Whoever Is Elected, Let The Riot Never Stop Part 2

  • Posted on: 31 May 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

A communique from Impromptu Action was recently published to our blog at https://impromptuaction.wordpress.com that discussed the inevitable outcome of elections; that nothing will change. A progressive leftist, conservative, leftist and a centrist are opting for the candidacy. All of them are sure to be backstabbers. We maintain the position that whoever is elected we should let the riot never stop.

Regarding Anti-Police Events in Olympia

  • Posted on: 29 May 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

from PSA (http://pugetsoundanarchists.org/node/111)

Context: This is a response to internet scandal over a demo that was called for at the home of the Olympia pig who shot Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin early Thursday morning. Several Olympia activists, professional allies, etc. got up in arms over the fact that this was not organized by the management of yesterday's 11 am and 6 pm demos, and that anarchists (who were presumed to be white, many but not all of whom are) did not seek approval from self-proclaimed leaders. The piece seeks to dispel common misconceptions and clarify our positions in this struggle. We welcome further dialogue and dispute.

Announcing Blast! Blog: Face It, You're Fucked

  • Posted on: 16 May 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

This blog will be a designated place for people to expose the individuals who turn the daily gears of systematic abuse within the prison system. As they are simply another arm on the body of the law, they seem to have the same attitude as the cops. The attitude which we’re referring to is that of a hardened mobster who is certain they run the streets, that they can get away with anything, and that they are untouchable. We are delighted to inform every human tool of the legal system and the social order which they protect that the fact is they are simply made of flesh and bone like the rest of us. No one is untouchable, ourselves included. The battlefield is everywhere and the killing field is where you stand.

The Exploits and Uprisings of the International Conspiracy to Destroy Capitalism

  • Posted on: 11 May 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

A gesture is revolutionary not by its own content but by the sequence of effects it engenders. The situation is what determines the meaning of the act, not the intention of its authors. Sun Tzu said that “victory must be demanded of the situation.” Every situation is composite, traversed by lines of force, tensions, explicit or latent conflicts. Engaging with the war that is present, acting strategically, requires that we start from an openness to the situation, that we undersand its inner dynamic, the relations of force that configure it, the polarities that give it its dynamism.

Steal This Fair: Anarchism Arrives in Orange County, With Books!

  • Posted on: 6 May 2015
  • By: worker

Mr. Bib surprised himself, with help from friends and fellow bibliophiles, at recent Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, getting pretty inspired, grateful, just plain happy during Gary Snyder's chat with David L. Ulin, book reviewer and, as it happens, contributor to current Santa Monica Review. Among many topics, the poet whose youth charged up so many, whose writing and politics influenced the policy decisions of a state and its then-governor (one Jerry Brown) and the California Arts Commission and so many college lit class syllabi, Synder mentioned, joyfully, anarchism, of all things.