Detroit trash incinerator closing —eco-apocalypse continues

"RIP dumpster" - some oogles

From Declaration News

Meditating on the closure of massive waste-to-energy incinerator reveals remaining crisis in civilization, culture, and conscience.

The news in March 2019 that, due to “financial and community concerns,” the Detroit trash incinerator was to be closed was weirdly reminiscent of news back in the spring of 1986 that it was going to be built: It came as a surprise to almost everyone in the city. This time, obviously, it came as good news; people who had been working to shut it for decades naturally celebrated the closing as “a glorious day for the city and its residents,” as Sandra Turner-Handy, a long-term environmental justice activist, member of the Michigan Environmental Council, co-supervisor of Zero Waste Detroit, put it.

The Greek Anarchist Movement Responds to Assault on Exarchia

itttt's goinnnng down 4 reaaalllllllll

From It's Going Down

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with a long-time anarchist based in the Greek neighborhood of Exarchia. This discussion takes place at a time when the new government, New Democracy, is in the middle of launching a violent assault against the neighborhood which for decades has been a hotbed of anarchist activity, squats, guerilla gardens, rebel art, and is largely a cop-free zone.

Indigenous Anarchist Convergence – Report Back

From Taala Hoogan Infoshop

Kinlani/Flagstaff, AZ — More than 120 participants and over 30 groups and organizations converged at Táala Hooghan Infoshop to discuss, debate, and share their perspectives on Indigenous Anarchism.

The initial call-out for the convergence stated, “…we call for those also seeking a fulfilling life free from domination, coercion, & exploitation to gather around this fire. For those sickened by fascinations with dead white-men’s thoughts (and their academies and their laws), reformist & reactionary “decolonial activisms”, and the uninspired merry-go-round of leftist politics as a whole. For all those ungovernable forces of Nature…”

Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode 35 - Gun violence and anarchy

From Anarchy Bang

There have been 283 mass shootings in the US in 2019, so far. That is more than one a day. It is hard to contemplate an anarchy that solved big problems but what if we did? Let's start with this one. Do we think a total anarchist transformation would make AR-15s magically disappear?

Prison Jobs are Racist: a Labor Day Reportback

Composite of three pictures: first depicting a black man in shorts holding a poster that reads "prison jobs are racist". Center photo is two white bicyclists holding posters that say "prison jobs are wasteful" and "prison jobs are corrupt". The third photo is of a black houseless man holding a poster that says "prison jobs are racist".

some MKE anarchists

Ten minutes before the Labor Day parade in Milwaukee WI, a group of jubilant anarchist trouble-makers walked the route with posters calling out AFSCME, the union that includes prison guards. This union relies on dues from, supports, and seeks to expand state jobs, including the toxic job screws do.


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