New blog about hunt sabotage

via Act for freedom now!

This blog is a anarchist initiative held in greece. The purpose behind it is to publish hunt sabotage direct actions and the reason behind it is that until all are free, no one is free.
The time this is being written, countless non-human animals are being shot by killers and lay dead on the ground. Others are being captured on films together with their killers and others have already become a product for humans.

Diary of an Anarchist Tourist

from Centre of the Web

-Episode 4, by D.

If Anarchism is against oppression and exploitation, against the positioning of one above another, honesty is a part of that project. If you just saw the actions I did and not the words in my head, maybe you’d think there was something special here. I hope now you’ve seen the insecurity, the isolation and the dirt you’ll get a little of why I’m just a part of something, never the whole. Maybe there is something special too, but it's individuality, not perfection.

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