Anarchy and the 15-minute city

what would urban scout do?

From Gods and Radicals by JERE KUZMANIĆ

The birth of an intimate relationship with the urban space

Is there a city where the anarchist feels good? Instead of debating with some big ideas on ideal anarchist cities, utopian federations of farms, factories and workshops, I opt to turn this text into one short opinion piece about something that we may miss in striving for radical social change. Often when talking about urban space, anarchists see only problems, materializations of capitalism and injustice, walls and fences, power asymmetries, and alienation. Anarchist authors, such as Thureau, Zisly or AbdelRahim, often advocate for a return to nature, to rural or even wild idyllic communes. Almost every visualization of anarchy in the foreground will have the cultivation of vegetables in some garden surrounded by greenery. And yet, the whole history of the modern anarchist movement took place mostly on the hot city asphalt, among the chimneys of factories and among the barricades on the boulevards.

Towards a New Federationist Federation Front

A hypothetical example of how a federationist federation front organizing committee communalist party union could look like.

from some maintream blog platform self-respecting anarchists wouldn't be caught dead using promptly uploaded to The Anarchist Library

by Marigold June

The current state of organizing within leftist spaces is not federated. Many have tried to federate it, of particular note are the platformists who try to focus intensely on federation. However, to date organizing with the left is not organized. Therefore, a new approach must be taken up to combat the lack of federation and general disorganization found within leftist circles. Federationism provides this level of focus and organization necessary.

Against Community, Towards Supportive Friendship


by ziq

As long as I've been around other anarchists, I've witnessed an unremitting reverence for the sanctity of community. The idea of community is held in such high regard by anarchists that it's eerily reminiscent of USA liberals paying fealty to the "sacred ground" of their nation's capitol. Community is something consecrated and unassailable to anarchists. It's the bond that binds us to our fellow true believers. It gives us belonging, direction, purpose, safety, all those good things. But does it really?

Appalachian Anarchism

"Banjo" playing his banjo rifle, from the film "Sabata" (1969).

via Center for a Stateless Society

Appalachian Anarchism: What the Voting Record Conceals

Individualism, community, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and faith are the values of the people of Appalachia. It is in these values that we find an anarchism that has existed in the cities and rural communities for decades. However, most Appalachians don’t refer to their culture as such, but it carries many of the same attitudes and beliefs as anarchism. .This fact is further obscured by the pressure to view political beliefs through an electoral lens.

Against Social Distancing: A Critique of the Ideology of Isolation

plague flagellants

As of now, multiple states and cities have been put into what amounts to near-complete lockdown. Most of the East Coast of the U.S. has prohibited mass gatherings of people and forced restaurants to stop serving people in the building. Some states have even started to enforce curfews and travel restrictions.

At this point, the speculation is not when this will abide, but how much worse it is going to get.

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