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  • Posted on: 5 June 2010
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Detention center 127 bis in flames
Friday June 4th 2010

Once again, recently, some of the prisoners at the Steenokkerzeel detention center decided to set fire to their cell. A whole dormitory went up in flames. The cops evacuated the whole wing, some forty prisoners. They did all they could to stop anyone from escaping -- we don't have much more information. The gesture itself speaks; we could just stop right there - but there's more. Since it's the objective of the State and its vultures the journalists to keep acts of rebellion from being seen by any possible accomplices, various versions of the facts were given, before the event disappeared entirely from the "miscellaneous news" columns. But it doesn't matter to us whether it was one or even four people that took action that evening, and that the material damage was of this or that size; what inspires us the fact they chose to take direct action, without making any demands, against what confines us all.

To quiet these bursts of revolt, the State has its responses: ten new prisons will be built in the coming years, and a few steps away from the extant center, workers - whether forced to do it or just resigned to their fates - are building a new camp for Besix and Valens, to shut away the uncooperative ones. Like the ones that burnt their cells. But this event wasn't just a one-off aberration.</td><td><img title="could we have a strategy conversation here about prisons, inside and out? Naw fuck it. Magnets!" src="files/pictures/2010/nonfides.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

For years, a wave of agitation has been running through the prisons. Rebellions have proliferated, as have escapes and confrontations with guards. The revolts echo outside. Riots flare up in city neighborhoods in response to bad treatment in prisons; the collaborators with this prison world are being targeted. The corporations that build the jails, the corporations that run the deportation machine, cops of all stripes… all of them are being made to pay their share of the cost.
Because, in the face of the crushing of each and every person's freedom, there comes a time when you have to attack those that are working to maintain this world of confinement, whether at home, church, school, or work.
Because it's never too soon to revolt; because the struggle against all forms of authority and domination already points the way we're headed.
Let's destroy what destroys us!



 (posted around French indymedia sites)
We don't expect anything from this society anymore. What it imposes on us disgusts us; what it offers us doesn't interest us. We don't want to submit anymore to the routines of work just for a few crumbs in exchange for our obedience; we don't want our only dreams to be whatever television shows us.

They've already killed us thousands of times. In school, where they pound into our heads the idea that just following along with the flock is better than stubbornly believing in going your own way. At work, where the rhythms of production and the exigencies of money suffocate our beating hearts aspiring to freedom. At home, where antidepressants and family traditions drown us in the habit of resignation. In prisons or detention centers, where society confirms our status as undesirables. In churches, mosques or synagogues, where the promise of a paradise purchased in exchange for an authoritarian morality makes us forget that we live in the present. This society is in love with death and represses life.

This society has the whole world on a leash; it's just a little longer sometimes. We're not the kind to fight for a looser collar, a higher wage, a less brutal police force, more honest and concerned politicians. We just want what any being held on a leash wants: we want to cut the leash, set the fucking cage on fire, and crush everyone that'd tried to keep us on that leash, or would like to.

This explosion of passion for life isn't some great final moment to patiently await; it's a everyday thing, and it gets more and more intense as it accelerates and spreads. Maybe it's confused sometimes, not always knowing where to strike so as to break the chains of slavery to and membership in all this, but it's alive. Revolt, the scream of life against a society of the dead, expresses itself in thousands of rainbow colors: from attacks on the police that section off our streets, to injuries inflicted on oh-so-sacrosanct property; from sabotage against the structures of domination like banks, temp agencies, supermarkets, and institutions of all kinds, to clear and plain refusals to let ourselves be controlled, humiliated, regimented.

The revolt isn't simply about disgust; it's also about joy. The joy of affirming that in spite of all we are ALIVE. That in spite of the reigning alienation, our pathways of revolt are still crossing, and the possibility of building ties of complicity are never entirely annihilated.

In the fury of action, we forge our dreams of a world without masters or slaves, little by little. They'll necessarily be attacked because they create fissures; but desires are what undermine the social edifice.


May the winds of freedom blow.

May the tempest of insurrection rage.</b>


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Beautiful poetic adorable fate!

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