Updates on the battle to defend Exarchia: for freedom, self-organisation and solidarity

from act for freedom

Demo in Heraklion, Crete against evictions

The past few weeks have seen an intensification of the Nea Demokratia government’s efforts to subdue the Greek anarchist movement and crush initiatives that offer alternatives to prison society. In particular, the anarchist neighbourhood of Exarchia in Athens has been a focal point for its aggression. A rough chronology of this repression as well as actions of solidarity and resistance taken by comrades in Athens is listed below.
The current rumour is that the State wants to evict ‘all squats’ by 17th November. Another rumour puts the deadline at 6th December. Both are significant dates in the history of the Greek anarchist movement, which are marked by annual riots. What ‘all squats’ means is not entirely clear. What is clear from the past few weeks however, is that attacks have been made on squats both inside and outside Exarchia, and as well as in cities in other parts of the country.

Anti-Terror Operation Leads to 3 Comrades Arrested, 1 Comrade Wanted

from anarchists worldwide.

In an operation that began on Friday, November 8th, Greek counter-terrorism police raided 13 homes and took 15 people in for questioning. According to Greek corporate media, two men aged 41 and 45 were subsequently arrested on charges of carrying out terrorist acts, possession of explosives, violation of the weapons law and tampering with official documents. A 39 year old woman was also arrested for violation of the weapons law. Counter-terrorism police are still seeking a 46 year old man.

Greek anarchists on New Democracy regime

From The Final Straw

This week, we’re sharing a conversation that I had with comrades from Radiozones Of Subversive Expression, an anti-authoritarian pirate radio station based in Athens, Greece. Mike, Sprout and Omar, three anarchists working with ROSE share their perspectives on the change in government in Greece, corruption in the New Democracy party that just came back into power, it’s attacks on immigrants and the anarchist stronghold neighborhood of Exarchia, the status of the social movements of the left and more.

Anarchist Refugee Abtin Parsa Harassed by Cops & Anti-Terrorism Unit

from anarchists worldwide, via athens indymedia.

Anarchist comrade Abtin Parsa, a refugee from Iran who is now active in the anarchist struggle in Athens, Greece, is facing constant harassment from the forces of repression. The following is an update from Abtin in his own words about what he has been experiencing…

The Children of Piraeus: A Video Short

The Children of Piraeus: A Video Short

From The Transmetropolitan Review

We present to you our latest video-short, The Children of Piraeus, chronicling some recent events that have taken place in Exarchia, Athens. Others have written extensively about the current siege of the anarchist neighborhood, a police offensive that’s lasted for nearly two months, and the first victims of this state-led assault were the immigrant squats. Those without papers were arrested and sent off to Greek concentration camps, while the anarchists of Exarchia were subjected to a military occupation of their home. The situation is now boiling over, and the police offensive will clearly backfire on the state.

Claim for the attack on a drug dealers’ restaurant

In the afternoon of 14/09 we broke into a restaurant in Exarchia square. Last summer this establishment opened its doors and was destined to become another bastion of drug trafficking in Exarchia.

For us, this action is part of a broader struggle against State plans to install drug trafficking in Exarchia, in order to undermine the antisocial-libertarian character of the area. It should be noted that although the squadrons of the MAT [riot control police] encamp near the square, drug trafficking continues unabated.

Revolutionary Anarchist Armed Strugglers Claim Bombing of Mafia Club

From Anarchists Worldwide Athens, Greece

Responsibility claim for the bombing of building 109 on Piraeus Street

On the 2nd of October at around 2PM, we planted an explosive device in building 109 on Piraeus Street, Athens, which was activated later by cellphone. The reason we activated the device by cellphone was so that we could control the bomb blast and insure no passers-by were injured.


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