A Field Guide to Straw Men: Sadie and Exile, Esoteric Fascism, and Olympia's Little White Lies

  • Posted on: 22 February 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

This essay is a response to a situation that has unfolded in the past few years in Olympia, WA concerning the social and political (or ‘metapolitical’ [1]) affinities of former Green Scare[2] prisoners Nathan “Exile” Block and Joyanna “Sadie” Zacher (henceforth referred to as Exile and Sadie, respectively). In particular, it addresses itself to the arguments and sensibilities expressed in their defense by their friends and by writers less personally invested who have weighed in on the situation, directly or indirectly. These arguments and sensibilities will be principally represented in the present writing by the following three pieces: a) an article entitled “Don’t Worry, You Can Sleep at Night,”[3] b) an e-mail entitled “Reflections on Credibility,” sent to various Olympia “anti-fascists” which served as a statement of conscientious objection and resignation by someone apparently disappointed and horrified at the backlash against Sadie and Exile and their circle of die-hard supporters, and c) a blog post, more serious and intelligent than the two foregoing pieces, entitled “I Say Potato, You Say Dangerous Resurgence of Fascist Ideology”[4] by Arnold Schroder (formerly Scott Schroder).

Don't Eat the Fucking Turkey

  • Posted on: 28 November 2015
  • By: rocinante

From Jason Hammond Support Network
By Jason Hammond

After almost 10 months of being locked up at Vandalia “Correctional” Center one gets pretty tired of eating the same damn thing week after week; old canned vegetables, bread baked without yeast, mystery meat mixed with dubious soy, the cheapest food the state can legally get away with feeding us. When commissary comes around once, maybe twice a month, inmates scramble to get to the front of the line, like pigs at the trough but twice a year they treat us to a special holiday dinner, Thankstaking being one of them, but I will tell you one thing — I won’t eat the fucking turkey.