodomy) at secret "ass snuggle" meetings to mock the real class struggle organizing we do in the IWW. I have read on the Face Book that they claim to have moments of political insight at these meetings. Perposterous.

But alas they are the future of this struggle as we Wobblies are a dying breed. I just wish I got invited to the sodomy parties.

It seems like all these Atlanta kids do is party. I remember reading about their imaginary party and that May Day dance party. And now sodomy parties. I thought anarchists reject all political parties?

I'm a wobblie and I eat ass.

I bet you do

Finally a real life internet Wobblie confirms what I've been saying about the IWW for years

>real life internet
>real life

Geez man. It's not like I don't wash them first. If you've never licked an ass you're seriously missing out.


yeah whats with the ass eating hate? dont bash it till you try it!

eat my ass

No sexual deviants in manarchy land. Next you'll be telling us we should work with homos and stuff. NO THANKS BRO! It's not my revolution if I can't police other people's sexuality.

That's not manarchy. Manarchy is the rejection of your moralizing bullshit, you moral-dandy. You wish manarchists were against cocksucking, but manarchists suck cock harder and longer than you ever will! Against sexual deviants!?! This is some moral-dandy cointelpro. Fuck my ass! Manarchy bitches!

if the video is any indication the a's in NY really know how to party.

This video is from NYC 3 years ago...

Read the actual report-back from the Atlanta solidarity demo with Montreal.
Disregard trolls.

-an Atlanta @

I want to say this is some tier 1 shit because it looks like fun. Then again, I want to say this is some tier 3 shit because it's Das Kapital. Can anyone get in touch with Our Dear Leader to find out?

Im not sure... ask local atl informants i am pretty sure they know the wheraabouts

marxists are stupid. all they want to do is replace the people at the top of the power structure, never realizing that it is power itself that is the problem.

the very concept of democracy is idiotic. how about we start making decisions democratically about what to do about your heart problems? it doesn't matter that 99.9% of us don't know anything about the workings of the human heart. you really want decisions about how to deliver potable water to your faucet to be made democratically? i sure as hell don't because i know neither you nor i know a damn thing about how to get it done.

bust the mold, you fucking morons. the options you've read about in your little books from your little revolutionary used bookstore had better not be the only options available. if they are, the human species is doomed to perpetual suffering.

"if they are, the human species is doomed to perpetual suffering."

Because after a real revolution, nobody will stub their toes ever again...

>> because i know neither you nor i know a damn thing about how to get it done.

really? i happen to be diy plumber, and i DO know how to get it done. what a stupid fucking statement.

Althusserian much?

The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the rearticulation of power.

who knos what' s happening with communism today,,,, what the fuck has any1 evr done for it that lasts like it matters, but maybe there be a chance 4 it i dunno tho
,,,, 8ball

UR a fucking bourgeois moron 8ball hiding behind a dyslectic condition and a caffeine addiction. For instance, tell me what your views are on existentialism and nihilism!

PS and also your mother walks the streets and accommodates football teams.

WTF dont you fuckin bring my mas into this git ther fuckin hell outsidfe whers wew ncan settler this oncer and fduckin fore all.,.,8ball

8ball I can't believe you've kept up your absurd retardo-tough guy goofiness from anokchan for so long!!!
You've really developed a hilarious character here!

WTF yoiu fuckin talkinb b out i always be here and dont you call me fuckin dog goofy nasme i a fuckin humin bing,,,AND i fuckin thgink humour is like healing force specieall;y when it fuckin just is effartless i just a happy go luclky fucklin person not meanin to do standup, hey what yuos fuckin think nowe smart asas? im talkin bout humout not fuckin Dass Kaplital,.,.8ball

o atlanta trollol

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