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Paul Z. Simons on Immediatism Podcast

Two additional Paul Z. Simons texts have been made available on Immediatism.com. "An Anarchist Affection for Democracy" identifies the tension between anarchists who believe direct forms of democracy have utility and those, more nihilist-oriented, who believe it has no place. The latter group, as described by Simons, are more concerned with destroying all structures of power regardless whether they are horizontal, as direct democracy is described in this essay to be. "In a Moral Universe There Are No Anarchists" is Simon's expression of support for a fellow writer suffering under accusations from within the anarchist milieu.

Paul Z. Simons and El Errante on Immediatism Podcast

Paul Z. Simons and El Errante on Immediatism Podcast

These ten episodes are recordings of texts by Paul Z. Simons and El Errante, from a variety of sources including the book "A Full and Fighting Heart: Memories of and Writings by Paul Z. Simons," Modern Slavery, and No Quarter Nine. The first part of John Brown's body (episode 611) sets up both the context of the insurrection and John Brown's earlier history. The second of two episodes (612) tells the story of the famous insurrection at Harper's Ferry. Stolen Comrades (episode 613) is the history of the arrests and disappearance of five individuals (including three anarchists) in Paraguay in 1977. It was reconstructed from the files of the Archives of Terror, with the assistance of Anna Recalde Miranda and Rosa Palau, and published recently in the zine No Quarter Nine, which is only available by mail [you may contact Cory@Immediatism for how to request a copy].

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