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June 11, 2020 statement from Keith "Malik" Washington

From June 11

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades! It is hard to craft a message of Solidarity during this time without acknowledging the suffering and loss of life of so many beautiful humyn beings.

By the time June 11th arrives we will reach over One Hundred Thousand Deaths related to the Corona Virus here in Amerika.

Much of my recent journalism and activism has been centered around Covid-19.

Statement from some Anarchists of Module 14, Santiago Prison 1 in Chile

We do not represent anyone or speak for all of the module. We believe that these clarifications are necessary because of the harmful “romanticization” that the street and the struggle have given to this module of “protesters.” Fighting spirits not only dissolved on the street, it had a real effect on the ability to coordinate between us and the outside.

Virtual letter writing for Eric King & Jeremy Hammond

From Anarchist Black Cross Federation

NYC Anarchist Black Cross has been promoting letter writing to political prisoners for many years and the COVD-19 pandemic has not slowed them down at all. Check out their latest announcement for their upcoming virtual letter writing event.

Call for International Solidarity – End the Isolation of our Comrades!

from anarchists worldwide

“Stop the Isolation of Our Comrades in Tangerang, Relase our Comrades in Malang, FREE ALL THE ANARCHISTS!”


While we know that the state will act in a totalitarian manner in this times pandemic and economic crisis and as being anarchists we dont value their laws, but in our constant struggle against the prevailing capitalist ideology that continues to colonialised our daily lives, the purpose of ABC are to help the political defendants in legal matters in which to ensure they get the “rights” for them and to communicate with them, to make them not isolated and feeling alone.

June 11th, 2020: International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

June 11th: International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. In the 16 years this tradition has been observed, June 11th has facilitated support and action inspired by imprisoned anarchists — from noise demonstrations outside of jails to letter-writing nights, from fundraisers to arson. Setting aside this day is one way of remembering anarchists who are serving long prison sentences, generating support for them, and inspiring solidarity actions.

Anarchist arrested for alleged bomb manufacture

Giuseppe, 40, was arrested in a house raid in Verona on November 25th by the Digos (Divisione Invstigazioni Generali e Operazioni – political police), and has been accused of building and transporting an explosive device. Allegedly he was the creator of a mail bomb which was sent to Ladisa, a services company working in Turin’s CSR detention centre, in 2016 – the Digos say traces of his sweat were found on a 9-volt battery related to the attack.

Jeremy Hammond Ruled in Contempt of Federal Grand Jury

Eastern District of Virginia — Imprisoned Anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond was ruled in contempt of court today by U.S. District Court Judge Anthony Trenga for refusing to testify in front of a federal grand jury sitting in the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA).

Hammond was recently transferred from the Federal Correctional Institution in Memphis, Tennessee to the EDVA. Due to the secrecy of jury proceedings, it is unknown what the federal grand jury is investigating or why they are seeking testimony from Hammond.

Eric King Facing Up To 20 More Years in Prison

Support Eric King! Fire to the prisons!

from: Support Eric King

[ for folks who are unaware Eric is an anarchist and anti-fascist prisoner who was sentenced to 10 years for an attempted arson, an action in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising in Kansas city. Throwing two Molotov cocktails into a state representatives office at night time. He has since remained outspoken against the prison system. Exposing abuses and standing tall in the face of constant attacks and oppression]

Fire Ant: Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity #4

[PDF for printing]

Fire Ant is a quarterly publication focused on spreading the words of anarchist prisoners and generating material solidarity for our imprisoned friends. Begun as a collaboration between anarchist prisoners and anarchists in Maine, Fire Ant seeks to raise material aid for anarchist prisoners while fostering communication between anarchists on both sides of the walls.

Issue #4 includes writings by anarchist prisoners Michael Kimble (on the state of Alabama prisons), Noah “Kado” Coffin (on racial segregation & summer survival techniques), Thomas Meyer-Falk (in memory of his friend Willi), Sean Swain (on cannibalism), and Eric King (three poems). Additionally: a piece honoring Willem Van Spronsen, a rundown of this year’s June 11th Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners, and a call for August’s International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. Plus original art by Noah Coffin, Marius Mason, Sean Swain, and Michael Kimble.

Anarchist Comrades Released From Prison in Greece

From Abolition Media Worldwide

On Wednesday, 24.07, anarchist comrades Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos, members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire were released. The comrades were originally convicted with sentences of over 70 years, which were reduced to 20. The comrades made use of the Paraskevopoulos law that was introduced by the previous SYRIZA-led government and were released after having served 8 years of their 20 year sentences.

G.A.R.I.: Documentary on a '70s anti-authoritarian armed group

Download here

Sharing a feature-length documentary on G.A.R.I. (Revolutionary Internationalist Action Groups), which carried out a number of attacks against the Franco regime. Most famously, they kidnapped a banker, demanding freedom for anarchist prisoners in Spain.

The film, created by the child of two G.A.R.I. members, features interviews with those involved, alongside animated re-enactments, centering largely upon the kidnapping.


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