Interview w/ 815 Mutual Aid Network

from The Commoner

Decolonial, Abolitionist Mutual Aid - An Interview with 815 Mutual Aid Network

We’re not an explicitly anarchist project although we have anarchist members. We try to have some anarchistic values such as horizontal organizing, decentralization and anti-oppressive politics. Our politics are located in decolonial and black liberation frameworks which is different from much of the anarchist movement which comes from European anarchism.

Let Empire collapse: why we need a decolonial revolution

from ROAR

Repatriating Indigenous land and organizing anti-state Indigenous-Black-POC Power alternatives is better than pouring resources into the liberal-progressive vote.

Two Hundred Years of Decolonization Struggle in Hawai'i

A person is kneeling with fist raised, holding a sign that reads Aloha Aina equals Anti Fascist. Anti Fascist equals Anti racist. S.H.A.R.P. R.A.S.H.

NOTE: This article is from an upcoming issue of Rock! Paper! Scissors!, the Jesus Radicals online journal. The theme of this upcoming issue is Decolonization; this is one of about thirty articles. We are pre-releasing a few articles today in recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day.

Two Hundred Years
Puaʻena Ahn

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