Violence and Activism: Five Variations

Violence and Activism: Five Variations

From Adbusters

Does violence have a place in art? Whether it does, it has featured to a growing extent in the “actions,” or protest-performances, of Petr Pavlensky. The Russian-born provocateur first made a sensation of himself when, in 2012, he sewed his lips shut and stood in public protest of the jailing of members of Pussy Riot. (They were convicted of hooliganism for their punk demonstration, within the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, against the Russian Orthodox Church’s support of then-candidate Vladimir Putin.)

New Publication: Beyond the Dark Horizon

from beyond the dark horizon

Beyond The Dark Horizon

A publication of green anarchist art, poetry, stories, rants from ‘so called-Australia’ and beyond.

“We are in a new epoch of breakdown what will it mean to not have a horizon … to have no map of how to act … to have only shifting sands to cling to and be in a world radically different than that of the last 10000+ years? What does green anarchy mean today?”

Sean Swain: How Buckingham Medical Made Me A Potential Death Statistic


Sucks to be me.
Back in early February, I got the flu. I hugged the toilet for two days. Terrible. In the midst of it, a staffer witnessed me puking and insisted I go to medical. At medical, I was seen by Nurse Amy Starkey who told me I didn’t have a fever despite the sweat pouring off of me… in February.

Anarchy Radio 04-07-2020

welcome back!


Aspects of the pandemic, aspects of denial. Continuities with pre-pandemic life. WIRED: we will triumph "through brilliant science and research, and through social cohesion." (!!!) "The land is the biggest health-care system." Wildlife, clean air return for now, not emotional health as suicide hotlines are busy. Online 'life' is weak, thin. Ad of the week: Samsung - " television that will change your life." "Out with theNew" by JZ. Action reports e.g. UK cell phone towers torched in anti-5G attacks.

Let the Strikes Return, Let Squats Proliferate, Let the Looting Come

We can not return to normal, there will be no normal anymore. Power is preparing for what will come next. Let us do it: rent strikes, strikes in jobs and in schools, wildcat strike; no more parties, unions and rigid structures. And let’s take, let’s not wait, let’s suck up the empty properties that are the subject of capitalist speculation by real estate, banks and investment funds. We will build networks of solidarity and mutual support.

The Failure of Revolution

The Failure of Revolution

From Blackbird Journal by Kevin Tucker

Sorry comrade, the revolution has failed you.

This is the conclusion I’ve reached over the last decade. It hasn’t been easy to come to terms with the realization that revolution that innate core of anarchist thought was the final piece of Leftism that I carried on as I came to understand that my enemy was civilization and not merely the State.


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