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International Call For New Year’s Eve Noise Demonstrations

International Call For New Year’s Eve Noise Demonstrations

From NYC Anarchist Black Cross

This is a call for a night of strong solidarity with those imprisoned by the state. Historically, New Year’s Eve is one of the noisiest nights of the year. This year, most of which has been consumed by a global pandemic, we encourage folks to take whatever measures are necessary to insure individual and community well-being, in response to both the virus and the state, understanding the balance each of us must strike for ourselves. Given our current reality, on New Year’s Eve gather your crew, collective, community, organization, or just yourself to raise a racket and remind those on the inside that they are not alone.

International Call for Direct Action against Catalunya

Worldwide, solidarity means attack!

via Act for freedom now!

Any of these sites is a good place to remind these cretins that active international solidarity with our prisoners of the Social War is not just words: LET’S ATTACK! That is why this OCTOBER 27th, eight months after the captivity of our comrades, we will make the voice of those who have tried -in vain- to muzzle, heard. Organize your group, plan a fire, an attack, a protest canvas, a sabotage, or whatever you want; but do not remain impassive? There is too much posturing among so many verbose groups that do NOTHING. To the street already the kidnapped ones, for that story of the damned burned police van…

Chile: Call for Transport Sabotage & Fare Evasion

Call for a Week of Public Transport Sabotage & Fare Evasion, 7-14th Oct, 2019

Today, October 6th, 2019 we call on the territory of Santiago-Chile to carry out sabotage and mass fare evasion of public transport systems.

We cannot remain with our hands tied to the attacks by the current government, the increases in fares are not just a minor thing, that is why we make this call to rise against the oligarchy, against the system and capital.

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