The Tower’s Statement on Backlash after the Bernier Demo

The Tower’s Statement on Backlash after the Bernier Demo

From North Shore Counter-Info, Hamilton, Ontario (From The Tower’s Facebook)

In the few days since the counter-demo against the Bernier event at Mohawk College, there has been an intense backlash against antifascists. In particular, we see as particularly vile the targeting of an organizer based in Toronto named Alaa, who immigrated to Canada from Syria. We are enraged to see him subjected to racist insults and threats targeting both himself and his family. This backlash has latched on to a video of an elderly person having an uncomfortable few minutes and being slightly delayed. This person experienced no harm, she’s fine, and afterwards went to a bunch of media outlets where she made comments about how her interest in Bernier stems from concerns about the Middle East, specifically Syrians, and how they have different values from ours.

Revolutionary Anarchist Armed Strugglers Claim Bombing of Mafia Club

From Anarchists Worldwide Athens, Greece

Responsibility claim for the bombing of building 109 on Piraeus Street

On the 2nd of October at around 2PM, we planted an explosive device in building 109 on Piraeus Street, Athens, which was activated later by cellphone. The reason we activated the device by cellphone was so that we could control the bomb blast and insure no passers-by were injured.

Anarchist Statement on Riots That Broke out On Ayotzinapa Anniversary

1968 presente

From It's Going Down, Mexico City

The following statement was written by some anarchists in Mexico City and addresses the riots that broke out on the anniversary of the disappearance of Normalista students in Ayotzinapa. Statement has been translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.


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