The Anarchist Big Issue

The Anarchist Big Issue

From Freedom News UK

If you know, then you know. They be slanging DOPE in Angel Alley.

Sliding up past Whitechapel Gallery like a needle to a vein, people come for two kinds. One of them they smoke in foil wraps with dragon flame lighters.  

The other they give out at the anarchist bookshop, targeting kids, prisoners and homeless people.

It’s handed out in plastic bags for free, 10 hits at a time, in solidarity with the homeless to sell at £3 a hit to make what they can for food, clothes, shelter.

This Is America #92: An Anarchist in Rojava Speaks

From It's Going Down

In this episode, we are lucky enough to be able to speak to an Assyrian anarchist living in Rojava, the autonomous region of Northern Syria. We speak about the unfolding crisis, the withdrawal of US troops, the ongoing Turkish invasion, the impact the bombings have had to the civilian population, the extent of the social and political revolution inside of the autonomous areas, and how anarchists are attempting to aid in the struggle.

Week of Public Transport Sabotage & Fare Evasion Sparks Social Insurrection

do you have a moment to talk about MYEP?

From Anarchists Worldwide, Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile, 18.10.2019: The city in flames because of the rise of public transport fares! Burn the paradise of capitalism in South America! Hours of clashes between police and demonstrators, hundreds of looted businesses, 20 subway stations and 16 buses torched, the building of the electricity company Enel on fire (who also raised their fares). An historic and beautiful day of revolt without leaders, political parties or leaders, Chile’s president declares a state of emergency and orders the military onto the streets.


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