The Anvil Review

One Hand Clapping for Kanye West

  • Posted on: 4 July 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From The Anvil Review - by Alex Gorrion

Now that the controversy and indignation over Kanye West's early May comment has been forgotten and replaced by a dozen other moral outrages, each evidently so important for fine-tuning the ethics of a society that doesn't actually change, I want to return to his assertion that four hundred years of slavery was “a choice”. I would argue—not out of any desire to play a role in a spectacle of controversy, one that has long since expired, but out of genuine conviction—that Kanye was right about one thing, and wrong about another.

The New Nihilism

  • Posted on: 19 August 2015
  • By: rocinante

From The Anvil Review by Peter Lamborn Wilson

It feels increasingly difficult to tell the difference between—on one hand—being old, sick, and defeated, and—on the other hand—living in a time-&-place that is itself senile, tired, and defeated. Sometimes I think it’s just me—but then I find that some younger, healthier people seem to be undergoing similar sensations of ennui, despair, and impotent anger. Maybe it’s not just me.