Brazil: An Anarchist Analysis of Occupy Brasília, 24th of May, 2017

  • Posted on: 4 June 2017
  • By: thecollective

From Insurrection News

Occupy Brasília, 24th of May, 2017

“A demonstration that was planned as peaceful degenerated into violence, vandalism and disrespect, aggression to public order, threats to the people, many of them public servants, who were so terrified that we had to guarantee their evacuation” – Minister of Defense

Occupy Brasília: A national movement, a call from critics of the government of President Michel Temer, critics of labour and welfare reforms. At least these were the official claims. Organized by all kinds of reformers and leftists.

It is worth noting that during the protests, in the widespread riots on the street against all aspects of domination and its ills, the resistance of baderneirxs (hooded ones), the offensive of the vandals became a firm reality, present and prepared. To people who have abandoned the role of citizens and articulate themselves as enemies of authority, state, capital and its suicidal pace of progress, the scenes and experiences of defiance against power in these journeys are enthusiastic, symbolic, disorderly, chaotic, unexpected and so beautiful…like seeing the ministry of agriculture, that den of agribusiness, greeted with the flames of revolt wrapped in the black smoke of the fire.

As the drift into total political crisis continues the reformers insist on defending the institutions, power and the very form of current dominance, democracy! Guarantees of privileges or crumbs, fear of the unknown…

Apparently the intentions of the massive pro-reform, pacifist oriented leftist protest were to stay away “from confrontation, rioting and looting”. Naturally, the desires of people did not fit into party programs and trade unions and soon “police intelligence evaluated that there were 500 uncontrollables”. “Baderneirxs”, “Black Blocs” and other “vandal groups”!!!

Explaining this, law enforcement officials announced they had mobilized a contingent of 1,500 police, and that they had already set up cordons, searching for and seizing “potentially offensive materials.” Buses carrying thousands of people from all over Brazil gathered at the Mane Garrincha Arena and a march began with a sound system car toward the National Congress. The confusion began at around 2:00PM when “uncontrollables” broke through the police cordon that was maintained by the Military Police between the bus station the Esplanade of Ministries.

From then on it was unleashed: “The horror on the Esplanade!!!” “Masked demonstrators, rioting, graffiti, barricades, disorder, violence.”

An organizer evaluated:
“It will be a day of pitched battle, with great difficulty in making a political act or closing.”

From the sound system car came calls for peace, condemning the masked ones, pointing at them and trying to coerce them, warning their flock.

“Fire, stones, and shots.”

Amidst the clashes, two military police officers drew their guns near the ministry of agriculture and opened fire at demonstrators who used window panes that were ripped out of the ministries as shields.

A protest participant was hospitalized after being shot in the face (a perforation in the jaw), the bullet entered near the carotid artery. They were hospitalized in a severe condition, sedated and on breathing apparatuses until the afternoon of May 25.

“The Civil Police are investigating whether the case is related to the previous incident involving the police.”

In their sadism of carrying out their orders the repressive forces are capable of anything to beat, mutilate, to kill. And as has happened often, a person in the demonstation was struck in the eye by a rubber bullet.

We are sorry that the bomb that a masked man was carrying exploded in his hand, costing him three fingers, did not explode into an agent’s ear. Strength warrior!!!

The destruction spread through the ground floors of the ministries with stoning, destruction of furntiture and bureaucratic materials, iconoclasm, fires…against the ministries that made the vengeance bitter…Agriculture, Culture, Work, Tourism, National Integration, Health, Finance, Planning and Mines and Energy. The Brasilia Cathedral and the Republic Museum were also targeted. Confrontation became widespread.

At 3:30PM Globo News broadcast live images from the Esplanade in Brasilia, the heart of the ministries’ headquarters, with the highlight being the column of black smoke and fire coming from the ground floor of the ministry of agriculture.

“Agriculture minister Blairo Maggi was in a meeting with his ministry team when vandals set fire to the building forcing him to flee the area.”

The actions created in this building devastate life in general in all of the territory dominated by the Brazilian state and beyond. The Ministry of Agriculture is invested in dominating territories, seeds, sponsoring looting under the cover of sustainable development all prepared with ecological awareness. Through their actions bioregions are devastated, native cultures are exterminated, the cases are many from Mato Grosso to Pará, from Rio Grande do Sul to Acre and from one corner to another the Ministry of Agriculture is harmful to everything that is alive!

The zones of conflict spread unceasingly during the confrontation with the forces of law and order. The desecration of the dens where they plot and celebrate their activities provoked the evacuation of the ministry buildings. Fearful parliamentarians entrenched in their den called for more repressive forces.

In the midst of this “barbarism” of “law-breaking” with “a risk of congress being invaded” “putting lives at risk” and the “local authorities incapable of maintaining order” President Michel Temer responding to calls to “restore respect for life” to “guarantee law and order” to “defend the institutions against violence, mayhem and disorder” because “there is no justification after all for violence in a demoncracy,” calls in the armed forces.

17h10 – Temer Decree on the use of the Armed Forces is published in a special edition of the Diário Oficial.

Just before 6:00PM the military were on the streets. The fighting lasted until dusk with the red sun setting on the burning barricades.

The loss of 1.4 million in damages to property on the Esplanade rather than material damages are now part of the impulses that have been unleashed from these days of confrontation against power. The parliamentarians mourn that “the damages have to be accounted for”, “criminals penalized”, the state “compensated”. The defense minister orders “investigations in all places where there were actions incompatible with democracy”. They are counting on identifaction, individualization of actions to slam down their hammer. The mask is always our friend! Wear a mask, change clothes, do damage and flee.

And the president shouts: – “Everything was done within the constitution!” A general on duty is justified on the grounds that everything is within the constitution and such a ruse has already been used during protests in Rio de Janeiro, police strikes in Recife and Espírito Santo, protests against the Olympics and the World Cup. They make it clear that they strive to broaden and normalize the possibility of using the armed forces to contain what threatens the state and the current government.

The next day the president revokes the extraordinary use of the armed forces that was activated until May 21. At 11AM the Federal Police’s bomb squad is activatd to respond to a call from the ministry of labor that received a bomb threat on the 9th floor. The building is evacuated and so is the farming ministry building. Everything is normalized and the machine rotates again. But nothing is as before.

For the spread of initiatives to confront power and build autonomy.

Donos de nós mesmxs.

*The quotations were written using words from ministers, senators, deputies, newspaper headlines and other authorities not recognized by us.


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