Distributaries: “Modern Anarchism”

From The Libertarian Labyrinth

Our fast-moving mountain current has spread out across the a decade’s worth of terrain, splitting off into various distributary currents. We know—or at least the driving metaphor of this work suggests—that the various currents will never unite as fully as perhaps they were mingled before Proudhon’s death. We can certainly point to instances where some form of direct influence seems to carry forward from the earliest period examined through to the anarchism of the 1880s—but we have also inherited narratives that at least flirt with the notion of a rather complete reinvention of anarchist thought in what Kropotkin called “modern anarchism.”

Anews Podcast 137 – 10.25.19

From Anews Podcast

TOTW-speaking tours, with Aragorn! and friend
sound editing by Linn O’Mable
reading excerpt from Braiding Sweetgrass, by chisel (ends at 40.00)
what’s new was written by Jackie and Greg, and narrated by Chisel and Greg
1) Marsen Jules – Kundera’s Dream
2) Marsen Jules – Sleep, My Brother, Sleep
3) Marsen Jules – Endless Whisper Of The Old Brigade

Introducing Episode 42 – Anarchism and the Occult

From Anarchy Bang

This week we are going to discuss the relationship between Anarchism and the Occult. What is the Occult? Especially in the context of anarchism. We’ll discuss the recent book on anarchism and the occult. If things go well we’ll discuss spiritual practice prior to the Enlightenment and what will happen when the center no longer holds and we live beyond measure. Hopefully this week there will be special guests and it’ll be the spookiest episode yet!

The Great Armored Train

From We Will Remember Freedom

So, this is what communism means? Gribov thought. The train was magnificent. It seemed too heavy to move, but it fairly glided along the tracks. It was the smoothest ride Gribov had ever been on, and it bustled with activity—warehouse, restaurant, barracks, even a Politburo office and telegraph station, a two-car garage, and even a small biplane among its twelve wagons. Never mind the armored engines with gun turrets. All this, and it doesn’t even have a name! It was just the train of the Predrevoyensoviet, Leon Trotsky. Didn’t the War Commissar have a wife or a girlfriend to name his personal armored war-train after?


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