General discussion

General discussion

Call for accomplices: Portland Free University

Via PDX Activist, with a big shout out to Anarchist News for giving us an amazing site structure to plagirize! I see it, this is precisely the nature of a real struggle against intellectualism. It is not a glorification of ignorance, but a defiant refusal to be dispossessed of one’s capacity to learn, think and understand."

Wolfi Landstreicher, Against the Logic of Submission

JZ 4-23-2019

JZ was moved over to a second channel on the radio station so the spectacle of an all-important baseball game could go on. The recording did not make the switch . SO you hear the baseball game until the end. THEN they switched to JZ. So you only get 20 mins.

The old corpse of national liberation creeping back?

Some one on the irc reminded me about this crappy nationalist background I went through during my teenage. It's not that much an important detail; we all get caught up the political farce of some Imagined Community at some point, and I did make a fool of myself in some different ways, like proselytizing about the anarcho-communist social revolution for a while... All of it was fluff. Or "spooks" if you prefer.

Moving Forward - Short Story by M. Shimshon

This story is about an inexperienced wandering I who is thrown into a present which sends the past into complete disarray. Futures and pasts conflicting and loving each other. The environmental collapse swirls around us, it is past the apocalypse (that grew slowly) and a time which resembles our own. It is a futile attempt in the scheme.

Moving Forward

Notes on Post-Collapse Anarchism

- Rather than speculate on the future, its worth a look at our recent
history to see how anarchists might respond to climate disaster.

- Two Cambridge University analysts (among many others) are convinced
that society will not be able to change quickly enough to avoid collapse due to
climate change. Thus, both of them are saying we should prepare
for a Post-Collapse humanity, opening the door for Post-Collapse Anarchism.

Reportback: Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair 2019 – Boyceville

The late spring air was still stubbornly clinging to the chill of the Midwest as we pulled up to Blasphemy Cooperative for the Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair, an event I had been hotly anticipating since the schedule had been announced, appearing on the frontpage of anews like a valentine from a secret admirer on the 14th of February. Finally, someone is speaking to ME, I thought, as I quickly read, and reread the post.

The winners of "anarchism"

...are forever doomed to be collectively generating the pathological negatives of the "losers", when they carelessly are reproducing the same competitive herding dynamics as found in the wider society. This production process of "social wastes" isn't going to cause the defeat of anarchism as paradigm or philosophy, but a long and creeping sclerosis. It'd be hard to imagine that this would be within a planned program of counterinsurgency, so no conspiracy theory here...

A Critique of "Tankies and the Left-Unity Scam"

I want to start a discussion that critiques this essay:

My personal critique is that while everything said here is true about state communism, this essay limits itself by appearing to create a false affinity between communism and anarchism.

I feel this essay could have expanded it's critique of communism all the way through, arriving at solid black anarchy as the conclusion of rejecting left unity.