Chile: Call for Transport Sabotage & Fare Evasion

Call for a Week of Public Transport Sabotage & Fare Evasion, 7-14th Oct, 2019

Today, October 6th, 2019 we call on the territory of Santiago-Chile to carry out sabotage and mass fare evasion of public transport systems.

We cannot remain with our hands tied to the attacks by the current government, the increases in fares are not just a minor thing, that is why we make this call to rise against the oligarchy, against the system and capital.

Germany: Two Excavators Torched

from anarchists worldwide

Leipzig, Germany: Two Eurovia Vinci Excavators Torched in Solidarity with Imprisoned Comrades

Prison Profiteers Attacked – Excavators Torched – Solidarity with the Park Bench 3

During the night of October 11th, we set fire to two Eurovia Vinci excavators.
Vinci, as a global company, has shown many times in the past and in the present that it apologizes for NOTHING and that it is ready to accept any order, no matter how dirty.

Announcing the 2019 Seattle Anarchist Bookfair

This November 30th marks 20 years since the 1999 N30 demonstrations against the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Seattle. In honor of this, the book fair will host a panel of speakers, several workshops, and an archival exhibit to highlight and learn from 1999.

Of Egg and Chicken: A Report Back

from it's going down

I’d heard hubbub about Symbiosis for almost a year, but I didn’t quite get it. Was it just a bunch of people on the internet? What were they trying to do exactly? Why was their design so fly?

A couple months back I met a new friend who had been involved in some of the online organizing, and he had given me reason to believe that the Congress was going to be well worth attending, even though the whole thing was kind of confusing. The confusion first made sense to me when an organizer explained on a conference call for new member organizations that they were working with a “chicken and egg” problem: on the one hand they wanted to build a federation of municipalist organizations; on the other hand they wanted the meaning and organizational forms of that federation to be determined by the member organizations themselves. But in order to get those organizations to create the federation, they had to build enough of the federation to get them to join it… in order to build the federation. It is a hard problem, and it is a credit to the early organizers — let’s call them the egg-builders — to have had the good sense to embrace this paradox.

Anarchy Bang - Introducing Episode 40 – Democracy

This episode is going to be a bit meta. Anarchists have been critiquing the hell out of Democracy for about a decade, following in the footsteps of the best of the anti-state communist world. Peak critique was Crimethinc’s 10 part series on Democracy, The Party’s Over, which we'll refer to a lot for this weeks discussion. Despite being boring, it speaks around some interesting points. It’s all about police, presidents, and majorities whereas I hope this episode will be more about high-minded principles, concepts, and orders of operations. Do we still think in 20th century abstractions or has the internet, postmodernism, and social (media) reality make those discussions seem a little quaint? All this and more on Sunday at noon PST

Jeremy Hammond Ruled in Contempt of Federal Grand Jury

Eastern District of Virginia — Imprisoned Anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond was ruled in contempt of court today by U.S. District Court Judge Anthony Trenga for refusing to testify in front of a federal grand jury sitting in the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA).

Hammond was recently transferred from the Federal Correctional Institution in Memphis, Tennessee to the EDVA. Due to the secrecy of jury proceedings, it is unknown what the federal grand jury is investigating or why they are seeking testimony from Hammond.

Anathema Volume 5 Issue 6

Volume 5 Issue 6 (PDF for reading 8.5×11)

Volume 5 Issue 6 (PDF for printing 11×17)

In this issue:

Pittsburgh Raid
Bernie Sanders Story
Chase Your Dream
Bring Water (Hong Kong)
Chile In September
Report Back From Canada’s Climate Strike
Rest In Power Kelly Gibbs
Vengeance For Kevin, Solidarity With Joaquin

Claim for the attack on a drug dealers’ restaurant

In the afternoon of 14/09 we broke into a restaurant in Exarchia square. Last summer this establishment opened its doors and was destined to become another bastion of drug trafficking in Exarchia.

For us, this action is part of a broader struggle against State plans to install drug trafficking in Exarchia, in order to undermine the antisocial-libertarian character of the area. It should be noted that although the squadrons of the MAT [riot control police] encamp near the square, drug trafficking continues unabated.


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