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For The Total Destruction of America

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For The Total Destruction of America: An Anarchist Perspective on the Upcoming Civil War

“As to the seventy five years [in prison], i am not really worried, not only because i am in the habit of not completing sentences or waiting on parole or any of that nonsense but also because the State simply isn’t going to last seventy five or even fifty years.”

—Kuwasi Balagoon, December 9, 1983

Martyrdominoes: Thoughts on Michael Reinoehl, John Brown, Civil War, & Martyrdom

This “Martyrdom” ideology is now being applied to Michael Reinoehl, the guy who killed a fascist in Portland. The following is a critique of this perspective as exemplified in Idris Robinson’s “Letter to Michael Reinoehl” ( – though it has relevance to other situations and to the whole notion of martyrdom.

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