Prison Profiteers Attacked by Militant Cells of Fire Against Prisons

The existence of prisons serves the conditioning of humans, the administration of misery, the destruction of rebellion, the torture of bodies, the blunting of souls. For a prison society such as ours, it is unbearably necessary to lock away the misery produced by the capitalist system. When you are born in poverty, the threat to end up behind bars is significantly higher. By enforcing judgments of a judiciary, which judges in the sense of the upper classes, prison keeps the wheels of oppression running. Therefore the fight for social justice must always be a struggle against this incarcerating mentality and the existence of prisons. The fight for the liberation of all humans has to abolish the prison society.

Ecuadorian Armed Forces Hunt Anarchist Cells By ANA

The Ecuadorian Armed Forces have a new mission following the 11-day protests in Ecuador. Identify, isolate and neutralize insurgent groups. ---- In a public act on Wednesday (30/10), Commander Altamirano (photo), referred to the new directive issued by the Ministry of Defense, for the Armed Forces to identify the insurgents and anarchist cells "detected" during the last protests

When America Tried to Deport Its Radicals

On a winter night a hundred years ago, Ellis Island, the twenty-seven-acre patch of land in New York Harbor that had been the gateway to America for millions of hopeful immigrants, was playing the opposite role. It had been turned into a prison for several hundred men, and a few women, most of whom had arrived in handcuffs and shackles. They were about to be shipped across the Atlantic, in the country’s first mass deportation of political dissidents in the twentieth century.

Militia Destroy the Ali Kuşçu Center in Ankara & a Luxury Yacht in Istanbul

from anarchists worldwide

HBDH (Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement) have issued a written statement claiming responsibility for the destruction of the Ali Kuşçu Center in Ankara and the luxury yacht Şehrazat that was docked on the shore of Bebek in Istanbul. Both actions took place on November 3rd and resulted in spectacular fires that could be seen for miles.

Some excerpts from the HBDH statement:


In praise of insurrection

From Autonomies

We share below a short essay by Diego Conno, published with lobo suelto (27/10/2019), even though we might disagree with some of the text’s terminology (e.g., “popular”, “the people”, “moblisation”) – though even here, the words intimate new possible meanings – and we would dispute the need for “leadership” in riots and uprisings. And we do so, because it reflects a light on our times which may very well be our immediate future, that is, multiplying insurrections which are internally plural (they possess no centre, make no fixed demands, and are leaderless) and thus defying any single ideological and/or organisational form. And it is into this reality that any radical politics must plunge into.

Anarchism’s Possibilities

From Institute For Anarchist Studies

The Perspectives collective is committed to making anarchist ideas accessible and widely understood. As part of this we aspire to include a brief “What is Anarchism?” type essay in future print issues. We approached Kim Stanley Robinson about writing one for us, and he referred us to a piece he wrote for a book called Myths and Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction for AK Press. He told us that if he “were to write anything more about anarchism (doubtful) it would only be to reiterate the points in this intro.”

Greek anarchists on New Democracy regime

From The Final Straw

This week, we’re sharing a conversation that I had with comrades from Radiozones Of Subversive Expression, an anti-authoritarian pirate radio station based in Athens, Greece. Mike, Sprout and Omar, three anarchists working with ROSE share their perspectives on the change in government in Greece, corruption in the New Democracy party that just came back into power, it’s attacks on immigrants and the anarchist stronghold neighborhood of Exarchia, the status of the social movements of the left and more.

No-Wing Anarchy

I am told that anarchism is a “left wing” ideology, by many. I am not sure those who claim this understand the true meaning of the term.

The terms “left wing” and “right wing” come from the position of seated delegates during the French Revolution. The bourgeoisie would sit to the left, and the monarchists would sit to the right. The first leftists were, in fact, capitalists.

What's new with LBC - Fall 2019

From LBC

Welcome to this quarters edition of What is new with Little Black Cart?! For those of you who are new, Little Black Cart is an experiment in anarchist publishing. We have published something like 100 titles, many historical, some important, some scandalous, and all out of our process of semi-autonomous anarchist projectuality. We print our own books (as in we have our own printshop), erratically distribute, and do what we can to make meaningful content that we share with you.


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