Squatter’s Digest: Greece

From Freedom Press UK

Greece, the home of democracy. And molotov cocktails. They also enjoy regular cocktail nights to raise money for the squats and imprisoned anarchists.

It’s one thing to know what is going on inside the UK with regards to squats, but I feel we are severely lacking in communication with squats across Europe, or indeed the world. Hopefully I can bring to you some of the news from some of the squats in Greece along with the usual round-up of news from London and beyond.

Resisting Tyranny in Hong Kong

From The Final Straw Radio

For the hour, we spoke with Ahkok who identifies as a humanitarian, antifascist and musician who grew up in Hong Kong and has participated in protests over the years including the Umbrella Movement and current protests today. We talk about the mindset of the Hong Kong protests, the situation in China, decolonization, racism and more.

Anarchist Comrades Released From Prison in Greece

From Abolition Media Worldwide

On Wednesday, 24.07, anarchist comrades Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos, members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire were released. The comrades were originally convicted with sentences of over 70 years, which were reduced to 20. The comrades made use of the Paraskevopoulos law that was introduced by the previous SYRIZA-led government and were released after having served 8 years of their 20 year sentences.

Turin, Italy: Chasing the dream part 6

From Act for Freedom!

Notes Beginning with "Operation Scintilla"

After lively months as we tried to give a good response to the eviction of Asilo and the arrests of six comrades, as we tried to keep the will to struggle alive in this city, we are now taking time to reflect on this investigative theorem delivered by the Police, created by prosecutors and approved by a female investigating judge. A theorem which for now hasn’t passed the first impact with the Court of review; after three months, in fact, five comrades are out of prison, which still holds Silvia behind the walls under particularly hard detention conditions. 

TOTW: The Resistance, 2019

Following the 2016 election there was a wave of social unrest - we were called upon not to accept the “new normal” of the Trump administration, protesters attempted to disrupt the Inauguration, controversial immigration laws were met with people flooding airports, and countless reading lists bloomed to educate readers on the subject of fascism. This phenomenon was branded as The Resistance, a slogan which was soon to be associated with bumper stickers and obsessions with foreign intrigues that disrupt the “normal” as much as your garden variety conspiracy theorist.

Grandad’s hosts Coffee with a Cop; Hamilton anarchists offer Coffee Without Cops outside

From The Hamilton Spectator, July 26, 2019

Even before Pride violence, police program was a lightning rod of controversy. It was a normal Saturday morning rush at Grandad's doughnut shop in Hamilton's North End. Normal except for the three uniformed police officers chatting with customers inside.

And the eight or so anarchists handing out free coffee and a "different view of police" outside the popular spot at the foot of James Street North near the bay front.

Occult Features of Anarchism, by Erica Laglisse

From USAPP– American Politics and Policy, book review

In Occult Features of Anarchism, with Attention to the Conspiracy of Kings and the Conspiracy of the PeoplesErica Laglisse challenges the assumption that rationality and secularism are at the centre of anarchism, instead showing how this is rooted in a disavowal of its roots in religious and occult thinking, with implications for how we view anarchism and conspiracy theories today. This is a rich work that confronts deep-seated contemporary questions about anarchism, conspiracy theories and the nature of knowledge, writes Bethan Johnson

Anarchists Ready for Battle, New Democracy Moves to End College Asylum

From The National Herald

ATHENS – With anarchists in the neighborhood of Exarchia they dominate reportedly guarded abandoned buildings they have taken over, the new New Democracy government is forging ahead fast with plans to end asylum on college campuses and confront the groups.


Pioneers of anarchism: Varlam Cherkezishvili (Tcherkesoff)

From Freedom Press UK

Lesser-known of two “anarchist princes” exiled to London in the 1890s (the other being Peter Kropotkin), Cherkezishvili (Warlaam Tcherkesoff in the Russian manner) was an influence on British and wider European movements up to the beginning of the First World War.

Notes On Friendship And Destitution

From Conflict Minnesota, Anonymous submission to Conflict Minnesota

On some recent sunny evenings in south Minneapolis, an advertised reading group met to discuss the book Joyful Militancy. One of the discussions was framed with a question posed by the book: “How do we create situations where we feel more alive and capable than before?”


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