Toward a Black and Green Future

  • Posted on: 10 March 2016
  • By: thecollective

From Uncivilized Animals

Video below is of a panel presentation titled “Toward a Black and Green Future”. On the panel was John Zerzan, Jeriah Bowser, and myself [Ian Smith (ed.)].

It was presented on March 4, 2016 at the University of Oregon as part of the 34th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC).

Part 1

Part 2




They all look so nervous and uncomfortable. This is awkward.

I think they are terrified they might have an independent thought that might deviate them off the Zerzanian path...including Zerzan since he is so fucking inconsistent that he forgets when he contradicts himself..."Was I against symbolic language more than industrialism or industrialism more than symbolic language? Do opposed the totality of civilization or civilization because it is a totality? Is nihilism like post modernism or is post modernism like nihilism? How do things work again? Nevermind, I'm against it and these other choads need to get on board else I'll denounce them as not really anarcho-primitivist. LOL fuck these losers. I'm old."

I actually think he has a good thing going there. He also accepts that civilization is here to stay barring a global die off tragedy. Zerzan is being wishful if he thinks just clearing the leftoids, other deologues and talking matter-of-factly about civilization will somehow make a dent. Montana Ted essentially got an NYT book deal talking about doing away with the monster and the world ultimately still marched on. Unless you can get to the root cause of what drives civilization(sublimated attachments and abstract enslavement) and develop habits, techniques and for-self activities of simplicity that curve the behavior then civilization will continue to be the biosphere's skin disease in some form.

What's good about Bowser is that he and others have developed a system that is basically the anarchist equivalent to things like ayahuasca and other therapeutic processes. Good on him. Better then the ritualistic rubbish tied to constituted antagonism.

The Unterrified are transphobic scum and leaning toward the reactionary in general. Why are people buddy buddy with Bennett et all? If this really is you Bellamy I think A! was right in most of his critiques and these jackasses simply back pedal when talking to you.

You are transphobic by forcing people into the identity of "trans" and then worshipping them to hide your guilt. But I do think the unterrified don't understand aragon's idea of indigeneity. It seems he isn't thinking about it in terms of the spectre of race but more about the particulars of a community's relationships with the land they are on. It is that relationship, which is physical in some ways and spiritual in others, that aragorn, I think, is basing the idea on.

The Unterrified are just as bigoted and foolish in their thinking as DGR except instead of coming out of Moaism they're coming out of 9/11 Truther shit and right wing Egoism.

do his intimate teachings to his clients include staring disdainfully at inquisitive pupils and exhibiting his inclination toward punching them in the face with explicit lack of regard for a succeeding relationship ?

"Anti-technology" show recorded on a video camera and put on the Internet.

"We're using technology AGAINST itself!!!"

Sure you are. That's why you spend so much time online instead of frolicking naked through the woods and refusing to think in "symbolic" terms like a bonobo. Still waiting for that "collapse" and mass die-off you're all waiting for where we all regress back to barbarism and sing kumbaya, or not, because music is "symbolic" isn't it? If the singularity is the "rapture of the nerds", the collapse is the rapture of the loser city-boys from the Pacific Northwest who don't know the first thing about actually living in "nature".

tu quoque, try again or not you actually believe it's not possible to use technology against the system? Wow what an idiot.

Still waiting for that insurrection you are trying to start by breaking windows and throwing newspaper boxes into the street.

Exactly. You know someone doesn't have an argument when they play the hypocrisy card.

If i had to choose between running into the forest and throwing a newspaper box into the street ... I'd choose the later. Next strawman, please.

You don't have to choose. Next false dichotomy please.

Douche lord, are you expecting people here to take you seriously with those poor arguments against anticiv people? How about YOU go live naked in the wild for a significant period of time... this may be good for improving your own relationship with the real world.

I'd consider it if I actually had any idea where "the wild" is. Do you mean away from other people/society? Not sure why I would want to do that. Particular people, sure.

What other things take 'particular' people to you? Is that like being pre-ordained, or annointed or some shit?

It doesn't require particularity to realize humans aren't the center of the universe. Do you really need that sustained level of human contact? It's okay to vary up your lives experiences.

Wow, Jeriah seems like a real asshole in normal conversation.

his blog writing looks to be about the same , unfortunately

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