Marseille: Two days of Anarchist book fair

From Act for Freedom!, A two days of Anarchist book fair will take place in Marseille between the 21st and 22nd of September 2019France, Marseille

Still here. Throwing ourselves into the unbridled adventure of anarchist practice, in the cyclone of free ideas and unregulated action, in a game without prizes, of life without mediations.

Still here. Away from and against ideologies promoting political subjects, against the fogged-up glasses of citizenism, against the imposition of a life suffocated by security, which has transformed existence into habit and obedience.

Announcing the Boston Anarchist Bookfair on November 9th-10th.

From It's Going Down

Join anarchists and community members for two days of learning and organizing for a better Boston and a better world. Against a backdrop of a Trump presidency and polls showing historic levels of disgust with both the government and capitalism, anarchists are building toward a world without politicians or billionaires.

14th Annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair: Call for Participation

From It's Going Down

Call to participate in the 14th annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair happening on September 21st-22nd.

Located on unceded Lkwungen Territory, the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair opens a space for anarchist literature, art and praxis. This year’s bookfair places special emphasis on transitioning to new and radical ways of relating to each other and to all beings and environments.


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