bad people

The Superior Race of Good People

CW: In-depth discussion of Willy Gilly's writing.

from Page of Swords by Jack

On William Gillis' "Bad people"

"Contrary to the assertions of some leftists there are in fact thoroughly monstrous people who are not just victims of their social conditions."

That’s how starts "Bad people", a bizarre essay published in The Anarchist Library last August by the scientist, writer and activist William Gillis, where he both advocates for the ostracism of abusers as a good anarchist praxis, and… errr… proposes a way to prevent ex-cops from forming urban gangs in the post-state anarchist society to come.

Statement on the anti-lockdown so called “freedom picnics”

From Enough14

A group calling itself the UK Freedom Movement has organised a bunch of so called “freedom picnics” across the UK to protest against the lockdown and the “authoritarian laws curtailing good old British freedoms”. There has been some confusion as to who is actually organising these events with various right-wing groups falling over themselves to now distance themselves from the picnics. What is clear is that these picnics are inspired by the right-wing demonstrations that took place in the US and that a lot of the sharing has been done on right wing sites.

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