Positive Anarchy, Profusion, Uncertainty and the Uses of History

Positive Anarchy, Profusion, Uncertainty and the Uses of History

From Libertarian Labyrinth by Shawn P. Wilbur

The last post in this series, on “The Uses of a Lost Continent,” ended with a rapid escalation from questions about the limits of specific historical narratives to the image of “the anarchist past” as a familiar sort of “new world” to, perhaps, be carved down to a more usable size by whatever means seem necessary. Feel free to supply your own image of a burning jungle, clear-cut forest, strip-mined mountain, etc. History certainly provides no lack of handy analogies.

Roundtable: From “Another World is Possible” to the Possible End of the World, 1999–2019

Roundtable: From “Another World is Possible” to the Possible End of the World, 1999–2019

From Outside the Circle by Cindy Milstein

The following conversation between myself, Aaron Lakoff, and Sharmeen Khan is from issue 21 of the Upping the Ante journal, and can be found for free online at https://uppingtheanti.org/journal/article/21-the-long-memory-is-the-most-radical-idea.

Fugitive Anarchist Comrades G. Michailidis & K. Athanasopoulou Captured by Anti-Terrorist Police

Fugitive Anarchist Comrades G. Michailidis & K. Athanasopoulou Captured by Anti-Terrorist Police

From Anarchists Worldwide

31.01.2020: According to information posted on Athens Indymedia and in the Greek corporate media, anarchist comrades Giannis Michailidis, Konstantina Athanasopoulou and an unnamed woman were captured in an allegedly stolen car in the Athens suburb of Agia Paraskevi on Wednesday.

Immediatism episode: What Does the World Desire? by Bellamy Fitzpatrick

From http://immediatism.com/2020/02/01/e41-what-does-the-world-desire-by-bell...

Immediatism Episode 41, reading for you today What Does the World Desire? The case for panpsychism. By Bellamy Fitzpatrick. Originally appeared in Backwoods 2 A Journal of Autochthonous Anarchy, available from LittleBlackCart.com.

Oak Journal - Rejecting the World Society Paradigm

In this episode we hear primarily from a conversation with Bellamy Fitzpatrick and John Zerzan. The conversation covers a lot of ground, from resistance to possibility and veganism to eco-extremism. In addition to the interview this episode features “Western Blot” by Ren Hlao and the first part of a reading of the essay "Feral Magick" by Jason Rodgers

Critical Reflections on Solidarity and Recent Rail Disruptions (Ontario, Canada)

Over the past weeks since the call-out for railway disruptions appeared, there have been a half dozen actions targeting train lines in Ontario. These have been diverse, with most involving the use of copper wire to trip the sensor system. One such communique described the added impact of doing multiple, coordinated actions of this kind; another emphasized that this action can safely and easily be done alone; and another reflective one talked through some of the difficulties of preparing and making sure it’s effective, showing the potential for the action to be taken up widely. There was also a surprise demo that blocked the rails, and an incendiary attack on the power supply of a signal station.

These actions have been inspiring and are only a beginning. The raid on Wet’suwet’en territory seems inevitable, and so we would like to echo the calls that have been made to shut down Canada should the RCMP again attack land defenders there. Over the past weeks, anarchists have built up the means to do this by targeting rail lines, so we want to encourage everyone to start scouting and gathering supplies now to be ready to go in the days immediately following a raid. The disruptions that have already happened show that this strategy allows for a diversity of tactics, so there are many ways of answering this call, though the potential small, discrete groups seems particularly promising.

Anarchist Prisoner Soheil Arabi

Anarchist Prisoner Soheil Arabi

From asranarshism.com

Only they who have lost their fear of death are in truly in love… My heart yearns for comrades who can hear

my voice even though a more a dreadful and torturous prison awaits me for the crime of wanting to be a voice for the oppressed and my fellow inmates. Yet to be human is to endure the hardship of accepting responsibility, and there is no greater responsibility for the rebel than to stand with the oppressed. I must be the voice of people like Meysam, and thus refuse to fear Two Alef, 209, One Alef, and the regime’s other horrific prisons

Hands off Exarchia: New Democracy’s War on Anarchists

Hands off Exarchia: New Democracy’s War on Anarchists

From submedia

On July 8th, 2019, the New Democracy government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis assumed power in Greece, after campaigning on a promise to ‘clean up’ the central Athens neighbourhood of Exarchia, and ‘take it back’ from the anarchists. Since then, the Greek state has launched a renewed attack against the anarchist and self-organized migrant movements, targeting squats and promising future raids. Against this threat, Greek anarchists have responded with characteristic resolve and determination.

Two Defendants in Network Case Married in Prison

Anastasia Pchelintseva and Anna Shalunkina after their weddings to Dmitry Pchelintsev and Maxim Ivankin. Photo courtesy of 7×7 and Novaya Gazeta

Dmitry Pchelintsev and Maxim Ivankin, two defendants in the Penza trial of the so-called Network (a terrorist organization banned in Russia)* have been married in remand prison, reports 7×7.

Registry Office workers registered Dmitry Pchelintsev’s marriage to his girlfriend, Anastasia Tymchuk, in the room on the premises of Penza Correctional Facility No. 4 where the defendants are currently held. Journalists, relatives, and friends of the couple were not allowed to attend the ceremony. Tymchuk reported that the groom made her a windcatcher as a wedding gift.

Bremen, Germany: Police Station Attacked in Solidarity with Linksunten Indymedia

from anarchists worldwide

Solidarity with Linksunten! Cop Station in Flames!

Bremen on the night of 28.01.2020, with the fire at the pig station in the Steintor quarter we are responding to the ongoing state attacks against our structures and the banning of Linksunten Indymedia. The ban will be heard at the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig in the coming days. The result is irrelevant to us. We do not believe in the constitutional rules regarding freedom of the press and freedom of speech. We don’t make demands.


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