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ASR editorial collective member Mike Long died at home Sunday morning, as ASR 82 was arriving at the printer (and so we will publish a tribute in ASR 83). Mike was a major figure in the study and teaching of second language acquisition, writing or co-editing 19 books in the field and teaching at the Universities of Hawaii, Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as visiting appointments at institutions around the world. He was also an active member of the Industrial Workers of the World, and a supporter (financial and otherwise) of anarchist and labor projects around the world. He came to ASR through his involvement in the IWW and his engagement with the Mondragon Cooperative Federation which enabled him to combine his interests in self-management and lionguistics (the MCF was active in sustaining and reviving the Basque language during and after the Franco dictatorship). He published articles in ASR on Mondragon, libertarian education, approaches to the ecological catastrophe, and other issues. He will be missed.

ASR Newsletter #78 is on the press

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Fellow Workers,

ASR #78 has just gone on the press, and will mail out to subscribers next week. This issue explores labor and the climate crisis, the McDonaldization of Labor, Kurdish Resistance, and many other issues. The Table of Contents is at

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