BAD News: July 2019

On this month’s show we have:

  • A-Radio Berlin presents anarchist notes on the National Socialist Underground (NSU) trials of Neo-nazis ongoing in Germany. More from them in English, Spanish and German at their site,
  • The Final Straw Radio with the voice of Duncan, a prison abolitionist involved in Perilous Chronicles about the tracking of prisoner resistance they do and a string of recent hunger strikes in prisons and immigrant detention facilities around the so-called U.S. The rest of this interview can be heard here.
  • Finally, we include audio from comrades from A-Radio Vienna in solidarity with prison rebel and organizer, Andreas Krebs, who is suffering from repression and medical mistreatment, and a call-out by Anarchist Black Cross chapters for an international week of solidarity with Anarchist prisoners, August 23-30th.

Solecast W/ Eamon Farrelly on The Radical People Podcast

via Solecast

In this Solecast I sit down with Eamon from the Radical People Podcast. The Radical People Podcast does in depth interviews about direct action campaigns and the individuals behind them. He gets deep into the life stories of people and what brings them to radical politics, and radical action.

Heretics, by Gabriel Pombo da Silva

From Act for Freedom!

The heretic, like the bandit, knows that the loss of his freedom takes him irremediably to the gallows. What awaits him is a tribunal that will ask him about his actions. A court that will exercise its power and absolute reason in the name of God, the People, the Kingdom and the State. Power and reason are acts of authoritarian syncretism developed throughout the course of the centuries by the proprietors of the Earth, the Sea and the Sky. Therefore the individualist anarchist – who is at the same time heretic and bandit – is aware that his conviction on power and reason takes them to the stake. Like a moth, they seek light and succumb. Like Icarus, they fly high and the Sun melts their wings. Like Prometheus they steal the fire of the gods for themself and for the others; like him.

Towards the end of the “Panico” trial

From Act for Freedom!

Florence, Italy: The week of final hearings of the“Panico” trial ended today.On Monday 15th and half of Tuesday 16th the final part of the trial phase took place; on the prosecution side, the treatment of the last tranche of expert interceptions of wiretapping, environmental and by telephone;by the defense, some objections have been raised regarding the interference of the prosecution expert in the court expert’s activities (that is: the main interception with which they accused Paska was first transcribed differently from the court expert, thencorrected after prosecution pressures to bring it back to the “original”). Then a defense witness was heard about the broken foot of Ghespe in the period around 2017 New Year


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