Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode 44 – Intentional Communities

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The idea of getting a bunch of like-minded people together, moving onto some land and living out one's anarchist dreams in the real world has been an attractive idea for many people ever since the very beginning of anarchism in the U.S. (with Josiah Warren and his crew). Across recent decades, shared anarchist living spaces have served as refuges, experiments and/or the fulcrums of change in their various forms as squats, punk houses, tree-sits, free states, student co-ops, and of course, hippie communes. While there have been many failures in this endeavor, there has also been a number of successes that continue on to this day (most notably the Catholic Worker communities and the Federation of Egalitarian Communities). Join us this Sunday as we discuss intentional communities and how they relate with anarchy and anarchists!

Prison Profiteers Attacked by Militant Cells of Fire Against Prisons

The existence of prisons serves the conditioning of humans, the administration of misery, the destruction of rebellion, the torture of bodies, the blunting of souls. For a prison society such as ours, it is unbearably necessary to lock away the misery produced by the capitalist system. When you are born in poverty, the threat to end up behind bars is significantly higher. By enforcing judgments of a judiciary, which judges in the sense of the upper classes, prison keeps the wheels of oppression running. Therefore the fight for social justice must always be a struggle against this incarcerating mentality and the existence of prisons. The fight for the liberation of all humans has to abolish the prison society.

Ecuadorian Armed Forces Hunt Anarchist Cells By ANA

The Ecuadorian Armed Forces have a new mission following the 11-day protests in Ecuador. Identify, isolate and neutralize insurgent groups. ---- In a public act on Wednesday (30/10), Commander Altamirano (photo), referred to the new directive issued by the Ministry of Defense, for the Armed Forces to identify the insurgents and anarchist cells "detected" during the last protests

When America Tried to Deport Its Radicals

On a winter night a hundred years ago, Ellis Island, the twenty-seven-acre patch of land in New York Harbor that had been the gateway to America for millions of hopeful immigrants, was playing the opposite role. It had been turned into a prison for several hundred men, and a few women, most of whom had arrived in handcuffs and shackles. They were about to be shipped across the Atlantic, in the country’s first mass deportation of political dissidents in the twentieth century.

Militia Destroy the Ali Kuşçu Center in Ankara & a Luxury Yacht in Istanbul

from anarchists worldwide

HBDH (Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement) have issued a written statement claiming responsibility for the destruction of the Ali Kuşçu Center in Ankara and the luxury yacht Şehrazat that was docked on the shore of Bebek in Istanbul. Both actions took place on November 3rd and resulted in spectacular fires that could be seen for miles.

Some excerpts from the HBDH statement:



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