Friction Statement

From The Crypto Liberationist, at the intersection of anarchism & emerging financial technology

Introduction: What to Wear to a Fire Sale

We’ll take as a starting point that the current financial system is flailing. The dollar–that symbol par excellence of the USA’s projection of global power– is going the way of Rome’s old money; it will have less and less clout as the empire backing it declines. It’s been a neat trick that the global financial system, so dependent on US hegemony, has survived this long (and, as its defenders enthuse–with such resilience!) But to take a real look at the world? Post-Covid, post-Trump, post-summer-of-protests? Nothing has been solved; all of the problems exposed over the past year remain and are indeed intensifying. Headaches for the poor, headaches for the rich, a useless ibuprofen for everyone.

Announcing the Crypto Liberationist

What about liberation from cryptomining?


February 23rd, 2021: Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a new media project at the intersection of anarchism and emerging financial technologies. Rather than providing technical dissection of prices and markets, our writers focus on a *social analysis* of the digital money revolution currently underway. We came into crypto with an anti-capitalist perspective and find no contradiction in continuing to hold space for those beliefs within the broader online community: a task made more urgent against a backdrop of economic turmoil and authoritarian drift.

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