gender abolition

Who is the Gender Abolitionist?

It is probably best to begin by pointing out who the gender abolitionist cannot be. They are not a feminist, for what they strive for is neither the equality of gendered bodies nor the liberation of women from men. This latter point is important, because while the gender abolitionist admits openly that the millennia-old subjugation of women’s bodies is the root of immense and ongoing global catastrophe, they do not see the continuing existence of these bodies as possible after that patriarchy has been truly dissolved.

Announcement of new: 'Queer, Nihilist, and Insurrectionist' Zine/Online Distro.

We announce the opening of a new project 'Down and Out Distro' which aims to create a place to bring together Queer Insurrectionist and Nihilist critiques, as well as identity abolitionist and anti civilization perspectives.

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