Radical Underground - Episode 29: New Tracks/Rap Insurrecto

From Radical Underground (Sound Cloud)

On this episode, it's all music, except for a clip from an interview with Kuwasi Balagoon, an anarchist and member of the Black Liberation Army. Most of the tracks here are from the past year, including a few anarchist rap tracks from the US and some new underground tracks from Indonesia. We've also got a couple songs by Palabras En Conflicto, the rap group that Sebastían 'Angry' Oversluij was a member of. Angry was a nihilist-anarchist who was killed by a security guard during an attempted bank robbery in Dec 2013. His death was recently commemorated by high school students in Santiago, Chile (see the photo that goes with the episode). We also feature a track by Nepalese anarcho-punk band Rai Ko Ris.

A$AP Rocky- "Black Tux, White Collar"
("Kuwasi Balagoon interviewed on local new television, 1980s": www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWn2B881BuQ)
Johnny Panic- "Doom"
Lee Reed- "ACAB"
Sima Lee- "It's On"
Rebel Diaz, Divine RBG- "Viva Puerto Rico Libre! (Ghetto Brothers Remix)"
Four Fists- "Annihilation ft. Sims"
Morgue Vanguard x Doyz- "CSDB FM"
Morfem- "Memento"
The Stocker- "Bangsat Permanent"
Doyz- "Primitive Future"
Rand Slam & Joe Million- "Kelas Berat"
Krowbar- "Doktrin 9Mm"
Palabras En Conflicto- "Rap Insurrecto"
Palabras En Conflicto- "Somos Lx Dekiciadxs"
Rai Ko Ris- "New Anti-National Anthem"
Body Count- "Cop Killer"

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