The Growing Anti-Curfew Movement in Quebec


A new anti-lock-down movement is emerging in Quebec.

In Montreal, anarchists and other radical Leftists have begun to protest the draconian curfew law which essentially has put the entire province of Quebec on house arrest. The first demonstration was held in the neighbourhood of Hochelaga. A report-back can be found here:

Eric in Quarantine with COVID and Mail Ban TEMPORARILY Lifted


On the 27th Eric and 95 other prisoners tested positive at FCI Englewood. Per a letter from the 22nd it seems that someone in Erics unit had been sick for 6 days and was not tested or isolated from even his cellmate. Despite the fact Englewood has had a rapid screen machine since may per FOIA documents.

Hamilton, ON: Two Demos for Barton Prisoners: What’s possible in the streets during Covid?

Last Friday, April 10, the Barton Prisoner Solidarity Project (BAPSOP) published a report that some prisoners had been attacked by guards after refusing a lockdown, and today two actions occurred to support the prisoners and call for their immediate release. During the day, there was a public call for a car demo, then at night, an invite-only action to go set off lights and fireworks.

This kind of solidarity mobilizing happens not infrequently around here, but this time felt a bit different because of the virus and the repressive social context around it. As an anarchist who participated in both actions, I wanted to share a few reflections on this campaign and on doing demos in the covid era, as a letter to others who are also asking what’s possible in these strange times.

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