General discussion

General discussion

A diverging line of pursuit in insurgent studies

A book (Master's Tools), a short lived journal (2 issues of Insurgencies) and a short lived think tank (the Institute for the Study of Insurgent Warfare).

Then listen to Tom Nomad's regular (i think) segment on the last third of the show:


The internet is a fairly effective tool for fucking with our own perceptions. Having logged on to any number of "radical" sites, one might get the impression of a vibrant and rich anti-authoritarian tendency among people these days. We log off and find deserts, not the fun kind. For those outside of major cities, "our" "people" can seem non-existent. We know this too well to be tactic employed by the state to crush instances of actual human feeling, but discuss little on circumventing this isolation. My questions for you animals is this: What do you do to find your people?

Spanish language anarchist news and other websites, a list

in ABC order, for the most part: (list compiled here: )

Pozol Colectivo

.Dasic FernándeZ.


Conciencia Anarquista

Update on Funding Request

UPDATE: I want to thank everyone who has stepped forward and shared their love and who donated. Kevin and I have come to a compromise. We will be divorcing and moving forward with our lives. I deleted the GO FUND ME as it is no longer needed and I have refunded the money to those of you who helped. For those who donated anonymously, I will keep that confidential and I truly want to thank you.

Again, THANK YOU. I'm forever grateful.

On Love

Isn't it sweet that young anarchists, so in enraptured by anarchism, seek the council of other anarchists in matters regarding love? Have we come to raise one another? What does this mean in the internet age? What role do parents play when the children are raised by screens? And how best to approach the questions of young anarchists, atomized as they are?

Those are my questions. But I am also here to ask questions posed to me by a young anarchist.

On Romanitic Love