Barricades and clashes in Chillán

  • Posted on: 23 November 2011
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" on Society</a>
<p><em>from <a href="">culmine</a>, translated by <a href="">war on society</a>:</em></p>
<p>At about 9:30 pm, in the context of the meeting of CONFECH <em>[Student Confederation of Chile]</em> in Chillán, <em>encapuchxs ['hooded ones']</em> blockaded with barricades two of the most central streets of the city, as well as dropping banners in solidarity with the political prisoners <strong>Gonzalo Zapata</strong>, <strong>Francisco Moreno </strong>and <strong>Cristóbal Franke</strong> in addition to a banner against capitalist Education. Molotov cocktails were thrown at the institutions of the State, banks and the larcenous and environmentally destructive business &#8220;CGE,&#8221; there were also clashes with the repressive forces of the State who, it&#8217;s worth mentioning, fired and threatened with their weapons those in the crowd supporting the <em>encapuchadxs</em>, as well as encouraging the lawyers who were in the plaza to confront the <em>encapuchadxs</em>, who also threw anarchist pamphlets to the crowd that observed the barricades, with the following text:</p></td><td><img title="Humans have always had an instinct around fire. It heats our food and burns our enemies. In the future we should kill two birds with one stone and eat our enemies." src=""></td...

<p align="CENTER"><em>By means of autonomous, anonymous and subversive organization, we declare war on the dominant bourgeois system; on their State based on inequality and the capitalist dictatorship which keeps us poor, exploited and indebted. </em><em>But through actions such as these, we defend ourselves from their neoliberal violence and their market education, separate from yellow false representatives and partyists who only seek to make political runs, as with the CONFECH spokespersons managed by the party also at the service of the bourgeoisie&#8211;P&#8221;C&#8221;. We are the sons and daughters of the workers who didn&#8217;t think twice in defending themselves against any form of oppression and authority. We are the insubordinate, we are in the streets, and we are bourgeoisie&#8217;s nightmare.<br />
<strong>FREE AND POPULAR EDUCATION!!</strong><br />
<strong> FREEDOM FOR ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS!! </strong><br />
<strong> DEATH TO THE STATE AND LONG LIVE ANARCHY!!</strong></em></p>

<p>Moreover it&#8217;s worth mentioning that the yellow mouthpiece party leaders of CONFECH were escorted out in the face of the rage of the bases upon which they have for months sold out the movement, protecting the interests of their parties also at the service of the bourgeoisie.</p>
<p style="text-align: right"><em><strong>A nameless who observed everything and didn&#8217;t tell anyone anything. </strong></em></p>


greece and germany seem to have somewhat similar dynamics in that their previous dictatorships seem to have created a feeling in the militants there that they must fight like hell or the dictatorship could come back.

just think that's interesting, that post-dictatorship radicals probably see the recent history as a call to arms for themselves. does that sense to anyone?

in fact, post-dictatorship countries like greece and spain have actually some of the biggest struggles. but "dictatorships" (like the ones in the past) are very unlikely to rise up again. however i agree that in these countries many people are angry, because they can recognize in their own situation that their is no big difference between the old dictatorship and the new democracy.
the other point: the situation of the struggle in germany and greece can in no way be compared. in germany the "militants" are the "Autonome" (of which many see themselves as a part of the left) but they are kind of isolated from the rest of the society. for example at this moment it seems absolutely impossible that in germany (or at least in berlin) could be organised a general strike like in greece, france or spain. the greece anarchists have some kind of sympathies from "normal" people and there is a mass movement. so i think the dynamic is not the same at all.
i'm not very motivated to write a big analysis here, but as i live in europe, i just wanted to point out these things.

a correction should be made to this translation, "barristas" refers to soccer team fanatics and not lawyers

an alternative translation from sabotagemedia

I always prefer my coffee to be made by soccer team fanatics and not lawyers.

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